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2 Am Friend: A True Horror Story

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Wedding Guests

As i always loved to listen horror stories, my uncle told me his actual experience of observing the paranormal happenings. I'll use the first person narrative for the clarity of the events as these were told.

It was the matter of those foggy days of winter of 1982. Our uncle sent an invitation card with a letter to my dad informing that his elder son, Zohair's marriage had been fixed. However, he wanted us to reach there at least a week before the ceremony. As we got the letter, the preparations to attend the marriage had been started. We reached at our uncle's bungalow two days before. The house was nicely illuminated. The guests were all settled in their rooms. As we were nine family members, we needed another room but in the bungalow, it couldn't be arranged. However, my uncle managed to get us a room at his neighbours' guestroom. We four brothers and three of our cousins were shifted to the room at their opposite neighbours. The house was big but old fashioned. The entrance was a hallway, ended at the corridors all around and a two steps down courtyard. In the hallway, at the left side was a sitting room and at the right side a guestroom where we had to stay till the last day of the marriage. The pictures of some young soldiers were hanged on the both walls of the gallery. There was a wooden console with a mirror at the left wall of the hallway. The guestroom was big and mysterious. A big window by the wall of the entrance where one could glance the balcony of the wedding house. The flour matting was the main idea to set the room to get more space for the guests if needed. However, my elder brother, Zia, and me wanted to sleep on the beds because we could hardly get a sound sleep without beds.


We were having big and heavy suitcases,so we emptied them and arranged the garments in the wooden cupboards. The old attendant of the house was instructed to serve the guests and to take care of their rest and comfort. His name was Umer Deen. However my brother, Zia , and i requested for the beds. He nodded and took us out of the room. Leaded by Umer Deen, crossing the hallway, we moved right to the corridor and there was a room at the corner, neat and simply furnished. It had two beds and a side table at the center. A bookshelf by the left wall. Two chairs and a round table before the bookshelf. A cupboard and an attached bath at the right wall.The rooms and windows in the corridors were old fashioned and closed due the frosty weather. We checked the room. It was cozy and comfortable enough to sleep tight at night. Umer Deen and my brother, Zia, moved back to the guestroom. I was left alone busy turning the pages of the book that i took from the bookshelf. It was about the history of wars and battles.I developed a great interest in reading the book. I could here the dull talking of Umer Deen and my brother guessing they had turned to the hallway. I kept on reading the book while my ears could then hear the talking of the women. I raised up my head to notice the women speaking. I could hear their footsteps, sound produced by their bangles and a bit louder laugh followed by their whispered talking. I continued the reading for a few minutes. Then i got up to go back to the guestroom as we had to get ready for the Dholki function at the wedding house. I came out of the room and looked all over the corridors to search the women. There was no one. I shrugged my shoulders and moved to the guestroom where my brothers and cousins were getting ready for the function of Dholki. We dressed up and left for the wedding house.


Knock at the Door

There was a great hustle and bustle at the dholki event. The combinations of dholki and clapping with fancy songs, all these were enhancing the flavors of the wedding. All the guests were gathered at the drawing room hall, well dressed and giving fine looks. The groom had an enthusiastic smile on his face mixed with a nervous expressions. The ladies were busily singing the songs while passing teasing looks at the groom. The Dholki event was continued whereas i was feeling tired and sleepy. So, i got up and left the hall. At the door,i met my cousin, Mohair. I took the keys of the guestroom and left the bungalow.

I unlocked the main door and then the guestroom. I changed there, closed the door and moved to the room where i had to sleep. As i crossed the hallway, i glanced upon the corridors. The fancy bulbs were illuminated having dull light in the corridors. The courtyard was glowing dimly white mixed with fog and cold. i entered my room and got into the bed. I was looking at the ceiling listening the dull sounds of dholki and clapping. Although i was sleepy and deadly tired, yet it was hard for me to catch the sleep. I was taking the crotches. I never felt comfortable to sleep any other place than my own bedroom. However, i closed my eyes trying to sleep but sill could know what was happening around: a dull sound of the dholki, tick of the clock and my own breathing.I was not comfortable at that place, yet i fell asleep. I got up by the knock at the door around 2 o'clock. I looked at the bed of my brother and found him covered and snorting. He did not even move. The door knocked again. I got up and tried to inquire who was there. During this, my brother did not even crotch. I opened the half door and looked outside but found no one there. The corridor was foggy and quite. The only thought that i could develop at that time was that it must be one from the guestroom trying to play prank on us. I closed the door and got into the bed again. I waited for another knock but it didn't. I looked at my brother's bed. He was sleeping tight. I was having mixed thought about the knock. But soon, i shook all those and closed my eyes to sleep. After the knock, i could not sleep properly. I could feel someone was walking in the corridor. I thought that there must be some inhabitant of the house outside. With this thought, i closed my eyes and slept.

The Roommate Revealed

Next morning,when i got up, i looked at my brother's bed. It was empty and arranged. I also made my bed, locked the room and went to the guestroom. The gentlemen were sleeping. I closed the door and left for the wedding house. After a night long quietness, the hustle and bustle was only in the wedding house. The breakfast for the guests was being prepared. The aroma of the food like omelette, parathas(bread), curry etc, made me hungry. But i was there to discuss with my uncle whatever had happened at night. Uncle was busy with his attendants for the arrangements of the Rasm E Hina. I thought that it wouldn't be appropriate to talk to him. I decided i would face the inconvenience because there were two more days to go. I came back to the guestroom where all the boys were woke up busy talking. I joined them but didn't talk anything about the incident. Actually i wanted to observe their behavior. They were talking quite normal. They were talking about the dholki event. My cousin Mohair made just a short interaction with me asking only why i left the dholki function so early and came to sleep. I was quite astonished that there were no naughty expressions on their faces yet i was suspicious that it might be the part of the prank not to hint or clue anything until the last day of the wedding. I thought i would observe it one more night. So, i waited for the night.

The day was spent talking to and spending time with the family members. We teased the groom and had a chit chat with the young ladies of the family. Then the clock struck 7 and the preparations for the Rasm E Hina started.

The venue for Rasm E Hina was an empty plot next to the bungalow. It was awesomely decorated. The guests were getting ready. There was a brightness prevailed all over the atmosphere. The guestroom guys were all ready and at the wedding house. Standing before the wedding house, i could notice the quietness and the darkness of the guestroom house. It was mysterious. All the guests gathered at the Rasm E Hina venue. The ceremony was started.

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The venue was crowded with guests, wearing fine dresses. The glamorous look of the ladies-laughing, clapping and singing-were alluring the gentlemen of the family. My mind was somewhere else. I was looking at the clock it was striking 10:00. I was restless. The Rasm E Hina function had to be continued til late night. I wanted to leave the place, but even the dinner was not served. Leaving the function could get anyone's attention and also that Mohair had the keys of the house. I waited for the function to end and it ended with the announcement that everyone must be ready at 8:00 am sharp for the departure of the Baraat.

I immediately left the venue, got the keys and moved to the house. But this time, i was not alone. The time was 12 am. I wore the sleeping suit and went to my room. My roommate, Zia, was not there yet and i knew that he must be busy talking to the ladies. However i got into the bed. I was restless, but too tired. I looked at the door, My brother had to come;he was still at wedding house. I could hear the laughs of the guys at guestroom meanwhile I slept thinking about different things.

I woke up by a knock at the door. I glanced at the clock, it was striking 2. I looked at my brother's bed. He was covered and sleeping sound. I got up and opened the door and came out of the room. The corridors were dark and foggy. I looked all around and moved to the hallway, It was dark too, I tried to open the guestroom it was locked. I was surprised and a bit afraid. Because i just heard the knock at the door but no footsteps,no opening sound of the door. One thing was sure that those were not my cousins or brothers. I came before my room. I looked at the corridors and no one was there. I entered the room and got horrified standing still and breathless that my brother's bed was empty and the bed was made. I started shivering. I opened the door and ran to the guestroom and knocked the door hard. The guys were all waked and hurriedly opened the door and inquired that what had happened to me. I was horrified. Before telling them anything, i questioned that where was Zia? Mohair asked that didn't Zia told you that he had been shifted to the bungalow since yesterday. They looked one another. Instead of showing any concern, they managed a space for me. I didn't tell anything except that just a nightmare made him horrified. Because i knew they would make a fun of it and wouldn't believe. I slept with the guys thinking that who was there next to me? and who knocked at the door?

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Fam (author) on October 09, 2020:

Thank you Silva! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Shawindi Silva from Sri lanka on October 07, 2020:

Really interesting!! I'm an avid reader of horror stories. I enjoyed your article so much. Thank you for sharing such an awesome story!

Fam (author) on March 31, 2020:

Thank you Mahi! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting my hub.

Mahi on March 31, 2020:

I enjoyed the traditional aspect of the wedding ceremony besides the scary stuff. A good read.

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