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750 Research Paper Topics About Africa

After over 20 years of teaching college English, the author loves to share tips, teaching plans, and information about the profession.

Current Events

  1. Who is to blame for the shortage of food caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
  2. Is Covid-19 over as a health emergency?
  3. Should Congo auction land to oil companies?
  4. Will the Tunisian new Constitution threaten democracy in that country?
  5. What happened in the South African Tavern where 21 teenagers died?
  6. Should Ivory Coast's Abidajan rainforest be used for ecotourism as the government proposes?
  7. How will ethnic killings in Ethiopia affect the country?
  8. Why is there so much turmoil in eastern Congo?
  9. What has South Africa's Corruption Inquiry discovered? How can these findings be used to improve the future of the country?
  10. How has COVID affected vaccination rates of other diseases in Africa?
  11. Will Sierra Leone ban genital cutting of women?
  12. What can be done to prevent starvation and death in Somalia?
  13. How should African countries react toward Russia and Putin?
  14. How will the war in Ukraine hurt Africa?
  15. How can the students studying in Ukraine be helped?
African children seek hope.

African children seek hope.

Africa and Sports Essay Topics

  1. Do athletes at Olympic games have the right to seek asylum in the Games host country?
  2. Does the World Cup let African countries feel more unity?
  3. Is it important for African nations to support Olympic and other athletes?
  4. Which sport is the most important for the African nation of ____to develop?Wo
  5. Does having school athletics help students to study harder?
  6. Should good African athletes be encouraged to play professionally in other countries?
  7. Who is the most influential African athlete?
  8. Can African nations use sports in national development?
  9. Is the Fifa ban on Sierra Leone justified?
  10. What is the history of football in Africa?
  11. How did Africans democratize world football?
  12. Should football games be politicized?
  13. Should talented Africans be encouraged to enter Europe's football leagues?
  14. Who is the most talented track star from Africa?
  15. Can sports be used to mobilize athletes to help the environment?

African Solutions to African Problems

Cameroon Political Essay Topics

  1. What is the origin of the crisis of the divide between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroon?
  2. How can an inclusive national dialogue begin in Cameroon?
  3. How can elections be free and fair for all in Cameroon?
  4. What are the obstacles to national unity in Cameroon?
  5. Why are the world's major powers ignoring Cameroon's present crisis?
  6. How does the division in Cameroon threaten the wider West African region's stability?
  7. What can be done to protect the election process in Cameroon?
  8. What should the Cameroon government do about the Chimanda Ngozi Adichie situation?
  9. Does Cameroon need term limits for the presidency?
  10. Has fake news hurt the political process of Cameroon?

Science and Technology in Africa Topics

  1. How can Africa develop the science and research it needs to create Africa-led and Africa-relevant science and technology?
  2. Has the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation done good things in Africa?
  3. Which non-governmental aid organization has been most helpful in Cameroon?
  4. How can African countries keep their scientists from leaving, or get them to return home when they've studied elsewhere?
  5. Why does the Human, Heredity, and Health in Africa Programme believe genetic material of African origin is key to developing more effective vaccines and understanding diseases better?
  6. How can pandemics like Ebola be prevented?]
  7. How did Cameroon's "Silicon Mountain" burgeoning tech ecosystem in Buea help the country develop?
  8. What is Zoomed? How has it changed Cameroon, and what is its potential across Africa?
  9. What is the Innovation Prize for Africa? Can this prize actually create important innovation and changes?
  10. How can technology and big data help Africans protect their forests and wildlife?
  11. Why are there so few women in science in Africa?
  12. How can companies in Ghana go green and help the planet and their country?
  13. How can solar power be most effectively used?
  14. How can young people in Africa be best encouraged to follow a science education and career pathway?
  15. How can scientists outside of Africa best support the development of African science and technology?

Why Africans Need to Lead in Conservation

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Health in Africa Topics for Research

  1. What is the danger of Monkeypox?
  2. Why has Monkeypox resurfaced in Nigeria?
  3. Why are skin-bleaching products so popular in Africa, Asia, and Europe?
  4. How can nations be better able to fight emerging disease like Ebola and Monkeypox?
  5. How can the African nation of ___ make sure people have better health care?
  6. What can be done to make sure more people in urban areas have access to clean drinking water?
  7. How can we best prevent increasing HIV/AIDS infections?
  8. What can be done to make sanitation in the African nation of ____ better?
  9. Can drugs stop the spread of parasitic worms in Africa?
  10. How can more children be vaccinated in Africa?
  11. How can we best prevent mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever in Africa?
  12. How can the African nation of ____encourage more students to become health care professionals?
  13. How can the rate of cervical cancer in the nation of _____ be best reduced?
  14. What caused the campaign to eliminate the Guinea worm disease to be so effective?
  15. What is the best method for combatting neglected tropical diseases?

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