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15 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Ebook

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So you have decided to write an ebook.

That’s great.

You probably decided the title, book cover, story, genre or have already started writing.

Either you are an avid reader and want to become a writer or simply want to earn money by being a self-publisher.

No doubt its fun and rewarding.

Whatever your motive is, writing an ebook is not as easy as it sounds.

Yes, even if you claim to know the right format of an ebook and do’s and don'ts then also there are numerous ways to get it wrong.

But don’t worry here is the list of 15 mistakes to avoid which save you from falling into the writing of embarrassingly bad ebook and also a fix-up to help you convert it into a masterpiece.

1) Writing Straightway Without Planning

Writing needs planning especially when it’s an ebook.

Jumping straightway to your writeup as soon as thought striking in your head is a big no.

It’s a process. Go slow. Step by step. As you cannot think the book cover ahead of the story, the same way you cannot write before gathering sufficient data and a proper structure.

Doing this will end you repeating jargon, cliche and ultimately pushing you in the well. Repeating unnecessary information by and again will make the content lose leaving the reader in the middle of the air.

Fix It-

Planning is the key.

Plan your ebook step by step. Start from its title. Yes, plan all the chapters heading beforehand. Mistake what many writers do is writing headlines after the content which deviates them from the main writeup.

Make clear outlines.

A mind map.

This will help your ideas keep flowing instead of freezing at one point.

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2) Selecting Topic You know Little About

You want to create a work that will draw public up like a bee on honey so, you have chosen a hot topic to shed light on which will make public go woo and simply drawn to your book.

But the only problem is, you don’t know a bit about this hot topic.

‘What’s the big deal?’

This ‘only problem’ is a big problem.

If you have little knowledge about your chosen topic then you will struggle to complete it. It will overload your work. You have to conduct long research, a proper interview with experts to make it well written.

By choosing the unfamiliar topic you could not provide your insight and your personal touch in it.

Fix It-

Chose a familiar topic.

The subject which you have knowledge of. Don’t go on what the public wants because sometimes the public doesn’t know what they are looking for.

It will make your work easy and you can easily provide solutions from your perspective.

3) Not Working On Title

Your ebook title matters the most.

Even if people don’t judge the book by its cover, they do judge by its title.

You cannot go with the title which strikes first in your mind. You have to work on it the same as you are working on the whole content.

Imagine by yourself, you're writing a blog with the title ‘How To Write Your Bio’. Simple and easy, but to make it more dramatic and attractive you can use something like this— ‘5 Tips To Write Professional Bio’ or ‘7 Tips To Write Bio Like A Superhero’.

Adding an attractive title will pull people by themselves.

Fix It-

Do brainstorming.

Write down every title that comes to your mind to make one worthy title. Choosing an intriguing title will keep the readers excited.

There are many software available online which rate your title based on its uniqueness, which might help you in choosing your next best ebook title.

4) Being Your Own editor

There is nothing bad being independent but editing your own content becomes a little risky.

You are self-indulge in writing from months for a pretty long time which will make you overlook the minor mistakes in the big picture if edit by yourself.

There is nothing wrong with getting outside advice. It will help you create a flawless ebook. As you too don’t want to put months of your hard work in the furnace.

Fix It-

Hire a professional editor.

This will help you to overcome your minor mistakes in the ebook.

Even if you can't afford editors, recruit volunteers, you can ask your readers or blogging community members to help you with this.

5) Writing & Editing At One Time

Editing while you are writing will make the writing progress slow.

If you write, read, delete, again and again, it will soon become difficult to complete the book on time.

If you write and stop at every paragraph to change it, it will dislodge your productivity and drain your energy.

Fix It-

Keep on going.

Leave the habit of doing both the work at the same time. You have to keep your ideas floating on paper (or computer).

Once you complete the whole book then go through the work from the beginning.

But if you stuck with a nice idea and it has to change now, then simply add a note there for future reference.

6) Editing Without Further Ado

Jump into the pool of editing right away after completing your work and it will become from epic to average.

Give your ebook little air to breathe before starting it’s editing. If you edit straight away after finishing it, then it will hard to read it from a different angle.

Like, when you write something at the time it will look like a masterpiece, but if you read the same work after days, then you will easily find more than a hundred mistakes.

Fix It-

Edit it after some time to get a different perspective of your ebook.

Let your ebook sit and relax then start reviewing and editing. Then you will easily come to know what changes to be made and what is already looking good.

You can see your work as a reader, which makes your editing part easily done.

7) Not Thinking Like A publisher

You are not only a writer but a publisher too.

If you don’t plan out your ebook launch in advance and how will you sell it then don’t expect its sales to skyrocket on the day it launches.

If you don’t start marketing beforehand how the public will find that you have written something, until unless you are James Patterson or Ken Follett.

Fix It-

Lunch campaign to provoke readers.

Captivate their interest by promoting your upcoming ebook on blogs, social media, or in writers community.

Share your ebook with your friends, family and ask them to put on their social media handles.

8) Not Pushing Yourself To Write

Writing a whole book is never easier but that does not mean you quit before it gets easier.

On some days you will not feel to write, it will take long breaks and after coming back you will find that you’re progressing is still there only.

You have to push, force yourself to write, make ebook your priority and keep writing even if it looks hard.

Fix It-

Try to reach half a mile.

If you half a mile there then it will become easier to complete the rest of your work.

Think about why this matters to you, what change will it bring. Remind yourself why you have started it.

Remember if you can start you can finish it too.

9) Undefined Deadline

Of course, you want to finish your work. But when? In one day, two weeks, three months, when?

If you set it at one day then indeed that day will never come. There is no one to pressurize you to submit your work, but yourself.

Fix It-

Set the deadline.

Mark on the calendar till which date you have to finish your work.

If you are under a deadline, the chances to finish it will increase. Even those deadlines were set by you there is some kind of pressure to complete it on time.

10) Designing Book Cover By Yourself

A good book cover does leave an impression, even in an ebook.

If you are not a professional designer, then you shouldn’t go with the designing process.

This will make you look amateur and readers will show no interest in buying it.

Especially when you are selling it on Amazon. It is your first impression.

Fix It-

Hire a professional designer.

As visuals speak louder, if you can afford a designer then it would be best for your ebook. There are many designers who are cheap yet give high-quality work.

But still, if you can’t find or want to do it yourself then keep it minimal and straightforward. Also, gain knowledge of good and bad designs to keep it handy.

11) Laying Social Proof Aside

If you think social proof does not play any importance for your ebook. Think Again.

Readers always look for some kind of proof, testimonials, review, a number of downloads to go ahead with it. If these lacks then your ebook will not make any impact in the mind of readers.

Social proof increases your ebook value.

Fix It-

Get reviews.

Send the copies to your readers, subscribers and ask them for their reviews and testimonials. You can paste these reviews on your page which increases credibility.

12) Writing Long Details

Ebook is not a tangible book. Readers go for an ebook because they are looking for shorter details. No one likes to read a longer story, digitally.

You cannot solve every problem in one book. If done, then the result will be not that sweet.

Try writing long and your ebook will go in damp before leaving any impact. There will be nothing to look forward to your readers.

Fix It-

Write in series.

Write shorter length ebooks and entice readers for the upcoming series.

This will grab your readers by their throat and you will already get a bunch of readers for your next book.

13) Letting Your Inner Perfectionist Take Over

Try too hard, and it will fall apart.

There is nothing like a perfect ebook. If you are trying too hard to make it perfect then sorry, you are simply wasting your time.

You are not the only one who makes mistakes even major publishing houses too get it wrong sometimes and readers hardly notice because they are readers, not editors. They will not see into every word and comma you have misplaced.

Fix It-

Accept it.

You can never be perfect at everything. If you have already gone through it ten times then that is enough.

But the good thing is as it is on a digital platform you can easily fix it later if mistaken.

14) Starting From The Introduction

The introduction is an important part and comes at first but it is certainly not the first thing to write.

The introduction summarises your writing. If you write it first then it will hard to know which information to highlight and which not. You might end up giving too much in the introduction part only.

Fix It-

Write it at the end.

Once you finished with your ebook then go writing the introductory part.

Doing this you will know how to make your introduction impressive.

15) Not Linking Back To Your Blog

After completing your ebook, don't forget to link your blog and social media profiles to your readers.

This will give your readers a chance to connect with you and help in adding new subscribers to your email list, help them to find whenever your next ebook is on its way.

Fix It-

Include a contact page.

Give your details at the back of your ebook after About The Author to let them know where to find you.

Also, include your social media profile link to easily make them land on your profile and connect with you.

All The Best...!!!

© 2019 Swati Dubé

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