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13 Days of Halloween: A Halloween Podcast Special That is Way Less of a Gimmick and More of a Horror Masterpiece

13 Days of Halloween from Aaron Mahnke’s & Grim and Mild

So I do these reviews pretty fast and loose with the definition of literature. Though these reviews are typically on novels and short stories, I have ventured into reviewing graphic novels as well. But here I’m doing something I have not done in often. I am going to review an audio drama. It’s called 13 Days of Halloween. It’s a collection of thirteen scary audio stories introduced by Keegan Michael Key. So here is my review of Aaron Mahnke’s Thirteen Days of Halloween.

So what is it about? It’s a first person audio drama, where a guest visits an old creepy manor. This guest is greeted by the caretaker played by Keegan Michael Key. The caretaker shows the guest around the manor and as he does so, the guest will hear the stories told from the staff and other guests of the manor. And all of these people have some sort of terrifying tale to tell. And these tales are the heart of every episode. They range from various styles of horror. There’s an episode that’s pure grotesque body horror. Another one is psychological. There’s one that is very trippy where its hard to tell what is real and what is not. There’s one that feels like an episode of Outer Limits. Then there is one with cult horror. Then some Stephen King style. And lastly some Lovecraft cosmic horror and some Poe style horror. Every story has its own style and flavor making each one feel unique. Then they ultimately it all ties together into an arch involving the caretaker and the mysteries of the Architect.

So the good? I love horror. I grew up on horror films. I helped my father run a haunted house when younger. So this really scratched a horror itch because nearly all of these stories were pretty amazing and unique. Every story was enjoyable. And the quality of audio drama is amazing. From the sound effects to the music to the voices acting is amazing. They are tense and spooky and just so well produced. Also Keegan Michael Key as the Caretaker is great. Sure, he hams up his performance, but seeing how he’s this collection’s version of The Crypt Keeper, he was pretty delightful in this role.

The bad? There are a couple stories in the later episodes that were weak. They had a creepy seed of an idea, but really did nothing with it. Though I thought they had some good ideas at heart, I found them lazy. Also another thing that may be disappointing is the length of the episodes. They are very short averaging around fifteen minutes a piece. Though they are great, they often leave the listener wanting more.

Overall, this is really great. This is much better than the stuff I find on Audible. Its high quality, well-acted, spooky and very well written. Also it’s FREE. It’s a must listen. If you like listening to spooky stories, this is fantastic for horror fans.

5 smoothies out of Five

Overall Rating: A Halloween Podcast Special That is Way Less of a Gimmick and More of a Horror Masterpiece.

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