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11 Reasons I Only Write List Articles

Cody has more than 15 years of experience as a professional writer.


List Articles Are Easy to Write

This article has 11 sections, and each section consists of about two or three sentences. In about 15 minutes, I’ll have written a quality post that is about 400-600 words in length without breaking a sweat.

List Articles Allow You to Come Up With Ideas for Future Content

List posts are ideal because they can offer tangible value to your readers in their current form. However, each header can serve as an inspiration for future blog posts or articles. They can also serve as the inspiration for eBooks or other types of standalone content.

List Articles Allow You to Quickly Make Your Point

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t read through an entire article until you find the information that you’re looking for. Instead, you simply scan the text until you find what you’re looking for. A list article makes it easy for readers to navigate to the parts that they really want to read.

List Articles Make It Easy for Readers to Share Your Content

If you have ever spent time on sites like Ranker or Llistly, you know that people love creating and sharing lists. Creating shareable content is among the most effective ways to passively market your work.

List Articles Compel Readers to Add to Your Lists In the Comment Section

It’s not uncommon for your readers to feel as if you left something important off of your list, and they will gladly let you know about this in the comments section. As a blogger or marketer, you want people to interact with your content as often as possible. This is because each comment that is posted will likely be indexed by Google, which means that you have a chance to rank for dozens of keywords.

Each header provides you with an opportunity to insert a long-tail keyword without it sounding forced or awkward. Adding links is important because it helps you rank well for your chosen keyword. In some cases, an entry can simply be a few words followed by a link to whoever is capable of backing up your argument.

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List Articles Make It Easy to Curate Content

A list article can be a great way to call attention to your 10 best articles of the past year. It can also be a great way to call attention to some of your work that hasn’t gotten as much traffic despite the overall popularity of your blog or site.

List Articles Allow You To Be Silly and Serious

Let’s say that I wanted this post to contain 239 different reasons why I only write list articles. In theory, I could get away with some of the list items being little more than “Why not?” or “Because 239 is an odd number and readers love lists with odd numbers.”

The List Article Format Just Works

This type of format just works. Sometimes, you have to follow the crowd and do what everyone has done to be successful.

List Articles Allow You to Have Conversations With Your Readers

Do you think that Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL? Well, I’m sure at least one of your readers disagrees and will let you know how wrong you are. The debates that will likely ensue can help to forge a strong connection with your audience.

List Articles Get Love From the Search Engines

Google loves lists. Therefore, you should learn to love lists too.

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