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Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash (2007 comic) Retrospective Review

Cameron's an avid comic book collector, has been watching geeky tv since the early 90s, and for a brief period, ran a comic book shop.


A Bit of History...

Okay, if you know anything about the slasher genre, it gets more and more ridiculous as time goes by.

Freddy Kruger started out as nightmare fuel (pun intended), but as more films got made, the more Freddy turned into a caricature. His introduction in Nightmare on Elm Street was the absolutely terrifying slaughter of Tina Gray, where she was literally dragged up the wall and sliced apart while her boyfriend watched in horror. Then, by the time we got to Freddy's Dead, he is using a f*cking Power Glove to kill Spencer in one of the most ridiculous retro video game montages in history.

Jason Voorhees didn't actually start killing until Friday the 13th Part 2, but holy sh*t, when he did, he was almost impossible to stop. He has been killed, brought back to life, impersonated, dragged to Hell, resurrected, and gone to space, but somehow, despite the ridiculousness of all of these films, he manages to stay an intimidating piece of manslaughtering garbage.

Then in 2003, we were treated to the slaughter-filled brawl that was Freddy vs Jason. Over the course of the two series, and the crossover film, the two slashers have a body count that would make George R.R. Martin blush. This brings us to the now (I mean... to 2007, I guess).


The Premise

Five years after the events of Freddy vs Jason, during the holidays of 2008, Will and Laurie, the only two survivors from the fight at Crystal Lake decide to make a trip back to make sure that Jason is actually dead. Because that's a plan that seems sound. Within the first 13 pages (heh, I wonder if they did that on purpose), Jason has mutilated the two survivors. Because NOBODY survives their sequel appearances. White people, STOP GOING BACK!

Before long, Freddy awakens in Jason's head (because...why not) and convinces the undead hockey player to get his hands on the Necronomicon to bring Freddy back to life. Luckily for the citizens of Crystal Lake, a one-handed hero with a history of hunting the undead arrives to help with the opening of the new Super Mega Ultra S-Mart. Because that's just how it works. While Ash is training the workers on how to properly stack waffle irons, Jason shows up and starts killing people. Because that's what Jason does. After a brief misunderstanding with the police, Ash discusses the Deadites with Carrie. During the spinning of his tale, a couple of Carrie's coworkers decide to prank Ash by "attacking" him in a hockey mask. Let's be real, a couple of dipsh*t high school dropouts don't stand a chance against Ash, and they get their asses kicked.

While Ash deals with his manager, Freddy is reading a bedtime story to Jason, in an attempt to get Jason to find the Necronomicon, before releasing him out into the world. As Jason's body count rises, Ash heads to casa de Voorhees to try and find the fleshy book before Jason gets his hands on it. Lucky for Ash, Jason gets distracted by a group of horny teens that are having a sexy party in his familial house. Needless to say, Jason kills just about everyone before Ash shows up to save the last surviving girl, Bree.

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After his car doesn't start, Ash and Bree are saved by Carrie, when she smashes into the killer with her SUV. While Ash tries to regroup at the S-Mart, Freddy tortures Jason for his failure, eventually picking the poor guy's brain (quite literally) to learn about Ash. Unfortunately for the shoppers, Jason is guided towards Ash, and like... a half dozen people are just brutally murdered. One guy gets turned into gut pasketti with a shopping cart. What Jason lacks in flair, he makes up for in creativity. Ash faces Jason again but gets thrown around like a ragdoll before Jason kills Bree and takes back the book. Needless to say, the party is just getting started.

Freddy brings himself back to life and starts tormenting immediately, giving Ash a nightmare about losing his hand (again), and killing one of Ash's assistants with dodgeballs (yeah, falling back into that goofy category). Ash and the remaining survivors come up with a plan to destroy Jason once and for all, assuming that the big lug is their biggest threat, but upon trying to reclaim the Necronomicon, Ash realizes that Freddy has already used it. And now, Freddy is not only the god of the Dreamscape, but his nightmare powers can now manifest in the real world. During the final chapter of this series, we are treated to some of Freddy's best work, including (but definitely not limited to) possessing nature, creating an army of severed hands with his claws, and reviving all of Jason's victims.

In the end, it's Carrie to the rescue, as she manages to get those beautiful words "Klaatu Verata Nikto" which bibbity-bobbity-bitch-slaps Freddy back to the Deadites' Realm, leaving Jason and the book in our world. Ash and Carrie drive off into the sunrise, leaving this nightmare behind them, unaware that Jason has reawoken, and the evil book just happens to have fallen from the Deadites' Realm onto the ice nearby. I wonder what will happen.


What's There to Love?

For the slasher fans out there, there are over 30 shown deaths in this series, many of which are both gruesome and creatively executed. My personal favorite is the aforementioned shopping cart gut pasketti kill. Just glorious. The characterization of Ash and Freddy (I'm going to ignore Jason for obvious reasons) is very well done, keeping both characters true to their roots. As a reboot/remake despiser, I do find that to be very refreshing.


What Could Have Been Better?

Despite how many deaths there were, I would have loved to see a bit more killing done by Freddy. As with Freddy vs Jason, his flair for the dramatic was a bit wasted on a severe lack of kills. When are we gonna get a Freddy vs Jason story where the nightmare monster gets to have more fun? Maybe next time....?

Final Thoughts?

Overall, this was an enjoyable, if not a bit predictable, story. There was a lot of hacking and slashing, some good ol' fashioned brawling, and three titans of the horror genre facing off against each other. The story does a good job of expanding the mythos of both Freddy and Ash, but I mean, Jason is just a lumbering mass of an angry boy, and that's not gonna change soon.

All things considered, I give Freddy vs Jason vs Ash an 8/10, and a perfect read for the Halloween season!

Thanks for reading! If you think there's anything I should review next, leave a comment below! Until next time, stay frosty!

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