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100 Essay Topics for Beginners

Science and Technology Issues


Robotics at its best

Nao -  a humanoid robot which shows the progress shown by enginering

Nao - a humanoid robot which shows the progress shown by enginering

Brief discussion on the progress of science in the 2013

1. Why is the Earth's orbit around the sun elliptic and not circular?

2. Does the universe extend infinitely without any boundaries?

3. Why does a ball swing in mid-air?

4. What happens to an animal's body once it is buried under the ground?

5. Why does rust settle on a piece of iron exposed to moisture?

6. How do engineers ensure the structural strength of multistorey buildings?

7. Can exposure to radiation heat up an object?

8. How does a cell phone transmit voice messages and pictures?

9. How does a computer see an image, which a human eye would refer to as only a picture filled with colors?

10. How does a tube light glow when it's switched on?

11. Why does a stone drown but a ship keeps afloat?

12. How does a mobile phone determine the location and heading when you are travelling?

13. Why does plucking a guitar string produces a pleasant sound but plucking a slack wire doesn't?

14. How are the display mechanisms of laptops different from that of cell phones?

15. How can any solid metal melt on coming in contact with the human body?

Films and TV series Issues


Breaking Bad - crime, drama and thriller

Breaking Bad - one of the highest rated TV series of all times

Breaking Bad - one of the highest rated TV series of all times

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Most anticipated TV series of 2014

1. Has the quality of movies in Hollywood improved over the years or not?

2. Does the type and kind of movies in a country streamline the thoughts of the citizens?

3. Is it okay to publicly air TV shows that regularly feature violence and crime?

4. Should TV series that regularly feature sexual activity be controlled by the censorship board?

5. Is Breaking Bad the best crime thriller series ever?

6. Do movies regularly stereotype religious emotions to be shown as extremist values?

7. Are TV stars really worth spending millions on?

8. Do people waste a lot of time on watching TV series and movies?

9. What are the lessons one can learn from famous television series like 'House of Cards'?

10. Has media been successful in creating more inspiring movies over the years?

11. How has the level of foreign language movies changes over the years?

12. Is it justified for the US government to interfere in TV series focusing on unveiling tough secrets?

13. Would it be correct to believe of the media's alignment towards secret societies like 'Illuminati' to spread the so called higher ideas and goals?

14. Has the concept of family TV shows vanished gradually in the last decade?

15. Which are some of the most viewed series and what do they teach to the common public?

Education Issues


Students in India

Students in India studying in the traditional education system

Students in India studying in the traditional education system

Comparison between the US and the Indian education systems

1. Does the current education system value money and fees more than talent?

2. Is spiritual education a necessary part of the overall development process?

3. Does there exist any superiority between spiritual and scientific education?

4. What are the changes you would propose in the current education system?

5. To what extent is it correct to say that education has made students dependent and vulnerable rather than making them independent?

6. What measures should be taken to ensure the overall development of children in schools and colleges?

7. Has the quality of education in engineering colleges across the world depleted due to the ever increasing number of interested students?

8. Is there an urgent need to spread sex education to the masses?

9. Should education promote entrepreneurship among the students and make them independent or continue to make them fetch jobs in big multinationals?

10. Should the education system work to make politicians better leaders?

11. Why is the cost of management studies much higher than the graduate studies in reputed colleges?

12. Are theoretical studies sufficient or is it necessary to inculcate practical studies as well?

13. Why is research so important for the development of any country?

14. Why do many engineering students focus to take up a management job right after their graduate studies?

15. What are the main reasons behind the success of many college drop outs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs?

Environmental Issues and the Earth

Industries have proved to be the worst source of pollution

Industries have proved to be the worst source of pollution

Environmental problems faced by the earth

1. Why has the Earth's environment degraded over the years?

2. Which are the key factors contributing to pollution over the decades?

3. Why do industrialists continue to ignore the compelling need of the hour to contain the pollution caused by industries?

4. How has deforestation caused harm to the earth's atmosphere?

5. What measures have been taken till now to contain the grave problem of pollution?

6. What are the biggest health issues brought to light by air pollution?

7. How has water pollution affected livestock and fishermen?

8. Discuss the role of non governmental organizations(NGOs) in controlling pollution.

9. Explain the seriousness of noise pollution in the current world.

10. Is it possible to withstand a large meteor crash on the earth and possibly avoid it using the latest technology developed by scientists?

11. What advantages did the stone age offer as compared to the current polluted world?

12. Is it still possible to save the dying earth or do we need a super humanly effort to do so?

13. Which unfortunate event led to the destruction of the dinosaurs?

14. How has the current state of earth affected the water levels and polar ice caps?

15. How can solar cells be used to solve the energy crisis the earth is facing?

Religion and Philosophy Issues


Sacred symbols from various cults

Religious Symbols

Religious Symbols

George Carlin's views on God and religion

1. What does reincarnation mean and is it possible?

2. Would you really want to know about your past life? Wouldn't it spread a lot of sadness?

3. Is it wrong not to believe in Jesus Christ?

4. What are the aims of Theosophical societies in the 21st century?

5. How does religion account for hereditary traits and tendencies?

6. How does yoga affect a person's mindset?

7. Is it justified to resort to ethical values even if it causes harm to anyone?

8. Massacres in the name of religion are a common feature these days. What are the main reasons to instigate such violence?

9. Do the laws of nature exclude miracles?

10. Has science made belief in God obsolete? Are there any good science-based arguments for God?

11. Why didn't any of Jesus' miracles in the Bible leave behind any evidence?

12. How would one explain the presence of a lot of non-scientific knowledge in the Bible?

13. Many religions consider eating non-vegetarian food unethical? Is it justified or a fool's logic?

14. What are the reasons for fundamental differences between Jews and Christians?

15. Considering the concept of life after death, does every person die to live again or does anyone die for the last time?


Surgical operations show the progress of science and technology

Multi ethnic medical team performing operation in hospital operating theater

Multi ethnic medical team performing operation in hospital operating theater

Discussion about health problems of the US citizens

1. Why do men lose hair with age but women don't?

2. Can excessive exposure to radiation lead to health problems?

3. What are the side effects of irregular food habits?

4. Does drinking water more than a certain amount harm you?

5. How can recycling glass bottles kill all germs in them?

6. How to avoid stomach aches due to irregular food habits?

7. Do mosquito killing vaporizers harm you too apart from the mosquitoes?

8. Why does drinking alcohol create a hallucinating sensation?

9. Why are sleeping pills harmful for your health?

10. How do astronauts breathe in spaceships in outer space for months at a stretch?

11. How is chemotherapy used to treat a patient suffering from cancer?

12. How is the iron in your blood any different from the iron extracted from the mines?

13. On what medical grounds has weed(or ganja) been termed illegal?

14. Why does a body part turn deep red when it gets a bruise?

15. How does an electric shock turn a dead heart alive?

Affairs and Relationships


Guide to healthy relationships

1. What the most common problems in a relationship?

2. Are long distance relationships really bad? What are the possible good aspects?

3. Is it justified to cheat on your partner if you've lost interest in him/her?

4. Does the attitude of the current society promote people getting into relationships at an early age?

5. What are the common stress busters to lessen the pain of a break up?

6. How to keep your love life fresh even after being together for a long time?

7. What are the most common reasons for break ups and how to avoid them?

8. Why do mothers favor the sons and fathers their daughters in most cases?

9. How to be a good parent?

10. What measures should a parent with a substance abuse problem take to ensure raising the children properly?

11. Does the young generation forget the ties with their parents after sometime?

12. Why do grandmothers consider their children always small and young even if the latter themselves become parents?

13. Do animals share love and relationships in a similar way as that of human beings?

14. Is it correct to justify any activity, however harsh they might be, in the name of love?

15. Does the love between a couple increase or decease after they conceive a child?


Chinmay Das (author) from Mumbai, India on March 18, 2014:

I myself had a lot of difficulty deciding the topic for any essay.

I hope this article proves useful to all such aspirants.

Dianna Mendez on March 17, 2014:

This is a great article for English Comp students who need a prompt. I especially like you TV topic suggestions, this would interest many youths today.

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