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Mysterious universal mysteries that remained unexplained until now

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American Stonehenge

American Stonehenge

Zodiac messages

Zodiac messages

Seeing without using your eyes

Seeing without using your eyes

Sniper New Jersey

Sniper New Jersey

The Electricity Girl

The Electricity Girl

Maybe someone lives there! We talk about that strange signal!

Maybe someone lives there! We talk about that strange signal!

Mysterious universal mysteries that remained unexplained until now

Everyone loves mystery, and without any doubt, the real mystery is more exciting than any fictional game or novel, and there will still be a recorded number of accidents that the world has not been able to explain or find a solution to until our time.

. Here are the most mysterious universal mysteries that have remained unexplained.

- The sky is raining seeds :

In 1979, Moody, a resident of Southampton in southern England, was surprised to find an unlimited number of mustard seeds in his green vegetable garden, which at that time appeared to him clearly and simply that these seeds fell from the sky !!

On the following day, the type of seeds differed and varied to be corn, beans, and beans !! And his neighbors also got a part of that livelihood, and it went on over and over and started gradually diminishing until it stopped completely!

After 25 intermittent falls of this strange rain, the master managed to collect eight pounds of mustard seed, and together with his neighbors managed to collect ten pounds of bean seeds from three different gardens.

But no one knew where these pills came from at that time, how suddenly they fell, and where exactly. And, strangely, they grow these grains and their crops are of the highest quality!

- Zodiac messages :

Perhaps the hottest serial killer in San Francisco is more famous than the Zodiac. The serial killer was not arrested but killed in 1970.

Interestingly, he kept sending coded messages mocking the press and the police until 1974 !! In some letters, he even asked them about their ability to solve the mystery of these letters. Which made it one of the most popular puzzles so far.

- Udon's ghost – Bayrou :

(William Hackler) was a farmer in (Udon), Indiana, and one morning in 1941, as he was leaving his home, he smelled smoke and soon returned to find the fire. From a fire burning from the heart of the wall of his room and since there was no electricity in his house, it seemed to him very strange!

The firefighters arrived and put an end to the fire, but as soon as they left, everything in the house began to act very strange, and the mattress and then between the pages of a book caught fire, and so it was.

It continued throughout the day in full view and hearing of many, until the number reached 28 fires in the same house and one day. Then the man demolished his house from A to Z and rebuilt it anew in the hope of eliminating this strange phenomenon that no one has reached an explanation for until this moment.

- Maybe someone lives there! Talking about that strange signal! :

Some may remember the search for extraterrestrial signals. As many were contributing part of the time he used computers to record and analyze any potential signal from outer space, and although no external signals were captured or substantiated by non-terrestrial sources of other signals captured,

However, one of the volunteers in the project (Jerry Iman)) in 1977 managed to capture a strong signal that managed to distort the measuring devices used by him, and the signal lasted for a minute and 15 seconds and recorded as an unparalleled signal.

In 2007, a signal was recorded from the small "Magellan" cloud, which is located in the orbit of our "Milky Way" galaxy, and it was captured from two observation centers.

The first is Radio Telescope Arecibo in Puerto Rico, which is an island belonging to the United States of America, which is the most sensitive and powerful center in the world. Scientifically called "fast bursts"

The second is the Parks Center in Australia. It was recorded in 2007, but this space phenomenon was not noticed by other astronomical centers, this information was kept waiting for more in the future.

- The girl of electricity :

Another strange phenomenon occurred at the beginning of 1846 when the fourteen-year-old girl (Angelic Cotten) gained supernatural abilities that were at that time classified into electricity, so she became able to move furniture and seats, And she can raise her fingers to reach her hands anything she wants, and her body was moving against gravity without her awareness, and her parents took advantage of the mysterious matter, so people paid money for their vision. For her unnatural abilities and they called her (Girl of Electricity), but after a while, those abilities mysteriously disappeared because they started without any explanation.

- Total tension :

Tammam Shad is a Persian phrase meaning (completed or executed) and is the last line of the Rubaiyat al-Khayyam book.

When the body of an unknown man was found on Ad Lloyd Beach in Australia in 1948, this phrase was written in a hidden part of his pants, which surprised Australian police after confirming that the phrase was taken from the book. This was a matter that baffled the police and the press at that time, and so far the identity of that unknown man has not been identified. This incident is considered one of the most mysterious cases in Australia to this day.

- Sight without using your eyes :

In 1960, a fifteen-year-old girl (Margaret Voss) was fully capable of seeing the rest of humanity with eyes closed.

But before this strange coincidence, she discovered that she could read an entire book while closing her eyes by touching its words. Her father encouraged her to develop her skill in training and she became fully capable of knowing colors and surrounding objects through the only touch.

Her parents thought his daughter had some kind of hyper-sensation, so he took her to psychologists at the University of Washington to examine her and develop a method that helps blind people read through touch, and he knew that his daughter was not the only one with the super-sense, but no one has been able to explain that yet.

- American Stonehenge :

It is a huge building constructed in 1979 in (Albertconte), Georgia, and nobody knows yet what exactly it symbolizes. But it was built to be similar to the Itherston building in England dating back to before Christ.

The masonry contains sentences written in eight languages, including Swahili and Russian. The phrases constitute the Ten Commandments that guarantee humanity's access to complete equilibrium, but some have also interpreted them as a call to not understand the other and allow him to be killed, and the identity of the writer of the phrases is still unknown, and some attempts to remove the building have completely failed, making his presence an unjustified phenomenon so far.

- New Jersey sniper :

In November of 1927, a series of shootings began to plague New Jersey residents, hitting buildings and vehicles and shattering storefronts, windows, and automobile windshields. Strangely, no one was able to catch the sniper or even just see it, and by checking nobody found the bullets, it lasted for a year before suddenly stopping just as he started.

- The Puzzle Book is your guide to solving all puzzle books! :

In 1912, a Polish American publisher (Wilfred M. Voynich) printed a book consisting of an unlimited number of manuscripts, drawings, and diagrams of strange events and plants without any connection between them or anything known, and until now no one has been able to decipher the book, and it was called the "ending" manuscript. Nothing else has been discovered about the book’s origin or purpose other than the type of ink written in it, which has been indicated since the beginning of the first half of the fifteenth century, and research is still ongoing for the book’s origin.

In the end :

we must point out that the more we advance in knowledge, the more we discover things that invite us to meet many questions, and there are many mysterious incidents in the world that no one has been able to explain.

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