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11 Best Tips to be Happy in Life

The author is sharing her personal life experiences and observations through this article.


11 Best Tips to be Happy in Life

Life is experiencing reality by interacting authentically with the environment and with the others. Giving something back to the world through creativity and self-expression and changing our attitude when faced with a situation or circumstance that we can not change.
The way of life is never easy for anyone. As we all know that life is not bed of roses. Therefore, huge obstacles are about to come on the way. We are human being; our mind sometimes becomes happy and sometimes it becomes sad as well. No matter we are happy or sad; life moves on as time and tide waits for none. This is totally up to you how you are utilizing and enjoying each and every moment of your life.

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment. While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfactions. Happiness is generally linked to experiencing more positive feelings than negative.

Though it depends from person to person how we perceive different aspects of life, still there are some specific spikes to detail.

1. Wake up in early morning : Adequate and consistent sleep improves blood pressure, the immune system, basic brain functions, mood and gives your body time to repair itself. This healthy life style will always ensure happiness and joy in your life. A sound body has the ability to hold a sound mind.

2. Have a healthy diet plan: Maintaining healthy diet plan helps you live longer, keeps teeth, skin, and eyes healthy, supports muscles, boosts immunity, strengthen bones, Lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers, helps the digestive system function. Only a healthy body can ensure a healthy mind that guarantees happiness in our life.

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3. Enjoy your works: We have to spent eight to ten hours in our daily work, no matter we are students, service holders or housewives. It is very important to love our works, otherwise peace will never touch our mind and soul. Relishing each and every moment of our works will enter us to the world of satisfaction and joviality where success in gonna touch our head to toe over the time.

4. Have a positive mindset: A positive mind set certifies increased life span, lowers rates of depression, lowers levels of distress, better psychological and physical well-being and more success in life. Positive attitude can help bringing wisdom and enlightenment and with enlightenment there will be less negative self-talk and unnecessary anxiety and more opportunities for positive self-talk. It will open the era of auspicious sphere in our life full of happiness and joy.

5. Do something meaningful in each day: Each and every 24 hours is just a precious gift from almighty. We should always make each and every moment very meaningful in our life. It will give us confidence and courage to move forward fulfilling our heart full with satisfaction and contentment. We can help others in our best possible ways. Their little change or progress with our suggestion or help will give us tremendous feelings of exhilaration in our life.
6. keep company with good friends and people: Our tranquility of mind mostly depends on the types of people to whom we get involve with. Good hearted and positive thoughts oriented people and friends will always motivate us to move forward in life. Even when we get sad for some reason, they try to figure out the most favourable way to get out of downheartedness.
7. Keep good thoughts for others: It is always very important to keep good thoughts for others. It calms our mind. Having negative assumptions about others will always put us in mental pressure destroying our inner peace and harmony.
8. Avoid the rumors: There may be always some gossips and hearsay outside. Never put those in your account. These can only destroy your precious time nothing else. Thinking about outside rumors doesn’t reflect your smartness. Rather it will always put you down by destroying your faith and credence.
9. Be greatful: You should be greatful for everything you have in your life. There are so many people around the world who are trying their best to reach at your level. Also huge people those who can not afford a life style like you. Thus, be happy with what you have. This appreciation will help you to gain more in your life.
10. Share your feelings when you are depressed: Depression may knock us at anytime. It is natural. But we have to deal very smartly with it. We should not hold our sadness inside us. Rather, if we talk and share our feelings with our well wishers and friends it will help us in quick recovery. A fresh and energetic mind is must for a happy life. Therefor, we can not allow depression to kill our lifestyle. Sharing our problems often solve so many issues in life. Good suggestions and helps move us toward a new horizon of life full of opportunities and leading vibes.

11. Forgive others: Forgiveness is a great virtue. There may be some misunderstandings or disagreements with people on the way of our life. In some cases we get hurt as well. But at the end we should forgive others for our own interest. It has powerful health benefits. Forgiveness is associated with lower levels of depression, anxiety and hostility; reduced substance abuse, higher self esteem and greater life satisfaction.

A happy life has more to do with the people around us, how we live our lives, the way we spend our time, and how we perceive ourselves and understand our life experiences. No matter where they are or what they are doing, happy people recognize that they always have something to be greatful for. Only satisfied people can be assets for a family and also for a country as a whole. Thus, it is very important to be happy in life. Otherwise people will ruin their valuable and precious time without realizing the worth of it.
There could be more other ways, but I believe above depicted manners will certainly help anybody to be happy in their lives having in their mind “Life is really beautiful”.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Benazir Marjan

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