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5 Teen Books for the Hopeless Romantic


1. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This popular book-- recently turned into a major motion picture-- has swept the nation, capturing many hearts along the way. The story follows a young Madeline Whittier, who is seemingly allergic to life. Encapsulated in her house for years, she has come accustomed to missing out on the world beyond the airlock. However, when swoon-worthy Olly moves next door, isolation is no longer an option. After inevitably falling in love, Madeline is forced to ask herself whether a life without experience is a life worth living at all.

Warning: This beautifully-written novel is filled with quirky humor, heart-wrenching romance, and the adventure of a life time.


2. Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines

Maggie Carleton has experienced tragedy that has left her unwilling to speak. When her aunt and uncle take her under their wing, she is moved to stay with them in the small town of Lawton, where not much is more important to the teenagers than football and field parties. It is there that she happens upon West Ashby, a talented football player with a few demons of his own. He chooses Maggie to share his secrets with, confident that she won't repeat them to anyone else. But when she replies, it sparks a connection that brings them closer to each other and the acceptance of the harsh realities life holds.


3. The Hard Count by Ginger Scott

Reagan Prescott is the coach's daughter. Her long-time rival is Nico Medina, the boy from the other side of the tracks with insane talent for football and an intense aversion to losing. When her father's team falls on hard times, Reagan sees Nico as an opportunity to save it. Suddenly, the things she once despised about Nico become the reasons she needs him the most. Reagan is willing to risk everything for the boy who challenges her mind as well as her heart, but will the difference in their backgrounds be enough to tear them away from the things they love the most?

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4. Where You'll Find Me by Erin Fletcher

Hanley Helton is a girl with a rough past and terrible coping mechanisms. Some of which include black hair dye, alcohol, and the thrill of sneaking out at all hours of the night. On one of her escapades, however, she stumbles upon a strange boy who seems to be living in her garage. She knows she should make him leave, but Nate is way too charming for her to let go. So instead, she allows him to stay. Soon, she's giving up her vodka in exchange for his touch and spending all night talking to him in whispers. But when she discovers the truth about Nate's past, she is challenged with helping him face his problems, as well as coming to terms with her own.


5. Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

Seventeen year old Lane is the newest addition to Latham House, a sanatorium and boarding school for kids with a rare, terminal type of tuberculosis. Trying to find a clique in a place where everyone is facing death seems hopeless. That is,until he comes across Sadie-- a girl he knew long ago, before they were plagued with sickness. Entirely different than the girl he remembered, Sadie is fearless and whimsical.

With the help of her and her group of quirky friends, Lane quickly learns about love, solidarity and the truth about adversity. But as everyday goes by, everyone grows sicker. Sadie and Lane soon find out that pain and breathing go hand-in-hand, and not just because they have tuberculosis.

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