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10 Richest Villains in Marvel Comics


Imagine having enough money to be able to create anything you want, a stealth plane that can turn completely invisible an entirely new element, an anti-gravity device artificial intelligence named after your butler or even for some reason, jet powered roller skates, you may have an idea where I'm going with this.

Today we're going to talk about the 10 wealthiest villains in Marvel history, we'll discuss how they earned their fortune and what kinds of nefarious activities they've gotten up to.

10: Obadiah Stane

If I had a name like Obadiah Stane, I probably turn into a super villain too ,there's also the whole growing up in extreme poverty with a gambling addict father and seeing him die in front of your own eyes.

Thing which I'm sure was a bit of a contributing factor. Obadiah Stain is calculable to own a net worth of a whopping 100 million dollars, how exactly well mainly crime Obadiah known as the Iron Monger, worked as an illegal arms dealer running his own company Stane industries not to be confused with Stark industries.

Well except for that period of time in the comics where Obadiah took over stark industries and renamed it, Stane industries things get a bit complicated when a character has been around for more than 30 years.

Obadiah was first introduced to the comics in Iron Man 163 in October 1982. Although he was first introduced to the world on a much larger scale in 2008, when he appeared in Iron Man and was played by Jeff Bridges, I have to say when I watched this movie for the first time over the weekend.

It was a little startling to see the dude rip something out of Robert Downey Jr's chest part you know what they say that ARC reactor really ties the room together man.

9: Magneto

The jump from the 10th wealthiest Marvel villain to the ninth one is a pretty large jump in more ways than one,Magneto is estimated to be worth a staggering 900 million dollars that's right the mutant master of magnetism is worth 800 million more dollars than the man who managed to buy out stock industries pretty neato.

If you ask me Magneto was born in Germany and grew up there during the worst possible time at the holocaust, after escaping execution and witnessing his whole family murdered, Magneto escaped into the mountains got married and had kids.

But we all know how marriage and kids work out for supervillains, don't we magneto met a fellow you may know Charles Xavier, he then worked with the X-men until his beliefs that mutants were superior to humans began to cause conflict.

The following years his general pastimes as a villain included building space stations, creating mutants and human clones and being able to control every metal around him that's pretty hardcore.

If you ask me his years as a villain in charge of other mutants is what many suggest would amass him such a large fortune.

8: Emma Frost

Most people on this list have had a slew of occupations alongside super villain, for most it's entrepreneur CEO chairman X-men member, but the next person on our list has all of those along with exotic dancer, sexual therapist and teacher the eighth most wealthy Marvel villain is none other than Emma Frost, who has an estimated net worth of one to three billion dollars.

Emma was fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family, but not fortunate enough to have a father, who wasn't a total jerk. Her father Winston Frost was the owner of frost international a fortune 500 company, after becoming estranged from her father Emma struggled with homelessness for quite some time before, she used her business skills and telepathic powers to improve her life.

Eventually Emma used these powers to take control of the family business, which helped her to earn billions.

7: Harry Osborn

Perhaps by now you're catching on to something most wealthy villains were born into wealthy families with money and super powers comes, well power that's used for Evil Harry Osborn also known as the Green Goblin is not a fan of Spider-man , but he is a fan of money with an estimated net worth of 10 billion dollars.

Harry inherited this from his father Norman Osborn's multinational corporation Oscorp and at the same time he inherited a vendetta against Spider-man believing that old peter parker was behind his father's death.

6: Norman Osborn

That being said Harry wasn't the only Green Goblin his father Norman was the Green Goblin before him, all while running Oscorp as the CEO ,as a CEO and chairperson I seriously cannot fathom, how Norman managed to try and defeat Spider-man on the side.

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I mean where was the time how did he get around to all the daily meetings, I mean truly the mind reels Norman has an estimated fortune that is actually the same as his sons 10 billion dollars. Which can be attributed to Oscorp after Oscorp was taken over Norman died and Harry took over the company.

You'd think Norman's story would end there right, well not exactly Norman didn't actually perish in his alleged fatal fight with Spider-man, he went away to Europe for some time before returning and continuing to wage war against Spider-man.

5: Aldrich Killian

Comic books and Superheroes have a way of shifting changing and growing over the years, in the original comics Aldrich Killian made his appearance in Iron Man vol 4 number one back in January 2005.

He's an incredibly intelligent scientist, who plays a role in developing extremis a serum that was created in order to create a super soldier, he sells a bit of the serum to terrorists before he ends his life due to guilt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

However Aldrich doesn't have much guilt, he created extremists out of anger aiming to use it to get revenge on Tony Stark for snubbing him, years earlier he formed a terrorist group sold extremists for billions of dollars and overall just did about every classic super villain thing, you can think of all because he was a little peeved at tony .

It's estimated that Aldrick's worth a whopping 12.4 billion dollars, which isn't too surprising, considering the fact that he created a serum that armies could use to take over the world, I hear bad guys pay a pretty penny for that.

4: Kingpin

One of the oldest supervillains on this list Kingpin is also one of the most wealthy with an estimated net worth of 40 billion dollars, he made his first appearance in the amazing Spider-man number 50 in july 1967.

Kingpin or Wilson Fisk joined in on a life of crime from a young age, he joined a gang after bullying and later gained so much muscle and skill that he killed the gang leader and took over, yeah this hulk of a man has some serious street skills and he doesn't play nice, through his role as a crime Kingpin in case you hadn't already figured out where the name came from Kingpin was able to amass his huge fortune.

When he's not attacking Spider-man, Daredevil or the Punisher he's navigating a political and criminal world ,where he has many allies and connections.

So you'd think his power would reasonably stop it mob leader right, well not exactly Wilson Fisk went on to become mayor Fisk a role he achieved in spite of his criminal past and when you're a mayor a super villain and the leader of a major gang, you've extra money than you know what to do with.

3: Red Skull

We've almost made it to the most wealthy villain in the Marvel Universe, however the two runners-up are a bit unique, when it comes to assessing the value of fictional characters, there are some characters that are a bit harder to flesh out than others.

Specifically because of how insanely powerful they are, well for example red skull who happens to be number three on our list, however if we were talking about which of these villains was the most Evil I would definitely put him at number one and why is that well just for starters have a look at the guy the Red Skullwas unveiled in Captain America volume seven, number one in 1941 during world war two as the main enemy of Captain America.

You may see where this is going the Red Skull was an actual German general and close friend of Hitler, even crazier the Red Skull killed other Nazis, so he could be the top one and then was so powerful and crazy that Hitler, himself feared him that's right Red Skull is a really scary dude.

It's hard to exactly pinpoint how much Red Skull is worth, because of his sheer amount of power he was a leader in Nazi Germany and a leader of Hydra with absolute unimaginable power at his disposal.

2: Loki

After talking about the Baddest of the bad, it feels a bit jarring to talk about the next villain or empty hero on our list Loki, yes most people have grown to love this magic wielding god of mischief.

But he has taken part in a lot of mischief over the years, because of his position as an alien and a prince of Asgard, it's a bit hard to pin down Loki's fortune, but it is certainly somewhere in the billions definitely putting Howard Stark to shame.

1: Doctor Doom

Finally we've reached the wealthiest villain in marvel and I must say he certainly has the most villainous name on this list Doctor Doom or Victor Von Doom is estimated to be worth 100 billion dollars and truly he came a long way to be worth that much cheddar, originally born in Latveria, he traveled to the united states as a young man and made a machine with the intention of bringing his mother back to life.

The machine backfired causing him to become extremely disfigured, he forged a mask and took on the role of Doctor Doom promising to get revenge for the accident that caused his disfigurement an accident that he blamed on Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four.

He went on to become the ruler of Latveria an intelligent scientist a master user of magic and even a god with the control of an entire country and funding from his illegal activities . There's no question how Dr Doom amassed such an impressive fortune.

So there you have it the wealthiest Marvel villains.

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