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10 Reasons Not to Buy a Kindle

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Hey, I'm the same guy who wrote an earlier hub entitled 10 Reasons to Buy a Kindle. So how come I'm offering up this hub? I realize that some of you out there just LOVE real books. You like to turn real pages. You like to read the book jacket. Most of all, when you pick up a real book, feel its heft and weight in your hands, open the cover and begin reading, it's easy, it's comfortable, it's familiar. I understand. There are probably a number of other reasons why some of you don't want to use a Kindle. Perhaps you can add to my list of 10 outlined below.

Keep in mind that the Kindle Readings Device has been one of Amazon's bestselling items. If you want to skip down in this Hub to Kindle's best selling Kindle.

So Why Would You Not Want to Buy a Kindle?

  1. Not comfortable with new technology. Some folks take to new technology like ducks take to water. They jump at the chance to make their lives more convenient and pleasurable though new technology like Kindle. Other folks are just the opposite. Leaning to use new tech products doesn't come easy for them. They may even like the idea of Kindle, but prefer to wait before buying. They read reviews and learn from their friends who use Kindle.
  2. Older Kindles might become obsolete. Technology is changing fast. Kindle has produced three generations of Kindle models since it was first introduced in 2007. As Kindle introduces new features, users must decide whether to buy the new model. A competitor might introduce a new game changing reader that will render Kindle obsolete.
  3. Too expensive. After buying their Kindle reader, users pay for each book downloaded to their library. While Kindle books cost less than new books, the total cost over time is a concern for some people when they can borrow books from public libraries for free. Or they can buy used books..
  4. Like the look and feel of real books. Pick up a real book. Look over its book jacket and illustrations. Thumb through its pages. Scan chapter titles. Turn real pages. People who enjoy this reading experience may not be satisfied with Kindle.
  5. Kindle might crash. Like all tech gizmos, Kindle could fail causing inconvenience and frustration while replacing the product.
  6. Kindle might get damaged or broken. It could be accidentally dropped. Or something could be dropped on it. It could get wet at the swimming pool.
  7. Kindle could get lost or stolen. This causes frustration and stress in searching for the lost Kindle, or replacing it.
  8. Kindle may be hard on your eyes. Staring at a screen for too long can be hard on your eyes. So much time is already spent watching television and computer displays. Some studies have raised cause for concern about the effects of too much viewing on the eyes.
  9. Battery. Your battery may die on you at the most inconvenient time, and you forgot to bring along your charger.
  10. Inertia. Some folks are set in their ways. They just don't' want to change how they read books.

The Latest Generation Kindles Might Change Your Mind

Put your doubts aside. Consider a Kindle to elevate your reading pleasure.

The new Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device allows you find and download books and periodicals in less than 60 seconds from anywhere in the world that has 3G wireless coverage.

There are no monthly bills, no annual contracts, no wireless setup, no need for a computer. You shop and read straight from this device.

You have a choice of over 670,000 books - plus newspapers, magazines and blogs. Kindle's Whispersync technology allows you to begin reading right where you stopped reading last time.

You can play MP3 background music while you read.

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Kindle vs. Real Books -- Which Do You Prefer?

John Dove (author) on April 27, 2012:

HeY Jim bob jenkinson and Maria Pachecho -- I know there are plenty of folks out there who LOVE KINDLES and other e-readers. Check out my other article for 10 reasons to BUY A KINDLE:

Maria Pacheco on April 20, 2012:

I love my e-reader as much as I love picking up a reg. book. I personally find myself buying e-books constantly but I also find myself ordering the hardback or paperback on Amazons to add to my collection of favorites. So I find myself sometimes purchasing the book twice.

JIm bob jenkinson on January 12, 2012:

I don't agree at all. This is extremely biased!!!

John Dove (author) on September 24, 2010:

You are right on, John. I was looking at Kindle through the user's eye, not the writer's. I completely sympathize with all the hard work, sweat and time that a writer puts into writing a book. Yours is an interesting point. I wonder what other readers feel about the impact of e-book reading devices on authors.

John Holden on September 24, 2010:

Let's try a different approach for not liking Kindle. You're a writer, you spend a year writing a book. It's almost immediately available on-line for pennies from people who feel no obligation to pay the person who did all the work.

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