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10 Heist Comic Books You Should Read Before You Die

Harry has read and watched an unhealthy amount of comic books and movies.


A good heist story, despite being a tale of criminal activity, will bring you along a unique journey where you found yourselves rooting for the success of the bad guys without feeling too bad about it.

Surprisingly enough, despite the popularity of the genre, a good heist story in the comic book medium is quite hard to find.

So, after digging around the internet for a while, these are ten of my favorite heist comics, sorted alphabetically.

1. 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank


When 12-year-old Paige finds out that his dad's old crew is in town and planning to rob a local bank, she fears for the worst. They gonna drag her father into their mess.

In her mind, there is only one thing to do to help her father avoid the problems he's about to forced into. That is for her and her friends to rob the bank first.

4 Kids... did a tremendous job in portraying the interaction and the inner working of a children's minds. From their wild imagination, their easily distracted nature, and most importantly, their naivety.

What starts out as simply an innocent and charming story slowly unravel into everybody's worst nightmare.

2. Catwoman: Selina's Big Score


Selina Kyle, the infamous Catwoman, formed a crew of expert criminals to rob millions of mob's money from a speeding train guarded by heavily armed goons.

Selina's big score shows another side of Catwoman that is usually hidden under her dark mask. Her attitude and her past that most people weren't aware of.

It is a gritty noir story packed with hard-hitting action sequences and heartbreaking character developments that is a must read for fans and casual readers alike.

3. Criminal


Criminal is an interlocking story of small-time crooks that spans across multiple generations and characters that filled with betrayal, sex, and bloody violence. Most of them are not even a bad guy, just people who're trying to get by and do the best they can for themselves and their loved ones.

This is a somewhat different beast than the rest of the titles on this list. In Criminal, while most volumes contain heists in one form or the other, it is clearly not the main concern of the story.

But the sheer power of characterization and the thick noir atmosphere that ooze from every page of this comic book left me no choice but to include it on this list.

4. Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story


Set in the backdrop of the 2005 devastating hurricanes in New Orleans, two broke and desperate ex-con tries to rob an abandoned bank amidst the chaos caused by the massive floods.

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Dark rain is a thought-provoking graphic novel that touches on various socioeconomic issues. But despite the familiar catastrophic settings and the overall heavy atmosphere of the story, the well-placed and subtle humor act as a tension relief so that we could breeze through the pages with ease.

I avoid this word like a plague but in this case, there are no other words to describe dark rain other than a Masterpiece.

5. Heist, Or How To Steal A Planet


The most infamous and hated man in the galaxy just barely out of the prison door when he put his plan in motion. The plan to steal a planet from the hands of a corrupt Mega Corporation.

This comic is not only equipped with its grand and ambitious premise, but also boasts a great cast of characters with likable personality, various unique races of aliens and exotic places, and light-hearted humor to ties it all together.

6. The Last Days of American Crime


In the not-so-distant dystopian future, the United States government decides to use a signal that could instantly paralyze people with criminal intents.

Before the implementation of the signal, a group of mentally-unstable people will try to pull one last great heist in American history.

Out of every comic on this list, I like the art style of this one the most. It's bold and vibrant in some parts while soft and washed out at others.

The story itself is just equally compelling with enough twist to keep the readers immerse in the story. You can read my in-depth review of it here.

7. Real Science Adventures - The Nicodemus Job


Set in 1095 CE Constantinople, Nicolas Fardas and three of his outlaw friends attempt to steal four books from the heavily guarded library of Alexandria while trying to shift the blame to the City's tyrannical ruler.

A comic book story sets during the heights of the Byzantine empire is something hard to come by, not to mention it's about book heists from the most famous library in the history of mankind.

That alone should be a good enough reason for me to recommend it to anyone, but the fact that it is a fantastically written story with numerous twists and turns to keep the reader interested is obviously a big plus.

8. Rocket: The Blue River Score


Rocket Raccoon was sitting alone in a bar at the edge of the galaxy when he gets dragged by an old flame into three space-heists with a planetary prison break in between.

This fast-paced adventure will bring you to multiple exotic places in the galaxy, accompanied by some of the most unique and colorful casts of supporting characters in comic history.

But underneath all of the chaotic stuff lies a delicate story of a man, or rather, a raccoon, who tries to comes to terms with his past.

9. Supercrooks


In a world where the sky is littered with superpowered people, a lowly super ex-con gathered his old teammates of equally third-class heroes to rob one of the biggest supervillains in the world.

Imagine Ocean Eleven, but instead of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, you get Deadpool and Colossus.

This is one of those feel-good comic books that you could just sit back and read in one sitting. This is something you'll want to read after a hard day at work to spend a few hours away having a good time.

10. Thief of Thieves


Redmond, the world-famous master thief has already adjusted to his newly retired life when his allies and enemies used his estranged family to drag him back to the criminal world.

You'll find back to back heists with a surprising and exciting twist throughout its seven volumes. All of the events are stitch together so it seamlessly glides from one storyline to the next.

Add inspiring characters arcs and complicated relationship dynamics into the mix, and you get the quintessential heist comic books ever made.

Honorable Mentions:


These are several titles that I liked and recommend but just don't make it into the list.

Not because they're not good enough, but mainly because they're either move on from their heist root in the subsequent volumes, or the heists simply not the main driving force of the story.

  1. Ghosted. A master thief is hired by a billionaire to go to a famous haunted mansion to steal a ghost.
  2. Term Life. A man who plans heists for a living is forced to go into hiding after his latest gig went wrong and tries to survive for the next 21 days so his estranged daughter could collect his life insurance's claim.
  3. The Tithe. A small crew led by a hacker decided to rob millions of dollars from corrupt Mega Churches only to give most of it back to those in need.
  4. Ruin of Thieves: A Brigand Story. This is a medieval fantasy heist story where a band of bandits tries to steal a piece of all-powerful meteor shards.

Well, that's it, folks. I hope there's something here that suits your taste. If there's any good heist comic out there that I haven't mention in this list, please don't hesitate to mention it in the comment section below.

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