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10 Habits That Highly Successful Writers Do

What Are Habits?

Habits can be good or bad. A healthy habit is a behavior that is beneficial to you, whether it's mentally or physically. As a writer, it is necessary to have goals and healthy habits. By having healthy routines you are already setting yourself up for success. Do you want to be successful? If so, then keep reading.


1) Market Yourself

It is crucial to engage with your fans. Doing this will help you to build your name as an author. People think this doesn't apply to traditionally published authors because publishing companies take care of all the marketing. However, this is not true. Every author must market themselves. That applies to both traditionally and self-published authors. You can sell yourself by attending events, hosting book signings, making a YouTube channel, or simply talking about your book. If you want to be successful, you have to put the work into marketing your books. Whether you're planning on doing this yourself or paying someone, you need to be active online and available to communicate with your fans.


2) Discipline Yourself

You must treat your writing like a job and hold yourself accountable. If you want to publish your book in three months, then for the next couple of months, you need to be focused on writing that book and getting it published. If you set a goal to write 100 words a day, you need to do just that. You need to set goals to stay on track because if you don't, you won't meet your deadlines be successful.


3) Move Toward Your Goal Every Day

Success doesn't happen overnight. Even authors who seem very successful with just one or two novels worked hard. They've likely spent years working on that novel. Success only comes to those who progress every day. If you keep pressing forward, you'll wake up one day exactly where you wanted to be.


4) You Accept All Feedback

You can't learn and improve your writing if you can't accept all feedback. Writers who are beginners tend to get extremely defensive when they get any criticism. That is not conducive to long-term success as a writer. The easiest way to improve your writing is to have others read your work and give feedback.
That can be a difficult task. You need to realize that you're opening the door to criticism to grow as a writer.


5) Prioritize Your "Me Time" :

It's easy to experience burnout in anything but especially in writing. You can always sprint towards your goals but being a successful author means pacing yourself. Apart of that is making sure to keep your physical and mental energy. Skipping out on your breaks is a guaranteed way to cause burnout.
Some people think that recharge time is a waste of time, but that's not true. Taking small breaks here and there can help you to be more productive. Taking breaks allows you to miss what you love doing most. Without breaks, any job can be overwhelming and make someone want to give up.

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6) You're Always Learning and Improving

Reading books in different genres allows you to learn from various authors and improve your skills in writing. You can also go as far as to sign up for courses. The more effort you put into learning, the more your writing will improve.


7) Always Be Prepared and Plan Ahead

Successful writers always plan and are prepared. Even if you aren't good at planning, you should always try. It will help you in the long run. Having a strict schedule will help to prevent projects from building up. Being prepared ahead of time and knowing what you need to get done will keep you on track to achieve your writing goals.


8) Saying No More Often

Like I've mentioned previously, you should treat writing like a job. If you wouldn't take off of work to go to a party, then you shouldn't abandon writing to have a cocktail with friends. It's okay to take breaks and have a life outside of writing. However, having frequent vacations can cause you to become uninterested and most likely fail.


9) Reinvest In Your Author Business

A lot of the money you make from your writing will more than likely be invested in your business. That is completely normal for new writers. It takes time to gain enough momentum to make it as an author. Successful authors reinvest themselves and their businesses to grow their companies.


10) Have Thick Skin

This habit is similar to the "accept all feedback" habit. There's a reason why successful writers have thick skin. The more work you put out there, the more rejections you'll experience. Having thicker skin will help to keep you pushing forward.
Rejections aren't the only thing that you will have to face. The bigger your business grows, the more haters you will have. That can be bad reviews or mean comments. If you let this break you down, then it's going to stop you from querying altogether. That's why you mustn't let this affect your work.


You Can Be Successful!

All of these habits apply to new and old writers. Whether you've been writing for years and failing or you just started yesterday, these habits are guaranteed to help you be a successful writer.

© 2021 Amarieana Hicks

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