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10 Beautiful English Words



Imagine as though it has just rained in an area with extremely dry ground. It is not long before it begins to rain in the area. A light, non-disturbing rain. A scent begins to form in the air. This scent somewhat provides a peaceful atmosphere. The earthy smell emanates from the rain as it continues to fall from the sky. That scent is petrichor. Petrichor is the scent which originates from rain on dry ground.




One is lying in their bed, having just woken up. However, they are not completely awake. They are in between their sleeping state, and their awake state. This state of being is a short period of peaceful time before one has to awaken and start their day. This state, in between being asleep and awake- is known as Dormiveglia.


Imagine a hard-working artist. They work day and night, dedicating themselves to their craft. Each artist has a difference in their craft, because each artist is different in their own way. This is a result of meraki... in other words, putting a portion of oneself into their creations.


Imagine when one's eyes are closed during sleep, or just before. Perfect darkness. Pitch black. Dark light, or brain gray are other words for this. Eigengrau, or, sometimes- eigenlicht- is the word for the darkness when one's eyes are closed, or in a pitch-black room.


Imagine a library, or bookstore of well-used, well-appreciated literature. A book is picked up and opened. As the pages turn, a pleasant scent of aged paper emits from the literature. This is known as vellichor.


Self-control, being sound of mind, virtuous, reasonable, and moderate are all qualities of the concept of Sophrosyne. The concept brings about thoughts of being at peace with oneself to the point where the head is clear. Decisions can be more easily made, and actions can be more easily taken.




Warmth radiates from the orange and yellow blaze dancing atop a pile of wooden logs. What one feels when experiencing this warmth is known as peiskos.


There is something satisfying about the repetition of the hissing "s" sound in the English language. That is exactly what Sibilance is. Even the word sibilance has sibilance.


When one lacks the ability to explain emotion, or feel emotion is known as alexithymia. Whilst the meaning is a bit on the lower end of things, the word itself has a beautiful ring to it.


Eudaemonia has the definition of being in good spirits- happy, and doing well in one's journey of life. It is the state of positivity and enjoyment.

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