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My Lovely Father

By profession, I am a teacher. This article shows my love for my father, who makes me a strong woman

A ray of love

A ray of love

Why do we get inspiration from our parents?

Do you know the role of father is very important in daughter's life?

O my lovely father , I miss u every moment of my life,

No one knows that which circumstances I go through,

Your passionate love, your way of guidance always with me,

Whenever I feel loneliness or something wrong,

Your strong image come in my mind,

The way in which you fight for life,

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Never give up, stray strong,

Face every hurdle of life,

Make me strong just like you ,

My success is hidden in your struggle,

Your smile provides me energy,

Your mindful gestures, your keen observation,

Creates a way to my struggle for life.

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