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~ Mr. Pillar (Mon.29th April, 2013) ~


~ Mr Pillar ~

V1/ Beneath green leaves near shadowed trellis,

They spied sad caterpillar, munching lettuce.

His purple face and orange eyes,

Did swallow a morsel, to their surprise;

" Why do you kids intrude my feast!",

Cried a grumpy, multi-coloured beast.

" We're searching grounds for buried treasure,

So sorry to disturb your eating pleasure."

The children strolled upon their way,

To seek out sparkling things that day.

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V2/ Next week, they chanced upon the place,

Where Mr.Pillar growled his face.

This little creature did not feature,

They wondered where he'd gone;

For all they saw on the mossy floor,

Was the absence of this hairy one.

In his place, before their face,

Sat a crumpled, oval sag;

Which held translucent, strange new things,

Lying dormant within this sleeping bag.

V3/ Was he real or just pretend,

Their hungry, stroppy, chatting friend?

Bewildered youth, stood still bemused;

And wondering why they'd been refused,

A scintillating conversation,

With a vocal creature of fascination.

V4/ Months flew by,

They returned with eyes,

To see that place,

Of last goodbyes.

Looming close,

Through pollened air,

Yay! heartily greeted,

By a brand new stare.

V5/ Sprightly, agile; fresh and bold;

A magical twinkle trimmed in gold.

Sil'er antennae and ruby wings;

Sapphired studs on velvet things.

" I was so unhappy living under a tree;

A miserable life wouldn't you agree? "

" No more a pellet of deathly cold,

Now beautiful, bright new wings unfold! "

V6/ Astonished at their jovial, flying friend,

They gasped,

"What happened,how did you mend? "

" Was alive, and died, then rose again,

To smile and love and free;

So leave your worries and cares behind,

Hurry now, and follow me! "



Cat from New York on April 30, 2013:

Okay, you've definitely earned your Romeo title! :-)

Thank you for making my evening!


Romeos Quill (author) from Lincolnshire, England on April 30, 2013:

Really? Maybe they are invisible wings that only I,and a few others can see,then. But I suspect that you have them surreptitiously tucked away under your coat,somewhere,to those who aren't ready for your splendour.

Cat from New York on April 30, 2013:

I'm still waiting for my wings! ;-)

Romeos Quill (author) from Lincolnshire, England on April 30, 2013:


Hey;thanks again,doll.You've hit the nail right on the head!For the ever-changing child,with hopes and aspirations,and for the child in every adult.

Cat from New York on April 29, 2013:

Romeos Quill,

This is adorable. It has a cute ring to it that would be just right for a kid's storytime, but yet has something of a deeper meaning about personal growth that an adult can enjoy!

Voted up and awesome!


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