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Valentine's Day Window Paintings

I have gleefully painted windows for a couple of decades. Learn about my technique and decorate your windows this holiday season!

Paintings for Valentine's Day 1989. Image enhanced to improve viewing quality.

Paintings for Valentine's Day 1989. Image enhanced to improve viewing quality.

Window Paintings For Valentine's Day?

Are you the type of person who goes all out for Valentine's Day? A personalized window painting would be a great addition to your Valentine's Day festivities! Paint a cute design with a greeting tailor made for your sweetie.

Holiday window paintings aren't just for Christmas. Window paintings can be applied to any occasion. Valentine's Day has many cute images to use for window painting designs.

Included in this lens are templates for the teddy bear basic design and a template for a painted, woven basket to help you get started. The basket weave is also described for your use. Although the basket is decorated for Valentine's Day here it may also be used as a nifty Easter Basket design and filled with chicks, eggs, and spring flowers. Print the the templates for use as a guide for designing your teddy bear and basket ideas!

These unique art paintings are just large greeting cards. What better way to express your feelings on Valentine's Day than a personalized hand painted or drawn greeting? You can use these tips to do a Valentine's Day card on paper, too.

Before Painting Any Window

Make sure you have permission to paint so you don't get accused of being a stalker...

Oh, and wash the windows first!

Have Fun :)

Valentine's Day Window Painting - Teddy Bears & Gift Baskets

Full Design Valentine's Day 1989 - Image - M Burgess

Full Design Valentine's Day 1989 - Image - M Burgess

This is such an old picture but I wanted you to see the whole design!

To learn how to paint images like these see the lens, So, you want to paint holiday windows? right here on Squidoo!

This Valentine's Day window painting theme was painted on a pizza parlor window back in 1989. The combined images of bears and baskets with flowers and hearts were really fun to do. I started with the basket shapes and then filled them in using brown paint. The stuttered basket weave texture is just a paint stroke with an alternating pattern. These are very fun to do.

The bears and the baskets both started with a series of circles.

Teddy Bear Template - For Painting On Windows

teddy bear pattern for Valentine's Day Window Painting - Image: M Burgess

teddy bear pattern for Valentine's Day Window Painting - Image: M Burgess

This teddy bear circle template will give you an idea of how to lay out a bear shape for painting on a window. Large circles are the main part of the body and head. The arms and legs are just smaller circles and you may decorate the interior and the face any way you like. If you are ok with doing a face on your own, just add a smile under the small circle on the face. On the top middle paint a small oval and fill it in for the nose. Use two large black circles to do the eyes or just do eye lashes with the eyes closed. The paws can be done with additional circles. Fill in the lighter colors first when you paint your bear in. This pattern may be used for teddy or panda bear designs.

To change the position of the bear simply move the circles around and draw lines between the circles where you want the arms and legs. The teddy bears below will give you an idea of how to position your bears.

Plush Teddy Bears - On Amazon

Teddy Bears make great gifts whether painted or in stuffed, plush little companions. The cute bears below would make great paintings, but alas the paintings on windows are temporary.

*Sigh - Sniff - Frown*

Add one of these adorable Teddy Bears to your painted greeting card and your sweetheart will have a keepsake to remember the window greeting!

Panda Bear & Doves Valentine's Day Window

Shunk - Panda - Doves - Valentine's Day Window Design ~ Image: M Burgess

Shunk - Panda - Doves - Valentine's Day Window Design ~ Image: M Burgess

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Panda Bears

For Valentine's Day Gifts

Teddy bears aren't the only cute, cuddly bears for painting or gifting on Valentine's Day.

Panda bears make wonderful gifts and images, too!

These sassy little black and white bears are adorable!

Use the template for the bear to do this sweet panda by extending the circles where the paws are away from the body a bit. By raising the hand paws to above the bears head, you have the balloon paw. Adding details as you see fit for your panda design. Details only have to be basic on a window painted character. It is basically a cartoon image and a simple color fill. The panda bears below show some good ideas on what details you might want to use.

Panda Bear Plush Toys - On Amazon

These rascally Panda Bears are fun toys and great cuddly gifts. If you have a special someone that is fond of animals this is sure to be wonderfully received. I love the stark black and white color of a Panda's fur coat. These fuzzy creatures will definitely melt your gift recipient's heart!

Painted Basket Diagram Template - For Valentine's Or Easter Holiday

basket template for painting holiday windows valentines - Image M Burgess

basket template for painting holiday windows valentines - Image M Burgess

A basket painting starts out with two oval shaped circles and a few lines. In alternating paint strokes across vertical lines the basket weave is created. This basket is a great decoration image for Valentine's day and Easter, too. Adjust the height of the basket by making the bed of the basket longer. This template is a basic guide. I left in the complete outline of the two circles so you could see how to apply them when you draw them out. Stripe the sides of the basket joined at the bottom and alternate the weave horizontally throughout the body of the basket.

The basket painted above features flowers and heart decorations. For use as an Easter Basket, drop a few eggs in painted and decorated in pastel colors. Fit a few tulips in and maybe a bunny or a couple of cutie duckies or chicks. Don't forget the green grass!

Fill it in with your imaginative choices!

basket weave texture design - Image M Burgess

basket weave texture design - Image M Burgess

Basket Weave Pattern

For Completing The Basket Painted Look

The painted basket is woven just like a real basket would be. Using the vertical lines drawn from the basket bed alternate paint strokes over and under the lines. As you fill in the basket your field will grow smaller. Add small strokes on the sides of the basket to continue the design until you have filled it in completely. A simple dash on the edges where the lines run out is ok. It will give it a finished look.