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Give This Book This Season:

Giving a book

Giving a book

Looking for the perfect gift to give this season? Look no further.

Are you tired of giving the same old stale gifts every Christmas. Would you like to find the perfect gift, even for the person who has everything? You've come to the right place. I will show on this page why my award-winning Biblical novel, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" would make the perfect Christmas gift. This is true especially if the intended recipients are avid readers, but even if they are not, as it could be an encouragement to read more.

There are several reasons, apart from the fact that I wrote it, why my Biblical Novel, "Of Such Is The Kingdom" would be the very best Christmas gift you could possibly give to those readers on your list. Don't have a list? Perhaps it's time to make one. What about your grandmother or even your mother, or a sibling who likes to read--especially if they like to read historical fiction or Biblical fiction, but even more especially if they are someone you have been trying to reach with the message of the gospel.

And, for Last Minute giving, there are expedited shipping options available, or, you can always give the E-Book version (See "OR give the eBook...." below).

Of course, I'm also making this page to promote this Biblical Novel and increase holiday sales. But that does not negate in any way what I have said at the start of this post, or what I say further on on this page.

For why you should give books in general, check out this hub:

  • The "gift-of-Reading" gift guide
    Yes, why not give the gift of reading? Yes, give them a good book to read. They may not get as excited about it at first, but they'll thank you in the future.

If you give only one book, let it be my award-winning Biblical Novel:


For synopses and professional reviews of this novel, go here:

Some reasons why this Biblical novel would make the perfect gift for Christmas day or the 12 days thereafter including 3Kings' Day (January 6th).:

  1. It has been newly revised, expanded, edited and re-published, now with a total of 324 pages in the 3 and it has graphicly designed chapter headings with quotes at the beginning of each chapter -- thus they should see it as an epic novel, worthy of being read.
  2. It has everything: Intrigue, suspense, mystery, romance, and family living.
  3. It is easy to read and written in a unique eclectic style, combining poetry, straight dialogue, and 1st person stream-of-consciousness narration with the 3rd person narrative.
  4. It contains NO extra-Biblical miracles but uses fiction to point to truth.
  5. It contains an interesting historical anachronism: The attribution of non-conformity to two of the characters, making for intriguing reading.
  6. It points to the crucifixion of Jesus as the focal point and most significant event.
  7. A very important reason--The conversion of some of the main characters may serve to prompt the same in any unconverted readers.

#8: The main reason Why you should give this Biblical Novel this Season:

All of the above-listed reasons are powerful reasons why you should give my Biblical novel as a gift, especially to your loved ones you may be trying to reach, but there is one main reason why you should give my Biblical Novel this Christmas season in particular. Although it may make a great present for Birthdays as well, or even Easter if they are a fast reader, there is one main reason you should give my Biblical novel this Christmas day or during the 12 days of Christmas or even for 3Kings day (January 6th).. The main reason you should is that Chapter 3, one of the longest chapters in the novel, is a flashback to the coming of the Magi and the slaughter of the innocents following the birth of Christ, as told by Manaheem. Thus, it makes a great after-Christmas, pre-3Kings day read or is even a good read after 3Kings' Day. . If given by Christmas or shortly thereafter, they have family and friends over for the holidays, they may leave it under the tree till after New Years, but then, they're bound to pick it up and start reading, even if just for curiosity, and they're sure to finish Chapter 3 by the next Holiday of the season, 3 Kings Day (January 6th.) Do you see how appropriate that would be? Then, if they are a fairly slow reader, they may finish Part II, which ends with the crucifixion, by Good Friday (again quite appropriate). Of course, it's possible they may finish Part II a little before Good Friday, but if so they'll appreciate that holiday more. I seriously doubt that they will finish Part II after Good Friday.

For more on this, watch this book trailer:

Here's a link to part of Manaheem's story of the slaughthtor from chapter 3, with "Buy" links to all e-venues.

Check your understanding--take my little 4 question quiz:

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The main reason to give this Biblical Novel this Christmas is ___
    • The cover art is really beautiful
    • It has something for everyone
    • Chapter 3 deals with the coming of the Magi and the slaughtor of the innocents
    • It covers the crucifixion and resurrection
  2. True or False: The writing style of this novel is staight 3rd person narration.
    • True
    • False
  3. True or False: My Biblical novel contains accounts of extra-Biblical miracles
    • True
    • False
  4. The focal point and most significant event that the novel points to is ____
    • The slaughtor of the innocents
    • The birth of Christ
    • The insurrection against Pilate
    • The crucifixion

Answer Key

  1. It covers the crucifixion and resurrection
  2. False
  3. False
  4. The crucifixion

So, do consider getting my Biblical novel for all the readers on your list .

Why not beat the rush and order your gift copies now to be sure they. arrive in time for Christmas by clicking "buy now" in the link below.

OR give the ebook: Kindle, nook ibooks, et. al.

For Kindle, click the "Buy" link in the above excerpt,("More if Manaheem's Story') and then, "Give as a Gift" to the right: For other e-venues click the "Buy" link in the above excerpts and look for gifting links.

New Guestbook Comments

Fay Favored from USA on December 11, 2013:

This is the first I've learned of your book. I hope it is doing well, the reviews seem to think highly of it. Happy for you. Merry Christmas.

NoProblemmo on November 04, 2013:

Looks like an interesting reading. Thanks for suggestion.

BrownEyedGirl69 on October 17, 2013:

Sounds like a great book. May have to get it for myself for Christmas.

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