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Why Birthdays Are Overrated


Birthdays are OVERRATED

Yes, I wouldn't believe I ought to elucidate how such a birthdays makes everyone thrilled. Everybody understands already. Allow me immediately go to why I believe the notion of marking birthday is overrated.

This is not about you.

Generally, birthdays are recognition about you being welcomed into this world. It is all about you. Should that be about you, albeit? You hardly did nothing. Your real mother performed all the hard lifting (with or without the aid of physicians) (with or without the help of doctors). It is her that had to go through 9+ months of battle and mood swings and appetites and also what not, concluding in a spectacular event when you are either pushed out by her or taken out by the physicians by caesarean. And your father was there for mom and with her right from the beginning — giving services and assistance to the two of you. So, why is day regarding you? If anything, it must be about owing appreciation to the compromises your parents did.

This society’s concept of ‘Time’

How is it that the celebrating should last for 24- hours — birthday? Why wouldn't we commemorate birth-hour / birth-week? How it is necessary people respond favorably to the conclusion of a year? Why don’t we commemorate the occasion of our births once every two years and once every decades and once every monthly or once week after week? Why not once a day? Why don't all day, each and every day?

Time, in this perspective, is social concept. Society has ascribed value to a year therefore we celebrate birthdays each year. One day, if humanity chooses to make two revolutions of earth round that sun being the norm, then you'd be enjoying your birthdays every 2 years instead of just one. So when you enjoy your birthdays each year, it is just complying with society’s notion of time and possessing by its norms. I am not sure whether there is anything remarkable about it.

It’s society’s interpretation of ‘Birth’

When you are conceived, you already are 9 months old. Your true time of genesis is 9 months earlier your birthdates. Your heart continued to beat since you are a 7 weeks old fetus. Your brain began forming since you are 3 weeks old. Yet, we calculate our existence on this world (age) mostly from the moment our amniotic sacs are severed. Why? Because, we as a society have chosen to define birthdays to be the day when you began life as a physically distinct individual.

Its evolution

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You may say ‘huh, it was around my birth that I first began respiration so that has some importance, right? Not really. You breathing your first inhalation as a free being is a product of evolution. You are difficult to do it. You did not intentionally do it, you simply did it. It is merely a biochemical phenomenon.

It’s a tool

I’m not calling for removing the notion of birthdays. I am only trying to see things there what they are. It is an incredibly valuable tool that allows you take breaks from the daily routine and spending time with friends and family and family. It provides you a pretext to engage in a cheat lunch and then go on a purchase binge. It provides people a cause to give you a surprise and offer you a present. It helps us retain our social interactions. Unequivocally, the notion of birthday does have its place in contemporary culture.

Celebrate your births rather than your birthdays

On your birthdays, you celebrate, you buy, you receive presents and greetings from people that you love etc. You are glad with your life on this earth. But why? Why are you thrilled about it on only that single day and ignore the value of your life till your next birthday? Because it is simple. What is challenging is enjoying your time here and on earth daily. Appreciating your life ought to be a daily commitment, not an annual event. That way you would've been commemorating your births itself instead of commemorating your birthday. (You may celebrate both too.)

How the do you do this every day? Well, it is very straightforward - take excellent care of yourselves; if you truly wanted to value your life on this world, you will be doing it already.

And here's a refresher on personality (which you already know):

  • obtain eight hours of sleep
  • eat healthy
  • participate in a physical exercise
  • build and sustain healthy social ties (research) (study)
  • start taking care of your mental health
  • hydrate

However, simplicity does not imply it is easy. It is incredibly hard to perform things on a regular basis. It demands constancy & perseverance. Yet did you really believe that understanding the presence of a sentient, sophisticated and vibrant entity on our globe was going to be so easy?

You gain additional points if you strive to enrich the life of others around society’s advancement. This manner, others will enjoy your time on this planet also.

If you do gain results, consider that luck plays a large part and given your great luck, you should do all you can to enhance the fortune of others

On a concluding note, please don’t use the points outlined above to misunderstand my views and undermine someone’s joy about birthday. If they prefer cake and presents, buy then those. It’s their own bday

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