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Who Is Your Hero? Christian Bible Posters

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Who do you admire or consider a hero?

An athlete, a political leader, an actor or actress, a singer, a scientist, a teacher or family member?

In your eyes, what qualifies someone to be a hero?

Webster’s dictionary defines “hero” as “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.”

For me, a hero is someone I look up to and want to pattern my life after. I believe a true hero possesses high moral and spiritual character. This is why, when I discovered Steve Nethercott’s “Who Is Your Hero?” artwork, featuring real-life heroes from the Bible, I was inspired to research where I could purchase copies and ordered a set.

Nethercott’s digitally created art, depicts “Bible Heroes” Joseph (as a young man in his coat of many colors), Peter Walks on Water, Ruth’s Loyalty, Paul Overcomes Prison, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath, Esther Queen of Persia, Hannah’s Promise, Jonah is Forgiven, Joshua at Jericho, Moses Parts the Sea, and Mary Mother of Jesus.

The artwork comes in three sizes: 24”x36” (movie poster size); 11”x17” (on a thicker stock of paper); and 3”x4.5” (playing card size). Each comes passages from the Bible about the depicted scene printed on the bottom.

I have the complete set in all three sizes. I love them!

Decorate a Classroom

This is my fifth year teaching an early morning scripture study class to high schools students, which meets every school day morning. In our previous room, I had a selection of the poster size “Heroes” framed and hanging on the wall. As we moved through the Old Testament and then New Testament, I rotated some of them in and out depending on who we were studying.

This year, we have a larger room with more wall space so I have the complete set, in the 11”x17” size framed and on the walls. My students have thoroughly enjoyed having them. It further assists them in seeing these people we study as real-people and real-heroes in their lives. I also have some of the poster size into my home office.

I feel inspired when I see Esther and think of her faith and courage, risking her life, to save her people. Paul and Jonah remind me that we all face trials in life but that faith and trust in God will bring us through them. Mary, the mother of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is always a shining light to me. I cannot fathom her courage and faith but I can try to follow her example.

Who's Your Hero?

These are My Heroes!

I love reading their stories and the posters remind me they are real people who lived real mortal lives with trials, temptations, choices and accountability. These are my heroes! These are the type of people I want to try to pattern my life after.

Surround your family with Real Heroes from the Bible

Who Do You Admire?

At the beginning of this Lens I asked: Who do you admire and consider a hero? In your eyes, what qualifies someone to be a hero? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by--I appreciate it!


TanjaCrouch (author) on September 12, 2014:

Thank you for stopping by. I'm sorry I didn't see your comment earlier to reply. I hope you found one you like!

ideadesigns on January 16, 2014:

I am so glad I stopped by. The poster caught my eye and I thought is it really christian? I like the Moses one with his arms up the best so far, but will study the others and see if I find another fave. Thanks for sharing these because there are many bible heroes worthy to study and remember.

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