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Where to Get a Nice List Certificate from Santa Claus

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5 Sites with Printable Santa's Nice List Certificates

Who's on Santa's Nice List on this year? If your kids have been on their best behavior and you want to reward them, why not surprise them with a Nice List certificate from Santa Claus? The sites listed on this page offer printable certificates that can be personalized online and printed at home in just a few minutes. This a much cheaper alternative to the pricey certificates that are offered by sites selling Santa letters. And you don't need to be a computer genius or wordsmith to create these letters and certificates. All you need to do is answer a few questions, preview your work and checkout. It's a fun way to let your kids know they're on Santa's Nice List!

(Image of photo-personalized Santa Nice List certificate courtesy of Letters to Kids from

Printable Nice List Certificates You Can Make Yourself in Minutes - Personalize online and then print at home

The sites below all offer printable Nice List Certificates. Unless otherwise stated, they all charge a small fee for the service and deliver your certificate via an email link that opens a .pdf file which you can then save and print at home. It only take a few minutes. So even if you wait until Christmas morning, you won't miss the opportunity to present your child with a personalized Santa's Nice List Certificate.


    At Printable Santa, you can choose from three different letter packages that you can purchase and print at home in minutes. Only the last one includes the Nice List certificate, however. The first package includes a letter and envelope. The second package includes a letter from Santa, an autographed Santa photo and a letter from Rudolph. The third package includes all of the above, plus a personalized Nice List certificate and another envelope design for a 9x12 envelope (in case you don't want to fold the letter and other items in a standard business envelope).

    The site offers eight different letter options, including a Christian-themed letter, one for kids with new siblings, a baby's first Christmas letters, and several others. You have an option of printing your letter on any of six different background designs.


    The free letters on this site don't include the Nice List certificate. If you want the certificates (which match the letters), you'll need to upgrade to the premium option, which comes with a high-resolution letter from Santa, envelope design and Nice List certificate.

    Free Santa offers three different letter choices and three background designs. The Nice List certificates match the letter designs, but there's only one envelope that is the same for all of the letters.


    Unlike the other letters on this page which can only be used once for an individual child, the Microsoft Word templates at Santa Letter Templates can be used again and again. So whether you have several children and want to use the template for all of them, or whether you only have one child and want to have the same format to use for several years, these templates can do the job.

    They offer two printable Nice List certificate templates that can be purchased individually, paired with a letter, or included in a package of all the letters and certificates. Each Santa letter templates comes with two envelope designs and two alternate letters, so you can vary the letter for multiple children or over the years.


    At Free Santa Letters Online, you can choose some fairly basic free printable letters from Santa Claus, or you can go with the upgraded letters that come with a Nice List. There are eight different background designs for the letters, and each one comes with a matching envelope and Nice List Certificate, such as the set shown here.

    You also have your choice of 12 different letters from Santa, including special letters for kids having a tough year, who have a new sibling in the family, who need to work on some behavior issues, who are just entering school, and many others. You can also ignore the 12 variations and write your own Santa letter from scratch.


    If you want a really unique Nice List certificate, Letters to Kids from offers photo-personalized certificates. The site only offers a choice of two background designs and two letters, but you can also choose to ignore the pre-written letters and write your own text, creating an entirely personalized letter.

    The photo upload feature doesn't have the option to crop and move your photo, so be sure to do any editing before you upload. School portraits work great, and you will have the option to preview your Nice List certificate before you make your purchase.

Nice List Ornaments

Personalize with your child's name and the current year

These ornaments are available from Zazzle and can easily be customized with your child's name and the year. Kids will be thrilled to get one of these special ornaments from Santa Claus! Visit the Santa Nice List Shop on Zazzle to pick your favorite design, including the two shown here and personalize it.

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