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All the Different Colors of Roses and Their Meanings

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Marie enjoys growing flowers and vegetables in her small backyard. She has many favorite rose bushes which provide color all summer long.

What do all the different colors of roses mean?

What do all the different colors of roses mean?

All the Rose Color Meanings and Symbolism Explained

Lots of people wonder what do the different colors of roses mean and symbolize. The meaning of each flower color can really determine and influence what is appropriate to gift for a particular occasion such as Valentine's day.

Learning the language of flowers is not new and stretches back through history. Flowers, and these ones especially, are a wonderful way to express how you feel when words are not really enough or adequate for what you feel.

Perhaps you are in love with someone but you are unsure of what their feelings back may be. Instead of a potential embarrassment, you can present them with a red rose instead. Of course, rose flowers are not all about love and they actually have a language of their own that applies to many different situations in life.

Quick Glance at Different Colors of Roses and Their Meanings

Color of RoseQuick MeaningsOccasion Suitable For


Giving thanks and joy

Thank you gift

Dark Pink

Express thanks and appreciation

Thanks and gratitude for something

Light Pink

Congratulations and celebrations

New baby congratulations, for a happy occasion


Love, passion, romance

Valentine's day and romance

Dark Red

Long term love

Romantic gift for a long term partner


Love at first sight, meaningful love

For a very new and special love


A difficult or hard to get love

To make a very bold statement and impression


Newness, growth, fertility

New Home, new job, good health, retirement and new phase of a life


Friendship, platonic feelings

Give this color to friends


Fascination and strong emotions

For someone you have strong feelings for


Peace, happiness and long lasting love, pure feelings, sympathy

Many religious occasions such as weddings, communions, christenings, loss of a loved one


Death, depression, sorrow, black thoughts

Divorce, death, loss and bleak occasions. Halloween

What do pink roses mean?

What do pink roses mean?

The Meaning of both Light and Dark Pink Shades

There are so very many shades of the pink rose. Petal shades include vivid cerise pink, fuchsia, magenta (a purple hued pink) and then much paler pinks including blush, rose and salmon shades.

What you really need to know is that there is a different meaning applied to the lighter color pink variations to the dark ones. In general though, pink is for giving thanks and joy and these flowers are most appropriate as a thank you bouquet.

Symbolism of Dark Pink

Dark pink roses are most often used to express your thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation. For example, if someone does something very nice or special for you then it would be right to send them a bouquet of roses in a dark pink shade.

Symbolism of Light Pink

Light pink shades are better for passing on your sincere congratulations. Pale hues are also good for any type of celebration, occasion or a happy get together with a friend. If you are having guests to stay or come for dinner, they are ideal to use in a vase as room décor as a way to express your happiness at their arrival.

Light pink roses are often used for new baby arrivals and especially for new baby girls.

What do red roses symbolize?

What do red roses symbolize?

What do Red Roses Symbolize?

This is a shade that you so often see in bouquets of flowers, red. It's the most common flower color which is gifted. Although it is common, it is often presented with little thought to what the shade symbolizes.

People tend to buy and use red roses for almost any occasion. However, there are times when it really and truly might not be appropriate at all. It is really important to learn what the colors of roses signify before you give them out as a gift.

Symbolism of Red

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The most common meaning for a red rose is one of love, passion and romance. So if you want to show a desire or longing to win, or keep, someone's heart, then red roses are just the thing. It is also used to encourage the recipient and show that you really care for them.

Symbolism of Dark Red

Darker and deep hued varieties like maroon and burgundy really indicate and express the very deepest love, a love that has endured over much time. They also symbolize deep beauty too. Dark red is absolutely ideal for a longer term relationship or partnership of love that is long established such as a marriage.

Special Numbers of Red Roses

Just to confuse matters further, the number of these flowers that you give, or receive, is also very significant. Numbers of flowers have a meaning too.

Present a single red rose if you felt that you experienced love at first sight or if it is your very first wedding anniversary. If you feel mean giving just one flower then present it in the middle of a whole bouquet full of other flower varieties or as a lone stem in a luxury gift box.

9 is a together forever number so it is a number of serious commitment and perfect for if you want to get engaged.

12 or a dozen red roses is a way of saying that you want the other person to 'be mine' and is ideal when you want or aspire to be in a relationship with someone.

36 is a number that might seem rather over the top and extravagant but this special 3 dozen flowers signifies that you're head over heels in love!

What do purple rose flowers signify?

What do purple rose flowers signify?

Purple encompasses lilacs, lavenders and dark royal colors

Purple is a nice shade to give or receive for a loving and romantic attachment. Being given these is a pretty good sign since purple or lavender shades often are taken to mean love at first sight. It's entirely romantic and sentimental too.

As well as expressing love at first sight, to give or receive this color also has the meaning of wanting a relationship to blossom and grow. You want a relationship to move on and go further. You're looking for a much more meaningful love.

Another similar meaning is one of enchantment and this goes along with the love at first sight meaning. You feel like you have been entranced and therefore these very much convey a very magical, special and romantic love. These are ideal for a new and very meaningful love.

What do blue rose flowers represent?

What do blue rose flowers represent?

What do Blue Rose Flowers Represent?

Have you ever heard of a blue rose or even been lucky enough to have seen one? This is not a natural shade for this flower at all. These flowers have to be genetically engineered to create this color or they are dyed blue instead. You might find them very hard to get hold of in order to give them to someone.

And that leads us on the meaning because they actually are symbolic of rarity as well as mystery. They are the perfect offering to someone who you perceive as being virtually impossible to get, someone out of your league perhaps.

It's a bit of a show-off color and makes a bit of a statement about yourself if you use these as décor in your home. It really does not have the most romantic or nicest of meanings. It's a flower for a very big ego and for someone looking to make an impact.

What do green roses symbolize?

What do green roses symbolize?

What do Green Roses Symbolize?

This color is very unusual so I wonder if you have any idea of what it stands for. You'd think that this shade is artificial but they can appear naturally although they're pretty rare.

Green is a color of growth and life so it symbolizes nature and also fertility. As well as that, this color represents tranquility and relaxation. It's a highly positive shade overall and significant of all natural and good things.

Since green roses will be hard to come by whether natural or artificially dyed, they are best used for quite a special occasion where the rareness will be all the more appreciated.

Since they represent newness and growth, they are perfect to gift for new jobs, new homes, new starts, marriage, emigrating abroad, start of retirement and a different phase of life even.

Green is also a shade associated with good health so it's also ideal to give green roses to someone who has suffered with a bad illness to wish them well and good health in the future.

What is the meaning of yellow roses?

What is the meaning of yellow roses?

What is the Meaning of Yellow Roses?

This is the color of friendship. It is a wonderful flower to symbolize a warmth between you and the recipient but a platonic warmth and nothing more than that.

Yellow roses are ideal for someone you care about but do not love in a romantic sense. This color exudes happiness and all positive emotions and feelings. It can symbolize a joyous friendship, one in which you really delight.

Be very careful, however, about presenting any yellow roses tinged with red tips on the petals because this means that friendship is escalating into something more such as love. This is why this particular and unique shading is referred to as a transition rose since one feeling is changing into another. Yellow petals with red tips are perfect if you have fallen in love with a friend otherwise you might be giving out the wrong signal to someone.

What do orange roses represent?

What do orange roses represent?

What do Orange Roses Represent?

Orange roses are a favorite shade that I enjoy looking at. They are a beautiful and warm sunshine color. But what does this orange hue really mean because it is one that is less common than the typical red, whites, pinks and yellow flowers that you get. So if you don't already know what it stands for, that is a reason why.

Orange roses can also be given to show fascination or curiosity. These could be given to a person you are really fascinated by. It could signal a bit of an obsession.

It is a color that expresses quite fiery emotions such as passion, enthusiasm, lust and desire. Orange is a shade which has quite strong emotions attached which is why they are ideal to gift to someone you are head over heels in love with or someone you really desire very strongly. Take care when offering this choice of shade because of the definite meanings attached.

What do white roses represent?

What do white roses represent?

What do White Roses Represent?

This is a color that symbolizes peace and tranquility. White rose flowers are often used for bridal bouquets and at weddings because as well as peace, they are symbolic of a happy love and a long lasting love too.

White should be a number one choice for an appropriate wedding flower where a couple in love are declaring their pure and unadulterated feelings for one another.

Of course this pure and virginal shade also conveys innocence and purity. Because of this, you can see them used in churches and not just for weddings. They're both angelic and spiritual and perfect for religious events and celebrations such as communions and christenings as well as wedding vows.

White is normally associated with happy occasions but they can also be used to express sympathy too because of the peace meaning and the fact that you are wishing someone peace during a time of sorrow.

What does a black rose stand for?

What does a black rose stand for?

What does a Black Rose Stand for?

Black roses are a type of rose that you have to be extremely careful in giving. They probably have the most potential to cause a misunderstanding if given to the wrong person.

This color is symbolic of death and depression as well as with loss of all hope. It is associated with both sadness and melancholy.

If you gift this color of rose to someone, you are expressing black thoughts such as wanting life to leave the recipient or from yourself because you are unhappy and have given up. It's the shade of sorrow and can also stand for someone who is leaving your life. It is a farewell flower, you might say.

You wouldn't normally choose to gift a black rose to anyone. Perhaps they are best suited as a design statement in a modern home. As a bouquet, they are less desirable. Perfect for divorce celebrations and for all truly bleak occasions with no hope attached. They are a great choice for Halloween.

Test Your Knowledge of the Color of Roses!

Ready for a Quiz? Coming Up Next! Now you can put what you've learned and discovered about rose flower colors to the test with a quick quiz!

Discover what all the different colors of rose flowers mean. A knowledge that is ideal for Valentine's Day and other occasions.

Discover what all the different colors of rose flowers mean. A knowledge that is ideal for Valentine's Day and other occasions.

Your Quiz Challenge - Show What You Know!

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. 1: What Color of Roses Symbolize Love and Romance?
    • Yellow
    • White
    • Pink
    • Red
  2. 2: What Color Means Love at First Sight?
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Dark Pink
    • White
  3. 3: To Celebrate a Special Occasion with a Friend what Color Should I Bring?
    • Light Pink
    • Dark Pink
    • Red
    • Yellow
  4. 4: What's the Best Color to Say Thank You?
    • Black
    • Dark Pink
    • Red
    • White
  5. 5: What Color Means a Transition of Friendship to Love?
    • Yellow Tinged with Red
    • Purple Tinged with White
    • Red Tinged with Orange
    • Dark Pink
  6. 6: What Color are the Rarest to Occur in Nature?
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Purple
  7. 7: Green Roses Represent Everything Except ...
    • Life
    • Nature
    • Depression
    • Fertility

Answer Key

  1. Red
  2. Purple
  3. Light Pink
  4. Dark Pink
  5. Yellow Tinged with Red
  6. Green
  7. Depression

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 2 correct answers: #% Means You Need to Try Harder!

If you got between 3 and 4 correct answers: #% You've Done Pretty Well.

If you got 5 correct answers: #% Really Good!

If you got 6 correct answers: #% Awesome Knowledge!

If you got 7 correct answers: #% You're a Top Scorer!

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