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Glee Warblers Costume


Make Your Own Dalton Academy Warbler Costume

The Dalton Academy Warbler uniform makes a great costume for Glee fans wanting to dress up like a Glee character for parties or for Halloween.

The Glee Warblers are a great costume idea for any group wanting to dress the same way, especially if they are a glee club or singing group.

The Warblers joined the Glee Live summer 2011 tour and got their own album. The Glee Warblers continue to be popular on the Glee show on Fox and were a part of Season 4. Hopefully they'll appear in Season 5.

Even though Warbles have had their own Halloween Costumes many Warbler prefer using their imagination and ingenuity to create their own Warbler costume.

On this page you'll discover tips and suggestions so you can make your own Dalton Academy Warbler Costume. Make sure you vote whether girls can dress up in a Warblers Costume and check out the extras like Blaines Pink Sunglasses and a Pavarotti warbler bird in a cage.

With their growing popularity, the Warblers now have their own pre-made official cosplay costume in addition to an easier version, the Glee Dalton Academy Warblers Uniform T-Shirt.

Image from Fox

Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.

What's wrong with that? ♬

Meet the Dalton Academy Warblers

Image from Fox

Image from Fox

Glee Presents the Warblers

Items Needed for a Warbler Costume

The Warbler Costume for your next Glee Party, Cosplay or Halloween can be assembled with some basic accessories like a white button down shirt, grey dress pants and patent leather black shoes.

To this you need to add the Navy Blue Blazer trimmed in red, with the Dalton Academy Patch on the left pocket and for earlier versions of the uniform the Dalton Warbler pin on the left lapel.

True fans may want to add in some of the extra Warbler accessories like Blaine's Pink Sunglasses or Pavarotti, the bird.

  1. Warbler Navy Blazer
  2. Warbler Emblem Patch
  3. Warbler Striped Tie
  4. Warbler White Shirt
  5. Warbler Grey Pants
  6. Warbler Black Shoes
  7. Warbler Pin
  8. Extras

    Blaine's Pink Glasses

    Pavarotti in a Cage

    Glasses to Raise

  9. Bonus

    Glee Warbler Painted Nails

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Glee Warblers with Raise Your Glass

Come on, Raise Your Glass

All my Underdogs!

Image from Warblers Album Art Outtakes

Image from Warblers Album Art Outtakes

Vote on the Warblers Gender

Many Warbler fans are girls, young women and older women, so can they be Warblers too?

This poll is inspired by a question posted by a female Glee Warbler Fan on Yahoo Questions, "Can girls be Glee Warblers for Halloween?"

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I am glad to see that so many people think it is o.k. for girls to be Warblers.

How to Be a Dalton Warbler

Fiftypavements offers views and illustrations on the 5 things needed to be a Dalton Warbler

  • 1. White Button Down Shirt
  • 2. Navy Dalton Academy Blazer with Dalton Patch
  • 3. Navy Dalton Academy Sweater with Dalton Patch
  • 4. Navy and Red Striped Tie
  • 5. Warbler Pin

Glee Warbler Behind the Scenes on YouTube

Listen to Darren Criss discuss the first four tracks on the Glee: The Music presents The Warblers from musicfromgleeVEVO along with ClevverMusic's report of Glee's Warbler album topping the Billboards when it was released.


Glee Warbler Jacket

The Glee Warbler Jacket or Blazer can be made by embellishing a Navy Blazer.

If you are lucky, the blazer you are working with already comes with the right type of buttons, gold ones. If the blazer doesn't have gold buttons you'll need 2 or 3 larger buttons (3/4 inch) for the front and 6 smaller buttons (1/2 to 5/8 inch), three for each sleeve. (Make sure the buttons will fit through the buttons holes if you are replacing them and want to button up the jacket.)

The next thing is embellishing the outer edges of the blazer and the top of the pockets with red seam binding. You can choose your shade of red, the Rancho Red looks to be the best match by my eye and by my computer monitor.

Finally the last thing to add is a Dalton emblem patch. I've included what information I could find about these patches in the next section.

Image from Glee on Fox

Red Seam Binding

Glee Warblers Costume on eBay

The Dalton Academy Jackets are often available on eBay. If they are available again, there will be items you can bid on.


Dalton Academy Warbler T-Shirt

Not a real jacket, but the Glee Dalton Academy Warbler T-shirt that looks like you are wearing a Warbler Jacket, at least at a distance.

The Dalton Academy t-shirt is a screen-print with a replica of the Dalton Academy uniform, so it makes it easy to look like a Warbler at least at a distance or a quick glance. The t-shirt comes with the shirt, tie and patch so you can pull on your shirt and look like a Warbler.

You can find them on eBay and on Fox. I might get one of these for myself.

Image from Fox.

Glee Warbler Uniform Shirt on eBay

Glee fans who don't want to make their own jacket can get one of these Glee Warbler Jacket T-shirts.


Dalton Academy Warblers Patch

The Dalton Academy Warblers Patch may be one of the more challenging items to locate.

Unofficial versions of the Warblers patch have been available on Amazon and on eBay, and those links have been included below when available. It looks like the patches are not available, if not you may need to wait until they are re-listed.

Unofficial patches have been available from someone in the UK, under "Dalton Patches!" but they too appear to be sold out.

I've include links to the sites that have patch information. If you don't want to order a patch, you can see if you can find someone with a sewing machine that will embroider programmed patterns. Some fans have embroidered their own custom Dalton patches.

If that doesn't work, perhaps you can just print out a Dalton "D" in color on paper or on fabric and attach a printed emblem to your Dalton jacket.

Dalton Academy Patch on Amazon

Dalton Academy "D" Emblem


More Info on the Dalton Academy Patch


Dalton Academy Warbler's Tie

The Dalton Academy Warbler's Tie is an easy part of the costume to find.

A red and navy striped tie is all that is needed. Make sure that the stripes from from the high point on the left side (as you view the tie) to the low point on the right side of the tie.

Basic navy and red striped ties are available on Amazon and Dalton Academy Ties are being auctioned off on eBay. The ones on Amazon tend to be less expensive.

Perhaps the hardest part may be trying to figure out how to tie the tie to wear it.

Image from Glee Warblers CD

Dalton Academy Warblers Ties on Amazon

Blaine's Pink Sunglasses

Surprisingly one of the accessories sported by Warbler Blaine Anderson are a pair of pink sunglasses.

The pink color obviously does not go with the rest of the Warbler uniform, but since Darren Criss is wearing them, we may not mind.

These glasses are especially noticeable in the "Silly Love Songs" episode where Blaine is seranading the Gap employee with "When I Get You Alone."

In later Season 3 episodes Blaine is sporting a pair of yellow retro sunglasses.


Pink Retro Wayfarers on Amazon

One of the many pairs of Wayfarer sunglasses found on Amazon.


Warbler's Pin

On their left lapel (right if you are looking at them) the Dalton Academy Warblers wear a Warbler's pin.

I haven't been able to find any Warbler's Pins for sale, so you may have to make you own.

Look for the largest image you can find with the Warbler's pin and print that out.

Attach it to a pin or if you have the means, turn it into a glossy pin.

Pin to your left lapel (as you wear the blazer).

Dalton Academy Warbler Pin

Glasses to Raise

One of my favorite songs that they sing is Pink's "Raise Your Glass." At the Glee live concert they had glasses that they raised during their rendition of this song.

Bring along your own beer glass or wine glass to raise when you dress up as a Warbler. Make sure you know all of the clean words to 'Raise Your Glass.'

Image from Fox

Image from Fox

The Warblers Mascot Pavarotti

Another fun Warbler Costume accessory would be to carry around a replica of the Warbler bird given to Kurt when he joined Dalton Academy.

Kurt is given the bird when he joins as part of an ongoing tradition to give new Warblers an actual warbler (bird). I guess they didn't have real warblers, so they gave out canaries.

You can carry one of the small bird cages shown below, or assemble your own Pavarotti in a cage with an artificial canary and a bird cage.

Pavarotti from Glee.Wikia

Image from Fox

Image from Fox

Warblers Dress Pants

When I first started working on the Warbler costume, for some reason I thought that their pants were khaki color, but after looking at many of the pictures, their pants appear to be a medium to dark gray rather than khaki.

The pants look like basic wool dress pants, without any pleats or cuffs.

While you may not have to iron much of the white shirt (see the next section), the Warbler pants do look to be freshly pressed with nice crisp, sharp crease down the front.

Grab the iron and make sure your pants are pressed so you look dressed to impress, like a Warbler.

Image from Fox

Gray Dress Slacks

Glee Warbler Dress Pants

More choices for the grey pants that the Warblers wear.

Available from Amazon

Available from Amazon

Warbler's Button Down White Shirt

The Warbler's white button down shirt is another item that is pretty easy to find, especially if you, or a friend or someone in your family wears button down shirts to work.

You do see the occasional white cuff, so the shirt should be a long-sleeved white shirt.

If you don't plan on taking off your jacket (we don't get to see the Warblers without their jackets), you just need to make sure that the collar and the front of the shirt are pressed.

The arms and back of the shirt could still be wrinkled and it wouldn't make a difference to the costume.

Make sure the buttons of the collar are buttoned down when you wear the shirt.

White Button Down Shirts

An assortment of White Button Down Shirts for Men. Pick one for your Dalton Academy Warbler look.

Image from Fox

Image from Fox

Basic Black Loafers

The Glee Warbler shoes look to be a basic black men's loafer style.

It is possible that they are black dress shoes, but I can't make out any shoe strings in their shoes, making the case more for shiny black loafers.

In looking at the Warbler shoes, they all appear to be a bit different, indicating that there may be some variation in the different loafers worn.

Grab a basic pair of black loafers (or paint some old loafer slippers black) and you've got your Dalton Warbler's shoes.

Black Loafers

A selection of different styles and brands of black loafers.

Image from Fox

Image from Fox

Show Your Spirit with Warbler Nails

One of the fun things done by fans is creating Warbler Nails with nail polish.

Glee fans Endlessxdaydream and Katsuni1 show you how to paint your nails with the Glee Warbler's Blazer image (similar to the one used on the Warbler CD).

To create her look Endlessxdaydream uses:

  • Base coat
  • White art deco nail polish
  • Dark Blue art deco
  • Red color club art nail polish
  • Fine Tip Nail Polish
  • NYC denim nail polish

For her Warbler look Katsuni1 uses:

  • Base colour - rimmel london 080 black cab
  • White - detailing pen
  • Red - detailing pen
  • Yellow - detailing pen
  • Black - detailing pen

Painting one's nails with the Warbler Jacket Logo is definitely a way of showing Glee and Warbler spirit.

Glee Warbler's Blazer Nail Tutorials

Paint your nails with the Glee Warbler's Blazer. Endlessxdaydream and Katsuni1 show how to create the Warbler Blazer look for nails.

More Glee Lenses

I've made a few Glee lenses over the years.


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