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Vivacious Vampires

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The Queen of Halloween (or at least Princess) friends want me to do their make-up, I even scared Captain America as a Mummy!


Vivacious Vampires

Verullian lips & ivory teeth...

sweet Daggers caress your neck,

blood red wine flows in a stream

a lick,

blood ties bind

followed by a sigh

a delectable Bite

by ©KimMarie Ostrowski

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Like Vampires? Want to know more? I've got quite the amount of intell for you! This I do hope will end up as the Definitive vampire resource!

There's always new information popping up so this lens as well as its predacessors will be ongoing works, I will ALWAYS be adding to them. Right now I am working on some pages that some of the sections here will go on as it is pretty long. This will help any loading times etc. I jut hope you can be patient while I figure out where to put what.

Important note: This page may be out growing hubpages so I've set up a page on my blog for it as The Vampire Bible for a few reasons

1. this way I have a backup (in case I accidentally delete something I didn't mean to off here) as well as so that

2. I could keep the full original version (that was on Squidoo) together.

3. I can show more Vampire related products of interest.

Vivacious Vampires by Kim Marie Ostrowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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Vampire Define

Vampire Define

Vampire Define

Vampire Beauty Essentials

I have the Body Fantasies VAMPIRE perfume. I came across it accidentally in a travel bin in some Walmart I don't normally go to. It was just sitting there as if for me! It was the ONLY one in the bin I was like "Yep..there's my name on it!"


The Origin story

wow a TWISTED GREEK Romeo & Juliet! And we thought Shakespear was tragic

Ambrogio longed to trevel to Greece and have his fortune told by the oracle of Delphi, when he reached adulthood he did so. Delphi was the home to the Temple of the sun god, Apollo. This was also the home of the Pythia, known as the oracles. These oracles would speak of inspired prophecies by Apollo. Once ambrogio saw the Pythia his fortune was quite cryptic and maybe a little morbid.

"The Curse, The Moon. The Blood will Run"

He could not sleep that night and so stayed outside the temple trying to contemplate the meaning of the fortune. With the dawn he realized he had not sleep a wink and as he walked back toward town he saw a beautiful woman dressed in robes of white walking toward the temple. Introducing himself, her name was Selene and was the maiden of the temple she tended to the temple and took care of her sister the Oracle while she as in her trance like state.

The two would meet same time on the following days and falling in love. Ambrogio asked Selene to marry him and to return with him to Italy as it was his last day in Greece. She agreed, and he would go make the preparations and meeter same time the next morning. This angered Apollo as he took a liking to the lovely Selene and here was Ambrogio taking one of his maidens away. Apollo apperead to Ambrogio and cursed him from

that day forward that the mere touch of Apollo's sunlight would burn his skin

Distraught and not able to meet with Selene, Ambrogio ran toward a cave that lead to Hades for protection from the sun. hades God of the underworldlistened to the tale and made a deal Hades would grant he & Selene protection in the underworld if he would steal Artemis' Silver bow .

Hades gave Ambrogio a megial wooden Bow with 11 arrows to hunt with and he was to offer his trophies to Artimis to gain her favor. As collataral

hades bade him to leave his soul until he returned to Hades, should he return without the bow h'd ahve to live in Hades forever never returning to Selene.

Ambrogio had no way of contacting Selene, oh he had parchment but no instrument to write or ink. With his bow & arrow he killed a swan; using its feather as a pen and blood for ink, he wrote her a note that he could not meet her but would find a way to for them to be together then left the note in thier meeting place. Selene was devistated but as to not anger Apollo kept working at the temple. Again no Ambrogio, but another parchment with writing in bloof conting a Love Poem. Ambrogio for 44 days before dawn would slay a swan and write Slene her letters and poems, then after draining the bird he'd offer the body to Artemis as tribute to the Goddess of Hunting, the moon and sister to Hades.

Hoping that even if he could not steal her bow that she would be honored by his tribute and would be able to convince hades to remove the curse. Ambrogio had one arrow left on the 45th night, and missed the swan to sacrifice to Artemis as well as not having the blood or pen to write to Selene. artimis seeing he was a good hunter and how dedicated he was came down. Ambrogio beggedArtemis to borrow her bow and an arrow to kill one more bird to leave one final note to his beloved. Taking pity on him, Artemis agreed to let him borrow the silver bow and an arrow. Ambrogio had his chance and now ran in despiration to the cave that led to Hades. After realising what had happened artemis cast her own curse upon Ambrogio that causing all silver to burn his skin, with that in pain he dropped to the ground. artemis furious by the decite, but as he begged for her forgivness he explained his love for Selene, Apollo's curse & the deal with Hades. He swore & appologized profusely that he had no other choice. She took pity on him and decided to give him one more chance She offered to make him

* a great Hunter almost as good as she

*Speed & strength of a god

*fangs with which to drain blood of the beasts to write poems

*in exchange for his immortality

The only catch was that Artemis was a virgin (goddess) and al her followers had to remain so and unmarried as well. They would never be able to touch again, no kissing, no 'touching', no children. Ambrogio agreed being they could at least be together. He left another note for Selene to meet him on the docks the next morning, upon receiving the note she ran away before Apollo could notice. When she got to the ship in the hull lay a coffin with instructions to have the Captain set sail and not to open the coffin until nightfall. The two lived in Ephesus in a cave during the day and at night worshipped Artemis at her temple. The years went by and Selene aged while Ambrogio stayed young . She fell ill and was on her deathbed, distraught he would never join Selene in the afterlife Ambrogio went to the woods & killed a swan for tribute begging to mkae Slene immortal as well. Artemis appeared thankful for his dedicated worship and made one last deal. She told him that he may touch Slene just once, to drink her blood, that doing so would kill her mortal body, but from then on her blood mixed with his could create eternal life for any who drank of it. Ambrogio explained to Selene what had transpired and after much convincing he bit her neck and took her blood into his body. Setting her limp body down she started to radiat with light and levitate up toward the sky. Ambrogio watched helpless as Selene's spirit met Artemis at the moon and when she arrived, the moon lit with a brilliant light and with that Selene became the goddess of moonlight. Everynight she would reach down with her rays to touch the earth and her beloved and their vampire children

The First Vampire Clan

Ambrogio moved back to Italy as a full fledged vampire. Legends trace him to Florence (Firenze) where he created the first vampire clan

Not much is known of this clan with the same curse your soul went to Hades & you could return to hades to retrive it but could never leave. Over time the clan grew in size and stength and infighting began starting a civil war of sorts within the clan and many leaving to form their own clans.

It is unknown what happened to Ambrogio and his clan who stayed but it Ambrogio is believed to still resides in Florence.

Spell to Become a Vampire

(The following contains a 'spell', so by no means read out loud for there may be dangerous after effects)

With Selene being the mother of all vampires it is to speak ill of her. She is considered both mother and guardian angel among vampires.

Even though vampires are strictly made through each other (or seem to) though technically not a spell there are several poems in the "Vampire Bible" that are dedicated to Selene, and is a tradition to honror her as her Ambrogio did with poems. One of these poems seems to be a prayer to Selene asking specificly for her assistance in becoming a vampire, not exactly a spell but requesting the Vampire mother to send to the reader one of her children to turn them. The poem originally in Latin but I've found a version of it in english:

Ode to the Vampire Mother

Oh goddess of the darkness

mother to the immortal

let me be reborn as your child

let your light absorb my own

Allow me passage to the darkness

as from your immortal womb

into the arms of your children

to whom I will call brother

Oh moonlight

let me be reborn as your child

guide the dark ones to me

so I shall be born again.

Other 'origins' theories

The Christian version was when Kane killed Able he became the first vampire.

According to one hollywood writer's imagination..In dracula 2000 The First vampire or 'Dracula' himself was actually Judas Iscariot, he who betrayed Jesus and the reason why he shuns the cross and silver (he betrayed God for come coins of Silver.)

In True blood (season 5) Lillith is the goddess of the vampires. Judas Iscariot is mentioned as well.



Vampires & their origins

in pop culture & 'real life'

Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was suppose to be based on Prince Vlad Dracul (see seal in the poll) but as i mentioned on my Scorpio lens he did not create the vampire myth, but was the first to modernize the superstition. The first of those that wrote a vampire at the center of their stories were Lord Byron and Dr. John A. Polidori (having a friendly contest with mary Shelley to write the best monster story). Legends & myth of vampires (in variations) have been around for along time from across the globe from Babylon to India, Egypt to the ancient greeks & chinese! So the vampire is truely an exotic creature. The original tales were that of demonic beings who fed on newborns or women to 'live' their afterlife, and nothing like the sexy seductive romanticisim of the vampires we have today.

The Ancients

The Wallachian Voivode (warlord or ) Prince Vladislav Dracul (1431-1476) otherwise Vlad Tepes (tse-pesh) terrorized the Balkans in order to keep the area from the Turks in the 1400s, he was also known for his fearsome reputation as 'Vlad the Impaler' for the cruely slow agonizing way he'd killed 40,000-100,000 (tho the later has been said to be a possible exaggeration). He killed any man woman or child who broke the strict moral code against lying, cheating, & stealing. Though he was quite cruel there's stories that he'd drink the blood of his victims (most of them do) but few others say he was not known to drink their blood. Vlad is historically honored in Romania as a symbol of Nationalism as the man who defeated the Ottoman Turks. He was born in the Transylvanian town of Sighisoara. He and his brother Radu were hostages of the Turks for seven years learning from them lessons of Opression, terror, & humilitation. In 1448 Vald with the blessing of the Ottomans, was aloud to claim power in Wallachia, however he was overthrow quite soon and fled to Moldavia. In returned with the support of the Hungarians in 1456 and reigned until 1462. During this time is when he massacred thr thousands that got him his Impaler reputation. The wrath of the Ottomans was felt by 1462 and again Vlad fled to Hungary where; fearing his restlessness and willpower, King Matthias Corvinus (so that's where that name in Underworld comes from) imprisoned him for twelve years and then in 1974 was aloud his freedom. He ressumed his rank of warlord in November of 1476, his enemies were too numerous at the time and he was killed. In death Vlad was a definitive role in Romanian legends. From rumors of his demise and his headless corpse that was supposedly buried at Snagov near Bucharest but tales say the grave is empty and that Vlad like a vampire had risen. One of these tales was that Vlad had gone into hiding to await the day he'd be needed again. Bram Stoker working on his Gothic novel Dracula and looking for a model for the character, came across Vlad's information possibly around 1890. Dying under mysterious circumstances, his decapitated body never being recovered, his Name Drcul or Dracula having occult connotations & he enjoyed impaling people. Vlad was the perfect fit. There were no vampirism assossiations with Vlad, until his book in which his Van Helsing character declared that "Dracula was in truth Vlad Tepes" Originally The book was going to be titled the Un-dead but somewhere along the lines he or the publisher decided to change it to Dracula. This I take is the reason the squel by Dakre Stoker is title Un-dead.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed August 7, 1560- August 21, 1614

The Hungarian Countess was said to bathe in the blood of over 650 (the number is debated though) young girls said to be virgins (as that is suppose to be the blood with magical properties) and to be the way to keep her young looking. The "Blood Countess' as she was called; was the most prolific female serial killer in history, and was not caught until she stopped praying on the peasant girls and targeting the ladies of lesser nobility. Elizabeth was never tried or convicted, but was bricked up in a set of rooms in (the now Slovakian) Csejte Castle now known as Cachtice in 1610. Four years later she met her death. She was originally burried in the Csejte church cemetery, but local villagers made an uproar so was moved to the Bathory family's crypt in her birth home of Ecsed

The Elders 1800-1900s

The Novel Dracula is published in 1897, by Irish writer Bram Stoker.

(more information here Dracula Day)

And in more way than one ties into the The ZodiacImmortal

In the 1970's Anne Rice a rookie writer wrote her vampire tale Interview with a Vampire, through the eyes and voice of the Character Louie and other vampires explaining their stories of deeply obsessive,high sensories and powers that only vampires come to know.

The Fledglings

In the 2000s Vampires became a big deal again. With a surgence of The Sookie Stackhouse series of books and the TV series base on it called True Blood (tho, those vampires would be Elders), The 1990's Vampire Diaries Book series being turned into a CW tv series, (the vampires in here range from being Fledgling, to Anchient) and then there's the lesser Twilight Cullen clan of the fangless variety (which basically are more Revenant then vampire though I HIGHLY doubt even Revenants sparkle. Now if that was in a err.. Alternative lifestyle type movie fine but otherwise... why don't you just have Tinkerbell come & sprinkle the sparkle on them? Its just insulting to the rest of us.) The vampires in here Range from Fledgling Bella, right up the ranks to the Ancient Volturi.

USE #Zodiacimmortal

Vamp Vids

The guy in the Ray Ban commercial that forgot his sun-glasses.. (i'm not 100% sure) but at least looks to me like its Mig from Rockstar (inxs or Supernova forget which one he was in.)

Voltaire's Vampire CLub.. as I was looking to see if there was an official video for it, I came across one with True Blood and being there's actually a Vampre bar int hat show.. it was fitting so I hope you like the selection (if not let me know to find another)

Lady Venom well just watch the video closely

I still think I would have been WAAAY better in that Blade Bloodbath (trust me on that one!)

Vamp Society Support group cover


Vampire Society

Clans, Covens, broods, Nests and guilds

When vampires are actually sociable creatures, there's a variety of names for groupings of vampires.

Clans are usually referred to for a family of vampires like the Cullen clan or Denali clan in the Twilight series.

Broods has also been used as vampires brood around. Covens are larger groups (say for instance the gathering of the Denali & Cullen Clan together) as for Guilds, those are more something along the lines of a Vampires Annoymous club.

Vampire society in ways is much like humans, they are not all aristocrats. There are those by ther standards that are the trash of the species. They have their own heirarchy and different breeds or species if you will (like how we have different nationalities). Most of this is sadly unknown to humans except for a very rare few trusted ones and then they are 'Blood Oath' to never share the inner workings for instance of the overall populaton, or just of the clans and covens upon pain of death.

The humans that are, (depending on what clan and breed they are with) lucky enough to have this honor are family, friends, or love when they were turned and even be a familiar. These humans are no longer bound by human laws. They answer only to vampire law. They are seen and accepted (except the familiar) as a fellow vampire without (unless they want to) being turned


VINCEntenical (price)

VINCEntenical  (price)

VINCEntenical (price)

Vincent Price

Vincent Leonardo Price Jr. (that has a really cool ring to it!) Was not only an actor but a writer as well. I've also seen the cover of a cookbook of his so I guess we can add gourmet to that as well. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and studied at Yale. In 1938 he made his movie debut with Service se Luxe and perm=formed in many low budget horror movies. He's had 3 wives and 2 children among them. Some of his most famous films are House on Haunted Hill, House of Wax, Theater of Blood (which I saw on the MOnster HD channel when it was available & man was that awesome looking in HD!) He was close friends with 'Elvira' (well I'm sure he was as I'm sure she showed many of his movies on her show. Price had a dark humor, and was a mischievious prankster.

He as well as Peter Lorre went to view Bela Lugosi's body at his funeral upon which (as noted on Lorre upon seeing the body quipped "I don't suppose we should drive a streak through his heart? Just in case"

There are some actors (espicially those of the 20s -40s) who have just a photo or 2 alone that is iconic. there are at least 3 of Vincent price I find to be so. Then there is the 'painting' I came across of him as Doctor Strange from Marvel Comics which I think is a perfect fit!


Passing Tributes

See Dracula day for more Bela Lugosi & other 'Dracula' related items

6 Surprising Blood Drinking Animals - well more like 5 being we already knew the Vampier Bat drank blood.

My Favorite Stamp EVER!

My Favorite Stamp EVER!

My Favorite Stamp EVER!



Vampires are frightening creatures in true legends, though they have lost, errr... some fang ,so to speak over the centuries.

Bela Lugosi you could say started the 'Hollywood hunks of hematophagy' laying the suave, charming, debonair, sophisticated bad boy romantacized vampire.

The vampire population has been taking over more and more as well as evolving over the years. From the 2 fanged Dracula, to the rat like Nosfratu, ghoulishly razorsharp more piranha that vampire to others that sparkle, and only have human teeth.

lately the vampire is the anti-hero winning over the audience, some being self loathing of their vampire side and still try to be human. Some are the children of Kings like Henry Fitzroy in Bloodties and others are cops like Nick Knight in Forever Night Or Alex O'laughlin in Moonlight.

Some are like regular joes and are waitresses, entrepreneurs of Clubs or lawyers, politicians & so on. (Nice metaphors with the last 2)

Some movies or tv series have shown them as isolated 'territorial' beings, others as a community and even more so some with a heirarchy kings, queens Politicians and so forth. There's the cutesy vampire stories for children one in which may have been the reson I've been a vampire fan since I was very young! Bunnicula! Other than my bedtime stories book, its the only singular storybook I remember reading. Movies like the Little Vampire and a variety of others. Now there's DracuLaura of Monster high (WHY weren't these out when I was a kid? I would have forgone the Barbies!) and all her ghoulish friends (like Hyde, Jeckyl, lagoona, and others.)

So weather your first set of fangs grows out as a toddler or later on more likely as a teen once you've been fanged most likely you'll be in the family for eternity (unless you're staked)

As the Vampire line goes on some traditionalists still sleep in their coffins (pimped out I'll bet), while others just find a nice bed in a dark basement.

Crosses or other religious icons and running water no longer work, some may be able to travel by day and others only by night. One way or another We all still feed on Blood or some other form of Life energy like the Psychic vampire.

Recently watched a season 8 episode of Supernatural where the Vampires would hunt on the sea. & Dean (& myself was like) What You got to be kidding me you you mean you were vamPIRATES!?!?!!? (LOL)

Are Vampires Real? - click the pic for the bigger version


Other Assorted information


Vampires impact on Social Media


Vampire 411

The Database

There has been a variety of ways (theories) on turning into a vampire, other than being a 'pureblood' These are the following (along with other assorted information) as well as other vampire lore.

I've included the topics here as a list to see each more favorably.

I've come along a quote from a movie I recently saw called the Moth Diaries, I copied it down as quick as I could to include here.

"Vampires prove to be fascinated by particular persons; with engrossing vehemence resembling the passion of love. It will not desist until it has been satiated and its thirst quenched by the victim it covets"

Being Bitten wasn't the only way to turn

In the 19th century vampires supposedly arose from the bodies of dead people whose lives went awry in variety of ways.

Some folklore states if you died without being seen, you become a vampire

Your fate could have been doomed from the womb , if your mother crossed paths with a black cat or didn't eat salt. If you were born premature, out of wedlock, or with an extra nipple or extra hair (or just with red hair). Born with hair or a 'red caul' when you died the villagers, thinking you as unnatural, would watch your grave for signs of vampirism. Those who dined on the meat of sheep that had been killed by wolves were fated for fangs and if someone cursed you or suspected you of sorcery (black magic) you were likely to pop up out of your crypt and also if you didn't receive a proper burial you'd end up in the bloodthirsty state.

Some age old Vampire 'repellents'

Garlic, crosses, holy water, running water (like a stream they couldn't cross, this seems a runing theme for the dead like the headless horseman)

Vampires can be Obsessive compulsive perfectionists, so by the rules of folklore they will feel the need to count every single seed (mostly poppy or sesame were used) before it can go on its way.

Spread tar around your window and door in the shape of a cross

with this the people thought that when the blood sucker would try sneaking in he would get stuck on the tar and would perish to a rising sun.

Vampires avoid plants with healing & mystical properties like Garlic (kills germs) Aloe Vera, vervain (like in Vampire Diaries) which helps keeps them from compelling (or enthralling) you. and they had distaste for wild rose and Hawthorne too.

There's some legends that say a vampire could only be killed by a steak made of Ash or Hawthorn (& no other would work) This is shown in the vampire Diaries tv series with The Originals that are only able to be killed by one particular tree's wood. An ancient oak that was burned after they were turned. The Originals' could only be killed (well more like put to rest than killed) by The White Oak steaks that were made from the tree when they were still human. This was because that tree had something to do with them being turned.

There's been other tales of items said to spook vampires like Bells ringing, holy symbols (besides crosses) rain, falling snow & of course fire and if you are really desperate eating the dirt from their grave may also help stave off an attack

ON RARE occasionsome are simply turned but haven't died to become a vampire (usually a pureblood birth) sometime just drank the blood (or enough of a vampires' but did not die, yet may have plenty of vampire 'symptoms'

Wooden steaksAsh or Hawthorne is the only wood to kill a vampire with (or some at least some folklore)

Eye color Depending on the age, a vampire's eyes can change over time.

From Death (grey/silver) Blue to Blood red or Elder Black & Ancient Frost (-ed over)

Then there's also the yellow color eyes of the vampires (which are considered minor demons) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The older the more powerful the more tricks up its sleeve!

All vampires have basic powers they have when they first turn. They can enthrall one to do their bidding, super strength and speed.

Over time they can Shape shift (most commonly turn into Bats, wolves or crows) turn to Mist/fog even fly

What kills a vampire?the Sun (or UV ray has been used) - what faster way to decompose a dead body?

Silver-I forget the lore behind this but I think it had something to do with coins.

It's also the reason vampires do not show up in film photos.

wooden steak through the heart


the fist vampiresKane & Lillith (our version of adam & eve)

Saguinista- (still trying to get a good handle on the definition)

think it is those that 'mainstream' which in lthe True Blood tv series (the Sookie Stackhouse series of books) drink the synthetic blood

This I think can also be to whatever blood aside from human a vampire will use

Saguiniariana vampire that feeds off or human blood

Revenants are not Human, but not quite vampire (maybe like half vampire) some come off as being zombies which in a way they maybe in a way. They are below vampires, but above zombies like borderline for each. A 'Corpreal spirit if you will, but still have the thirst for blood

It may happen to those without religious backgrounds that 'do not find the "one & only" god' IF a revenant does not drink blood they will keep decomposing. Where for a vampire they'll just starve and dry out until they get some blood again.

Being Turned -some variations

It may depend on the vampire species breed, scientists are not sure but here are a few ways one is given the dark gift

*sometimes you just need to be bitten & that's all other times

*You get bitten & need to drink the vampires blood

*even both of the above & then die

*sometimes you just need a taste of the vampire's blood & nothing more (no bite or anything) most commonly it has something to do with the transference of blood.

*sometimes one of the above have to take place Under the apex of the full moon

CureThe only 'cure' if one of the above occurred to you is you must kill the head vampire

*though sometimes some come up with a garlic & silver cure when the person is still human and before they have tasted human blood.

Lonely creatures normally they are loners but there are times when existence gets to be too much and they search for a companion. There's other times where they exist in Covens & clans

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful Blue stone that was used in Egypt to decorate a pharos' sarcophagus

also has a bit of vampire lore. It helps them walk in the sun; get a witch, they say a spell over it (as far as vampire diaries goes, but I do recall it being in folklore)

Vampire 'politics' & laws

it is 'illegal' for a vampire to kill one of thier own kind. This is Punishable upon being put to ground, true death, or even making another vampire or 2.

a vampire cannot enter a private residence without an invitation from one of its residents. However fraternity houses Bording houses & other 'public' types do not count also if its abandoned they can get in.

That invitation in used to have to come from the man of the house, but now it seems anyone living in the house, sometimes even friends that do not! So be careful

The older the vampire the more powerful they are

The head vampire if you kill him, some of the folklore says all those he turned will turn human again, but most of them are that they all die

Fledglings & other Young vampirestend to change their surroundings a lot from room decor to cities

once they become older ('jaded' dare I say) to their 'gift' or 'curse' depending on their Point of view that novelty wears off.

MetaphorsVampires are often used as a metaphor for sex, or STDs, and other times like in the past, for plagues (Black, Beubonic, Consumtion).

Sleeping death vampires are either dead by day as they fell the 'pull' of dawn or with some of the newer portrayals never sleep at all. Staying behind dark curtains or in the basement while reading or something else to entertain themselves

If a vampire left his homeland he would have to bring homeland soil and put it in his casket.

Now they just sleep in coffin like beds if even that.

Turning into a vampire amplifies your personality

let's put it this way, if you were perky in life, most likely a vampire would not turn you! Either that or once you have become one we'd end up killing you.

If you were a drug addict, your bloodlust would be insatiable

Vampire Witch- It varies for instance in Vampire Diaries you cannot be a witch & a vampire as if you are turned you will no longer have y our witch powers. While on the other hand... there has been quite a few times in movies and books that have portrayed the vampire as a witch warlock or wizard. In their own way with what powers they possess (ie: The basic Package) they are.

Vampire Zombie Vampires This I've noted as during an epidode of the 'Talking Dead' (comes on after Walking Dead) Joe Maginello of True Blood was on & Chris Hardwicke the host asked something (really fast I couldn't catch) about Zombies turning into vampires turning into Zombies.

Anyway here's the deal... Zombies cannot turn into vampires as they are already dead period just reanimated in someway & vampires do not eat dead blood (which makaes them sick if not kills them ...yeah I know it doesn't explain the bloodletting between a vampire couple) anyway However if a Vampire turns someone they can (in the case of the Blade movie) become a zombie of sorts or a Revenant which is like a cross between a vampire and a zombie. As for an already turned vampire becoming a zombies remains to be seen.


Vampire Database

VAmpire 411 part 2

Numbing the Blood Lust

Vampires (as far as Vampire Diaries goes) are able to parlay the thirst by drinking spirits of the alcoholic variety. Normally their kind are not able to get drunk in this fashion, other than if they drink the blood from an intoxicated human

A 'Parent' vampire, most of the time is called a Master or Sire but sometimes there is a difference

Sire Normally a Sire is the Vampire who made you.

'Sire Bond' you are bound to your sire until they decide to 'release' you of their will (as you cannot refuse a direct command from them) & let you out from under their power or when they meet true death, this version is shown in the series True Blood. In Vampire Diaries, (the show at least) the sire bond doesn't always happen, usually it has to be a really powerful vampire or the one that was turned is in love with their sire. Neither the sire nor their 'child' may notice this. The Sire can unintentionally compell the 'child' if they say 'They can't ' do something they normally are able, they no longer can, & if parent vampire says I want...they will have their wish.

Re-siring In some cases Vampires can be re-sired. There's a Whole ritual that goes into it but you even gain their family's powers. Its rare you hear about this, but for one example check out Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld Novel Shadow Rising (Yasmine has given me permission to explain the re-siring ritual I may start it here first, and if too much then may note it in another section if there's room I will see what's best. )

Basically If you change the blood you change the siring, but vampires do this with much thought, and usually never again. This re-siring or breaking of a blood bond is done without pain for either side bonded side, so long as you have not had sex or the vampire drnk the blood of the one bound to them it can be broken. ITs not being turned again as you are already dead and until final death cannot do so again. So the ritual does not renact a turning.

Some items you will need:

(Clear) Goblet, sterling Silver knife w/ bone handle, 1 large pillar candle (I'd have to check if red white or black) table/altar, 2 pillows to kneel on with the elder vamp (or new sire) on left and the vampire to be resired to their right. Ylang Ylang & Jasmine inscense.

Why Vampires Drink Blood

Usually this answer varies by story or type of vampire. Some vampires being the traditional blood suckers other being psychic. If you want comparative answer: blood for the vampire is the Electricity charge for Frankenstein; this what keeps them animated. Usually blood is in the vampires body & depending on being fiction or non-fictional vampire may be need to feed every night, or once a week. Taking usually no more than a pint, (or a little from various donors if they need more) Blood is a symbol of life in Folkloric and fictional vampies meanwhile vampires of other cultural legends are thought to not drink blood but life energy.

Scientifically... Vampires' blood kills hemoglobin (your red blood cells) which carry the oxygen through your system. This does the same for them, even though they may not need oxygen to breathe, but it keeps their muscles from stiffening and what oxygen they need in their body to fake out humans they can look as though as they breathe, until their own blood destroys the hemoglobin again & needs more blood.

As far as to digestion, they do not sweat (not normally) or excrete etc. in other manners so like water left near a hot radiator it evaporates or gets burned off as they use their 'powers'

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Vampire Palace

Lamia Lamia is an old word for Vampire. In the Night World series books, Lamia are vampires that are born NOT made. They are direct decendents of Maya which in this series is the first vampire ever. Normally are named for things in nature and their family 'crests' are usually some sort of black flower, the same with their clubs, normally hidden to the human eye and named after black flowers.

Nests When vampires live together and drink each others' blood it creates a nest. (See True Blood season 5 theirs as Pam says is on Steroids!)


Depending on Hollywood, and creative imaginations:

*Cannot Kill their own, freezing in place when trying to do so "Only the living can Kill the Undead" -line from Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter

* Other times yes it can happen and is just as punishable by vampire law as those of mortals. However the vampire 'Government' is arranged, like Sheriffs, Sires, ancients etc like in True Blood decide upon the punishment, 2 of which are:

-To make a new vampire

-or go to ground for some amount of years and sometimes even both.

Vampire hearts beat so slowly it's rhythm is imperceptible mortals

The Blood is the life

— -Dracula




Bite Me


Vampire Detection & Slayer kit

The following is a list of items you can use to repell or tell if someone is a vampire.

I can't promise you that all or any will work in this current day & age as the new generations of vampires seem immune to most of them.

  • Garlic Spritz (mase) using a mortar & pestel or a food processor 'mash' garlic to a paste of potency.

    Put this in a bottle and add water. (holy water can be used as well if that will make you feel safer)

  • Holly I do not recall any thing at all on this.
  • Bell (small one) I don't recall the lore on this but I think it may have something to do in the old days when somoene would be pronunced dead, but actually be alive. A bell on a pole would be placed at the grave site and a string from the bell to the wrist of the dead that if they woke, they villagers could dig them back up.
  • Pocket Mirror If you can't see them in it They're a vampire as the dead cast no reflection.

    Also there's that little thing about Silver and Vampires ....& Mirrors have silver in them.

  • Cross Traditionally repelled by crosses however 21st Century vampires seem have no problem with it.

    This could possibly be because they are so far removed from the legends that note why they flee at the site of Religious icons.

    One of these legends is Dracula having been banished (I forget the term) from the church) Another version is Kane is the original vampire (but I forget the rest)

  • Vervain has a burning effect on their skin and will weaken them if they drink it.

    Will also protect you (if kept on your person via necklace bracelet etc) from getting mind controlled by one.

  • Silver usually has a burning effect and can kill them to turn them to ash. (However I cannot promise it will work on all types of vampires)

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