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Vintage Signs


We all enjoy taking trips down memory lane. Yvonne has written some recollections about how things used to be in Louisiana.


Retro Tin Signs Collectibles

Do you remember those old-fashioned tin signs? Recently the collectibility of vintage items like the colorful retro ones which advertised products or those with the image of famous comic book characters or movie stars have come to the forefront with the airing of American Pickers and other similiar shows. Originally such advertising was displayed in businesses to promote a product.

Today the vintage signs are used to decorate inside the house or outside on the patio area and especially in the new innovation, the Man Cave. Today both authentic and retro versions of these are available online. Perhaps there is a collector on your gift list. Wouldn't it be fun to find a vintage sign of a favorite graphic novel super hero, movie star or a sports legend? Or maybe for a certain beer or soft drink.

Well you can! I have gathered some of my favorite retro tin signs here on this page. You may just find the one that you have been looking for or they may bring back happy memories of days gone by. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Free Beer Tomorrow Sign is available at Amazon.

Super Heroes Remembered

My younger brother and I were avid comic book readers. I really enjoyed Wonder Woman, Superman and Archie. He liked many of the other Marvel Comic Heroes such as X-Men.

We both had our collections of vintage comic books. When I left for college, he inherited my collection from the 1960's and 70's. But when he went to college he left all of the precious graphic novels in his rather messy room. One day, after asking him to clean up his room with no response on my brother's part, our Mom took a wheel barrow into his room and threw every comic book and other precious memorabilia in and dumped the whole lot into the garbage pile. I guess she showed him to do what she said when she told him to clean up his room.

I shudder when I think how much those graphic novels would have been worth today. Paper is so delicate. She wasn't able to destroy his rock collection or models made of sturdy plastic or metal. Luckily today, many of those favorite super heroes are on tin signs. Mom would have trouble taking these to the burn pile because they are much more sturdy than paper comic books.

Marvel Comic Retro

My brother read many of the X-Men comics. I found a few featuring a classic Wolverine, just like the graphic novels. Many other comic book related ones are also available on Amazon and ebay.

The man of steel, faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. You gotta love Superman. I always wanted to be Supergirl.

There are many more including Iron Man One and Two. Iron Man is not one of my favorites, but many guys like him... he has oodles of cool gadgets and electronics that fly and blow up things.

Many super heroes last the test of time such as Captain America, who must bleed red, white and blue. This little guy turned into a strong man that saved America and the world first appeared in the 1940's. He later joined with the Fantastic Four to fight evil in modern times. There are metal signs for these characters, too, as well as Spider-man and many others..

Marvel Super Heroes 1966 Intro

The Hulk

Mild-mannered scientists, David Banner transformed into a giant green monster on a weekly basis. I loved that show with Lou Feregno as the Hulk. Man was he built! Many versions of the Hulk are available in tin.

My favorite super hero was Wonder Woman. That golden lasso would have come in handy growing up in the country. Batman, Superman and Spider-man were excellent heroes, too.

Public Domain Marvel Heroes

This is another group of heroes, many are unfamiliar to me, but I do see the Arrow.

This is another group of heroes, many are unfamiliar to me, but I do see the Arrow.

Super Hero Poll

Mike and Frank Love Signs

Picking isn't easy, but the American Pickers, Mike and Frank get the job done. The specialize in signs, the bigger the better. Take a look at this clip of the show where they bring home the big one.

American Pickers Open For Business

Sports Stars

My husband remembers all of these sports stars and the advertisements, too. I wasn't much of a sports fan growing up, but I've developed an appreciation of the games. He could talk for hours about this player or that miracle play. He should have been a sports announcer. Guys love their sports and some of the older signs are extremely collectible. These are perfect for any fan who wants to decorate their game room or man cave in style.

America's favorite past time, baseball... gotta love these... the Babe, Ted Williams and some of the other greats. Guys can put them up in your bedroom or man cave. What a great way to decorate.

More sports signs to enjoy on ebay. This is where you'll find the antiques from way back when.

Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Movies and Stars

When I was growing up, the Paco Theater in downtown Coushatta was the major source of entertainment. Saturday meant a double feature and we would spend the whole afternoon there enjoying the movies of the times.

When we were older, we'd go there on Saturday night with a date. We didn't watch the movie as much then, but still had a good time. Movies bring back so many memories.

There are so many favorite movie memories available.

Marilyn High Heels

The iconic Marilyn pose in the white dress.

The iconic Marilyn pose in the white dress.

Retro Metal Signs

Some of my favorite movie stars including the Blues Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and many more.

You'll find many with movie themes and famous actors on ebay.

Favorite Movie Sign Poll

Retro With Beer Logos

I'm not really a beer drinker, but I've always liked the various logos and advertisements. Some of them are very attractive and some are hilarious.

Here are some great vintage ones that would look nice behind a bar or in a recreation room.

Beer It's What's for Dinner


Budweiser Anheuser Busch

This Bud's for you. Here's an old style sign that would liven up your man cave or bar.

Nostalgic Coors


Coors is one of my favorites. There is one with nostalgic colors on Amazon that really looks nice.

Favorite Beer Poll

Ebay has some older vintage signs that would make great conversation pieces.

Did these bring back any memories? - Let us know.

justmelucy on September 13, 2012:

Yes, I use to hand paint old signs in a primitive style as Signs-Of-The-Past. Somewhere out there are signs that I have painted 25 years, now antiques themselves like me.

Great Lens.

Nathalie Roy from France (Canadian expat) on February 14, 2011:

Blessed by the resident ''collecting memorabilia'' angel! I collect lots of vintage stuff, I have a couple of vintage signs too for decorating purpose (but I am nor a real collector of these)

jodijoyous from New York on November 14, 2010:

Wow, I had no idea that tin signs (like for IronMan) were still being manufactured. That beer for dinner one is too funny!

Sami4u LM on November 13, 2010:


You forgot the gas and cigs signs or maybe you did that for a reason ;) Hick-up I'll have another cool one please LOL Fun stuff!!!

Jennifer Sullivan from Chicago, IL on November 13, 2010:

Great collection!

Yvonne L B (author) from Covington, LA on November 13, 2010:

@ChemKnitsBlog2: Well, I couldn't find one for Dixie or Abita Springs beer, either. I'll have to look harder. ;)

ChemKnitsBlog2 on November 13, 2010:

No Sam Adams? Harpoon? Oh huge east coast brands... (I mean you have a Teddy Williams sign!) ;)

more seriously, these signs are a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Mona from Iowa on November 13, 2010:

I loved looking at all the great vintage signs. Nicely done. :)

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