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Vampire Women Costumes


Vampire Women Costumes

Vampire Women and the costume ideas we get from them are intriguing and very sexy. Unique Vampire Costumes For Women have been a popular Halloween theme for decades, but since the Twilight Saga, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries, it seems everyone wants to be a vampire at Halloween. Dressing up as a vampire used to mean putting on a classic Victorian outfit, but today dressing up as a vamp can be as simple as checking your closet and putting on your favorite clothes.

New shows come along every year to further pique our interest in this mysterious and thrilling genre and these new shows help to expand the costume market for these blood craving creatures. This year be on the look out for Midnight, Texas, and Let The Right One In. Older but still current shows include Hemlock Grove, Being Human, and The Originals.

Modern day vampires dress like you and I do...well, they might have a bit more style. Look at Rosalie in Twilight. I always loved her look, especially those Vince Camuto shoes in the kitchen scene. I am a sucker for Mary Janes. Then there's Alice, quirky, cute, and always adorable looking. Esme has tons of fashion sense.

These Cullen ladies also wear a lot of really nice jewelry. The clan heirloom jewelry is sold on Ebay and Amazon. Alice's choker was a big hit, and so was Bella's engagement ring. So, if you are going to be a modern day vamp for Halloween, check out these ladies and their outfits.

You can pick modern vampire women like Bella, Alice, Rosalie, or Pam if you want to wear the styles of today. Bella is pretty down to earth and understated with her clothing, while Rosalie, Alice and Pam are Diva Vampires. These ladies are always dressed to kill so to speak.

Just when modern vamp costume looks were all the rage, Hollywood gives us an oldie but goodie in the form of a remake. Suddenly what's old is new again.

This time the new again is the costumes the Vampire Women of Dark Shadows have given us more vampire costume ideas to choose from, but it's the flash backs where all the classic costume ideas are found. Classic or modern, that is the question when it comes to this year's Halloween vampire costume ideas.

Pale skin, black and blood red dress...

Pale skin, black and blood red dress...

Which Vampire Costume Look Is Your Favorite?

Pick A Vampire Costume!

Are The Classic Vampire Costumes Or The Modern Vamp Outfits The Best?

The List Of Vampire Women

Find Some Costume Inspiration With These Female Blood Suckers

In order to choose the perfect look and personality for your Vampire Women costume, you've got to know who is who, right? Here's a list of Vampire Women from today's popular TV shows and movies. I think you will be inspired by at least one of these vampy ladies and get some great ideas for your Halloween costume. I was reading while compiling my list and one headline about women vampires read...10 lady vampires who could bite us anytime. How did they narrow it down to only 10?

Twilight Vampire Women

  • Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Victoria, Jane, Irena, Maggie, Zafrina, Leah, Tanya, Soibhan, Senna

True Blood Vampire Women

  • Pam Ravenscroft, Lorena, Jessica Hamby, Nan Flanagan, The Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Betty Harris, Tara Thornton

Dark Shadows Vampire Women

  • Victoria Winters (At least at the end),Sophie-Anne Leclerq Roxanne Drew,
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Queen of the Damned

  • Akasha, Jesse Reeves, Pandora


  • Rayne, Ephemera, Svetlana (half vampire)


  • Danica Talos, Mercury, Racquel, Vanessa

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Drusilla, Darla, Harmony


  • Selene, Sonja, Erika

Vampire Knight

  • Yuki Cross, Ren Kiryu, Ai Kuran, Sara Shirabuki

Which Of These Vampire Women Is Your Favorite?

Anyone who enjoys watching the vampire genre has a favorite character. Which of these female vampires is your favorite?

Twilight Vampire Costume Ideas

What Do Vampire Women Wear?

So what do these Vampire women wear? Any Thing They Want!

The women of Twilight always look very nice and a bit over dressed. Well, except for Bella, she likes to dress in jeans and t-shirts. Come to think of it, most vampire women look pretty good all the time. I guess not having to sleep leaves lots of time for shopping. Some vampire women like the tight bodysuit look and since they have bodies that are hard as a rock, they can carry that look much better than most of us mortals can. I've pasted lots of great female vampire costumes on this page, modern, sexy, gothic and great. Have fun deciding which of the vampire women you'd like to dress up as. You will also find some great vampire costume accessories like vampire makeup kits, vampire jewelry, makeup videos and even a few costume wigs.

The Gothic Vampire Womens Costume Look

These Vampire Women Costumes Are Sexy

Sexy costumes with themes like Pam, Selena and Bella are perfect for the woman who wants to dress up on Halloween and strut her stuff. I don't see one costume here that doesn't ooze sexuality, without even trying.

Gothic Vampire Costume Ideas For Women

The gothic look is perfect for a vampire costume. These dress up outfits bring us back to the days of Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview With A Vampire...those elegantly dressed gentlemen and ladies. Frills, ruffles, velvets, big hoop skirts, deep rich colors, costumes of days past when night feeders were able to conquer the streets of cities without being detected.

These dressy costumes are a bit more involved where preparations are concerned, but the end result is breathtaking. Take a look at the pictures and then start to dig in your attic to see if there are any old gowns or suits you can turn into the perfect costume for a bloodsucking belle of the ball. Lace, velvet, satins, all those rich fabrics we think of when we picture Count Dracula biting the neck of some innocent young lady, or that sweet little Claudia of Interview With A Vampire fame.

These outfits should be on my 50 Shades of Sexy Costumes page.


Or is this costume dress more your style? This beautiful black on black Laurie Cabot design will make your witching time special. The top is black velvet with angled chiffon bell sleeves. Click on the picture to find more information on this beauty.

The Classic Vampire Costume Make Up Look For Women

Regardless of how many different costume themes there are for those of you who want to dress up as a female vampire, there is still one thing these costumes have in common. The vampire look is quite similar for the blood sucking crowd. Here are some costume elements you will want to incorporate into your holiday look this year:

1) Vampires Have Pale Skin: Vampires, for the most part, stay out of the sun...although the Cullen Clan can go in the sunlight and they do not burst into flames like most of their kind. they do sparkle like diamonds. This means that pale makeup is needed to achieve this pale, ashen look on your skin. You can use white makeup or a pale shade of foundation that is lighter than your natural skin tone to help rid your skin of color so you look like one of the undead.

2) Vampires Have Dark Eyes: Every vampire I can think of has eyes that are much darker than a living person. I guess the extra pale skin (and being dead) make the eyes stand out more. You can use some dark brown, black, and gray eyeshadow on your lids and below your eyes to recreate this sultry look for your female vamp outfit. You can outline your eyes with dark eyeliner and use some dark mascara. Many people like to wear those sexy and frightening fx lenses to create a hypnotic look for their costume.

3) Vampires Have Fangs: Fangs are a must for a vampire costume. How else will you be able to drain the blood from your victims? There are many different brand fangs available at costume stores, and they come in all price you should be able to keep well within your budget when you buy a pair. Fangs come in all shapes and sizes and they come in different colors too. There are the white, the yellowish, and even red, blue, orange, purple, and gold metallic colored fang sets you can find. Don't forget your costume blood either. You might want to have a drip of blood coming out of the corner of your mouth, making it look like you just had a drink of blood from some unsuspecting party guest.

Vampire Women Are Very Attractive.  Take a look at this red head.

Vampire Women Are Very Attractive. Take a look at this red head.

Vampire Traits

What Makes These Men And Women So Fascinating?

Vampires, men and women, have many of the same traits. Here are some of the mutual characteristics I have seen in these scary and wonderful characters:

  • Pale, Flawless Skin
  • Stunning, Hypnotic Eyes
  • Cold To The Touch
  • Rock Hard Skin
  • Fangs
  • Super Human Strength
  • Speed
  • Heightened Senses
  • Can Hypnotize or Dazzle Humans

This vampire costume will make any lady look deadly! Just the right amount of red and lace to make everyone know there's something supernatural involved with anyone who dresses in this outfit.

Vampire Wigs For Women

Get the hair right on Halloween! Here are some great vampire wigs for women, so pick out the look and color you want to match your Halloween costume this year.

Vampire Women Love Shoes And Boots - And So Do Halloween Kitchen Witches!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, I want more shoes. Vampire women have the best shoes. In the Twilight movie during the kitchen scene when Edward brings Bella home to meet the family, the thing I noticed were the fabulous shoes Rosalie was wearing. I searched for days online only to find out those Vince Camuto Trish pumps were long sold out. Here are some shoes that would look good with any vampire costume for women you choose.

Women's Vampire Jewelry - Halloween Costume Jewelry To Dress Up Your Costume

The costume, the hair, the makeup and the jewelry are all important components of the vampire women's look. Choose your accessories wisely and you will be the best dressed vampire out there this year.

Anime Vampire Costumes For Women

Yuki Cross Costume Look - Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross (Kuran) is a pureblood vampire princess and a student of the day classes at Cross Academy. Yuki is the adopted daughter of the headmaster of the school. Cross Academy has day and night classes. The night classes are full of vampires, though most people don't know that. Since this could be a danger to the day students, there are school guardians who protect the day students from the night students. Yuki is one of the school guardians.

Yuki's costume look is the black schoolgirl uniform worn by the day class students. She has a white armband with a picture of a red rose on it. This rose is a symbol that lets everyone know Yuki is on the disciplinary committee. Yuki also wears a weapon strapped to her thigh. This weapon is called the Artemis Rod under her skirt. Add some dark brown boots to your costume.

Yuki's hair is a medium brown but shows highlights of both red and dark brown colors. To make yourself look like Yuki use some red eyeliner around the tops and bottoms of your eyes. Then top that with a dark can add some red eyeshadow and some red or black mascara to finish the reddish eye look that this pureblood princess has.

Vampire Knight Anime - Shizuka Hio

Vampire Knight Anime - Shizuka Hio

Shizuka Hio is a pureblood vampire who is said to strike fear in other vampires, even the other purebloods. Shizuka is always dressed in a very light white color kimono with a lavender sash. Around her waist there is a ribbon with a bell tied onto it. Shizuka's hair is white and long. Her eyes are a shade of pink similar to cherry blossoms, they are striking to look at. To make this look without using fx colored lenses use pink eyeshadows around the tops and bottoms of your eyes and add some dark mascara to complete the look. Add some silk cherry blossoms to your costume to complete this fairly simple, but effective, villainess vampire costume look.

Vampire Women Jewelry Ideas From Twilight - Costume Jewelry Ideas From The Cullen Family

There are two sections of Twilight Jewelry selections for women. Why? Because all the Cullen's were crazy about their jewelry and there are so many wonderful choices. Here are a few of the more popular jewelry pieces Alice, Rosalie, and Esme wore in the Twilight movies, pick out your favorite piece to pair with your vampire costume this Halloween.

Akasha From Queen of the Damned

The female vampire costume that combines the exotic look of Egyptian and tribal tones is Akasha from the film Queen of the Damned. It's an older movie, it was released in 2002 and comes from the Anne Rice novel of the same name. This is a great costume for those of you who want the classic fright factor of the vampire costume combined with the exotic mystery that surrounds ancient Egypt.

To recreate Akasha's costume you will need a long skirt, (think Cleopatra), coiled breastplate, a belt and her fabulous vampire queen crown. You can make the designs for your breastlate (to wear over your beige leotard) by cutting craft foam. The craft foam is also a great way to design your crown. Get some gold coins, your cutout craft foam and glue them onto a headband or costume tiara from an old costume, or use a cheap kids tiara from a dollar store. Trace the designs you like for your costume onto the foam, cut them out, glue or sew them into place. Add a long skirt, some decorated wristlets/wrist cuffs, and a sexy, dark, sultry makeup look by using mascara, dark eyeshadows, eyeliner...and the very light powder as a foundation.

Vampire movies often have a strong female character in them. Here are some of my favorite vampire movies and the females in them:

  • Interview With A Vampire - Claudia
  • Underworld - Selene
  • Let Me In - Abby
  • Byzantium - Clara & Emma
  • Interview With A Vampire - Dracula's Bride
  • Near Dark - Mae
  • From Dusk Til Dawn - Santanico Pandemonium
  • Twilight - Bella, Rosalie, Esme, Alice
  • New Moon - Jane of the Voltari

Vampire Women Makeup Tutorial

Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Underworld Makeup Tutorials - Vampire Women Makeup Ideas

Vampire Fangs And Makeup Kits

Create a dazzling, hypnotic look for yourself this Halloween with these vampire fangs and vampire makeup kits. There are many different Halloween makeup kits you can choose from to create that perfect vampire look. I've listed three of the more popular ones and they come with makeup and directions. Only you know just the look you want, so browse this selection to see which of these vamp makeup kits and fang sets fits your needs.

Vampire Bite Tattoos

Every Vampire Women gets bit every once and a here are some fun little accessories to make your Halloween as perfect as possible.

As you can see, there are many different looks you can use to create a vampire costume. You can use a tattoo to create the illusion of a vampire's bite mark on your neck. You can add some fangs to your tooth, or use some costume blood to make it look like you've just had a drink. You can dress up in a beautiful gothic gown or put on a pea coat or leather jacket and jeans...whatever style you decide to dress up in, being a vampire is a classic and fun Halloween costume.

What do you think about the whole vampire thing? Is it silly? Is it over-blown? It is wild and crazy and fun?

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