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Fun Valentine Crafts for Adults to Make

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Marie (a.k.a. CraftyMarie) has created hundreds of online craft pages. She writes many fun tutorials, mostly for adult crafters.

Lots of fun Valentine themed crafts for adults to enjoy

Lots of fun Valentine themed crafts for adults to enjoy

Crafts that Adults Can Enjoy Creating on a Valentine's Day Theme

Crafts for Valentine's Day are really saturated with kid's crafting projects online and it's hard to find anything else. As a mom with a young daughter, I enjoy doing making some things together but I also enjoy creating things in my own right as an adult. So I also want ideas and inspiration for items that I can complete by myself too. If you're anything like me and looking for adult projects you can enjoy, here's a page to inspire you.

I love heart themed makes and not just for February the 14th. However, there are many other sweet themes too that you can opt for such as rose flowers which are romantic and sweet little love notes. Included are a range of themes that you can pick and choose from. Have fun!

Make a letter from the heart this Valentine's Day by doing some paper folding

Make a letter from the heart this Valentine's Day by doing some paper folding

1) Pen a Heart Filled Love Letter

One really romantic yet very inexpensive option for making something for the big day is to create a heart front envelope to hold a love letter or perhaps even some tickets or a voucher for something special.

Don't be put off by the fact that this is called origami because this is just simple paper folding that you can follow with the step by step instructions. You just need one sheet of square paper (you can cut it down to a square if you don't have this shape) and it needs to be colored on one side and plain or a contrasting color on the other. You also need a small length of twine or ribbon to fasten the envelope closed. See this craft at the following page:

See How to Make These Folded Origami Envelopes Here

With only a handful of simple steps to follow, you can quickly learn to make a really romantic envelope in which you can pop a love note inside for a loved one to read. I like the idea of surprising people for this occasion, whether it is a husband, boyfriend, child or just someone who really needs a bit of a hug at this time of year. It's not all about what you buy, it's about the actions that you take. And you can really make someone's day very special just by giving them a lovely and sincere message about how loved they are.

You're the key to my heart perler fused beads

You're the key to my heart perler fused beads

2) Romantic Key to My Heart Perler Beads

Ohh Perler beads - what can I say. I love these things! This is my current crafting addiction and I know that, just like me, there is a rather huge cult following for making things with these among other adult crafters.

Depending where you live, you will also find these beads named Hama or something else but they work in the same way. You have special peg boards which hold the beads in place as you work a pattern over the top. You can make any pixelated pattern that you like. When you are finished, you use some special ironing paper to fuse the beads together with heat and then they stick together permanently.

See How to Make This Key Heart Perler Bead Tutorial Here

Once your project is complete, think about how you will present this to your Valentine. You could offer the romantic pairing in a sweet envelope just like the one you can see how to make above. You could fix them onto the middle of a blank greetings card for a really unique and special design. Or what about mounting them into a deep, inset photo frame to hang as wall décor. Or just in a simple but cute presentation box.

Perler Beads 6,000 Count Bucket-Multi Mix: I have this tub at home and it is one I recommend to people new to using these beads. This one has a versatile range of little pegboards to use and it handily comes with a little heart shape so you can just pop your beads on top and iron over with the special paper to make a quick and easy heart. Stick the finished heart onto a card or use it as a cute decoration.

Sending my Love Card Tutorial and Free Printables for Valentine's Day

Sending my Love Card Tutorial and Free Printables for Valentine's Day

3) Sending My Love Card with Free Printables

In shades of Raspberry Sorbet, Blush Pink and a hint of Spring Green comes this cute free printable sheet filled with mini envelope embellishments and hearts for you to print, cut and glue to your desired project.

Valentine Card Free Printables

There is a handmade card demonstration for you if you want a quick way to create a card for the occasion or you can decide what you want to do with the freebies instead. You can see an example idea for a card with the photo shown here but there are lots of other ways to use the items and make your own things. The Sending Love Card and Printables Page is currently in the process of being moved. It will be added here when it is back up.

4) Paper Roses for the Flower of Romance

Roses are the flowers of love and romance. They are a traditional thing to send for Valentine's Day and other occasions such as weddings where any feelings of love are involved. Even though it is hard to replicate well, I really love to use this flower as inspiration for my crafts. Paper is one way that you can have a go at reproducing this elegant and beautiful flower with origami and paper folding techniques. Enjoy this page which moves you from complete beginner to advanced projects.

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Learn How to Fold Rose Flowers Here

Some people think that origami is just too difficult. The resource page I am showing you has projects that complete beginners can easily achieve too. Some of the projects are not strictly origami but they do create great looking paper flowers. Some of the techniques would look wonderful if you made a complete bouquet to present.

Easy to make sugar heart cookies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles

Easy to make sugar heart cookies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles

5) Sprinkle Love onto Chocolate Dipped Cookies

I'm the first to admit that I have a complete lack of patience in the kitchen but I enjoy making simple but pretty looking cookies and bakes for charity fund-raisers. These sweet sugar cookies are not hard to make at all and they taste delicious too. You can really have a lot of fun decorating these with melted chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. They're super quick and easy to make.

Learn How to Bake Some Heart Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies

All you need is a cookie mix, some melted chocolate, rainbow sprinkles and a mini shaped cutter of your choice to make these in a flash and give them to the ones you love this Valentine's day.

If you really lack in confidence with baking, you can look for some pre-made cookies in your local grocery store and just focus on the decorating using melted chocolate and sprinkles instead. They do say that the way to win a heart is often with food ...

6) Free Printable Heart Gift Boxes

Adorable Print Your Own Shaped Little Boxes. Another very crafty lady is Lee Hansen. She has made a set of 3 very cute shaped heart boxes that you can make yourself if you have a home printer. Once constructed which is easy enough to do, they make a wonderful little container box to hold small treats such as gifts, chocolates or candy.

These printables can be strung with ribbon to use just like small little baskets. Why not bake up some of my sugar cookies above and pop them inside for a really sweet treat! Or you can fill them with chocolates, candy, love notes, a small gift, small handmade item, mini bath and beauty products or DIY coupons. Or just use as sweet themed décor for your home.

Ready to Decorate Boxes to Personalize

Make some stuffed plush love hearts from felt and fabric

Make some stuffed plush love hearts from felt and fabric

7) Plush Little Hanging Ornaments

These stuffed felt hanging ornaments really were made with love. You can use up a selection of felt and fabric scraps to make these plush creations which are easy to sew.

Since they are small (you can make bigger ones if you wish) it means that you can use this project with all those spare little pieces of fabric that you have left over.

I made mine into hanging ornaments by adding ribbon which means they are now ready to hang from drawers, door knobs or even a special tree that you have for Valentine's Day. Use the free template that has been provided for you to print off to make this project even quicker.

See My Plush Heart Tutorial

These make up cute little party favors which you can pop into little party bags or boxes. Use them also as posh and special gift tags and scented drawer sachets by filling with lavender or dried flowers. There are lots of ways in which you can incorporate these into your crafting.

Make fast heart shapes from patterned papers

Make fast heart shapes from patterned papers

8) Sprinkle Your Table with Folded Hearts

You can buy sprinkles for the table or you can use you own crafty talents to create your own with folding up some and spreading around the table.

Make Easy and Quick Paper Folded Hearts

These are easy enough that my six year old can make them! They look cute scattered around plates, glasses or the base of a candle holder. Why not choose the colors of your papers based on the room or table décor?

You just need some sweet patterned paper to create a rather romantic dinner setting for a date to remember. How about writing a nice poem or something sweet on the inside of your completed design?

Enchanted woodland paper by Martha Stewart with lots of hearts for Valentine's Day

Enchanted woodland paper by Martha Stewart with lots of hearts for Valentine's Day

Themed Scrapbook Paper is Good to Use

9) Love Message in a Bottle

If you want to write and compose a sweet love note for a special someone, then this is a rather novel ideal of enclosing it into a glass bottle. I haven't tried this yet but I love the idea of this sweet gift. See how you can create a love note in a bottle craft.

If you have a cute shaped paper punch, you can easily use it to make your own paper shapes cut from sweet shades of pink or red to use as decoration inside the bottle. Perhaps you could make a bottle like this as a central part of your table décor to give it a romantic edge.

Easy and quick felt heart garland with button details

Easy and quick felt heart garland with button details

10) Decorate with a Sweet Felt Garland

Felt fabric is another little addiction of mine and I really enjoy working with it because it is so easy to use, mainly because the edges do not fray which means no hemming - ye hah, and because you can make things in no time at all.

Felt is fast and fun to use and it can definitely be incorporated into adult crafting. With this project, I was looking to make a quick garland of hearts to hang over a fireplace as room décor. You can enjoy creating this for February 14th too.

See How I Created the Garland Step by Step

I made this in shades of pink because it was going in my daughter's very girly bedroom as part of the décor. Think about where you want to hang your finished garland and choose your color scheme to work in with the chosen location. You don't need to stick to the obvious choices of pink and red. These can look great in all sorts of color combinations.

11) Free Printable Themed Fortune Teller

Can you remember ever using paper fortune tellers? These were such fun to make and play with as kids but there is no reason why adults can not enjoy them too. Here is a fun and free printable pdf for making your own Valentine Fortune Teller.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 = U R GR8! Pick a number and see what fun message you get inside. You can use this free printable or you can make your own design using this one as inspiration.I hope you've enjoyed reading this hub today, thanks for your visit. I will be adding some more themed crafts to this page for next year, so come back to enjoy the fun!

Make red heart fondant cookies

Make red heart fondant cookies

12) Make Some Yummy Fondant Cookies

Fondant is rather like Play Doh but an edible kind that you can roll out and also shape to make decorations for cakes and cookies. Learn how to use this to make some delicious and easy cookies that look like they are super hard to make.

Make some great looking Fondant Heart Cookies!

What Kind of Valentine Crafts do YOU Like?

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Please add an "All of the Above" poll answer, because there are lots of us who enjoy all the crafts at one time or another. I like this lens because I have no small children in my home, and see my great-grands infrequently as they are scattered across the country. For me, I've done and probably will do, any and all of the crafts you list. Love the photos, well done!

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I especially liked the heart felt garland and the folded paper hearts. All very cute designs and ideas on this page though. Thank you for some terrific ideas.

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