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Twister - now with a new twist!

Twister is an all time favorite game that's been around for a long time. Remember - "right foot, green," or "left hand, red"! All you have to do is follow the instructions called out by whoever is in charge of the spinner. Then, twist, flex, crouch or stretch to reach a colored spot on the mat. If you fall over, you lose, but if you can remain the last one on the mat - you win!

I remember how much fun it was to play. My sisters and I loved to play it at home, especially on rainy days when we couldn't go out to play. Many times we played Twister at a birthday party or slumber party and it was always a blast. Just recently, I purchased Twister and brought it home. I thought playing Twister would be a great way to get my daughter and son away from their electronics and do something together. Not only would it be fun, but it would also get them moving and I'm happy to say that it worked and they absolutely loved it!

My son had so much fun that he asked me to bring it to his next cub-scout meeting. This was a great idea, so for the next meeting, I incorporated Twister into Achievement 15 called "Games, Games, Games!" Surprisingly, many of the boys had never played it before and Twister became an instant hit!

This game is a classic, but it continues to be a great hit with kids, teenagers and adults, too! Twister will definitely bring everyone together for hours of fun!

To my surprise, today's Twister comes with 2 new twists. The 1st twist includes a move called AIR where you'll have to put either your feet or your hands up in the air. The 2nd twist is called Spinner's Choice where the spinner gets to pick the players next move. This adds a whole new interactive dimension to the game making it even more fun to play!

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