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Tweety Bird Costumes

Looney Tunes Deluxe Tweety Bird Costume

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Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird, or just Tweety, is a very popular little yellow canary in animated cartoons of Warner Bros., appearing in Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes series.

He has been around a lot longer than most people know, appearing first in a 1942 short named A Tale of Two Kitties, although originally under the name of Orson.

In modern times, he has become that lovable, but at times, devious little bird that battles it out with a cat named Sylvester, who is endlessly, and unsuccessfully, devising schemes wherein he can eat Tweety as a meal.

Usually those backfire, providing a lot of laughs at how his elaborate attempts at times hurting him more than it ever did Tweety.

The little yellow bird has become an icon, and great way to dress up for Halloween and other costume parties.

Tweety Costume Designs

To me, Tweety is best as a costume when appearing close to his original look, although when dressing children or pets as the little bird, there is a lot of leeway granted because they look so cute in the yellow disguise.

For adults, a close resemblance to Tweety looks the best, as you'll see below, as you compare a couple completely different looking costumes; one that looks like Tweety, and well, one that doesn't. You decide which is best if you want to step out as Tweety.

As mentioned, for children, creating a Tweety costume will almost always work because of the persona of the character and the bright, yellow colors associated with him.

Tweety Mascot Costume

Here is one of the better examples I found of a Tweety costume looking close to how we picture him in his cartoon role.

Whether you acquire a costume like this or make one, take into account the type of material you design it with, as it can get warm if it's not put together with the proper materials.

This particular Tweety costume is made of plant fiber and high-density paper board mixed so an extra heat can be easily released from it.

The yellow fur is made of short hair velvet, and the filling of polypropylene cotton.

You may wish to use an alternative for the outer part of the costume if concerns over the weather are an issue, as getting wet could make it difficult for the person wearing it.

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Baggy Tweety Costume

Here is an idea that is a little different for Tweety. It entails a baggy look, with the Tweety hood for the head.

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At first glance it looks strange, but for those that may enjoy baggy clothes and costumes, it could work as a costume with some humor attached to it, as it would generate some odd looks at first, but then I'm sure some laughs, as friends and family digest who it is you've dressed up as.

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Homemade Tweety and Sylvester Children's Costumes

I like this attempt at making these Tweety and Sylvester costumes. While it's doubtful anyone would recognize Sylvester without little Tweety standing next to him, it is cute with the two together, even with the uncertainty. And the kids would love it.

For the little Tweety costume, you can see how the yellow feathers were used to create the bird look, attaching to clothing underneath; including the feet.

It looks like this little Tweety is a little insecure with all the attention, as she holds her little bear close.

To me, this is what making Halloween costumes is all about, especially with children. It creates a lot of fun for them and delight for the adults.


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Tweety Dog Costume

For those looking for extended costume fun, here is one with a dog wearing a Tweety costume. These are always just one step below the "cute" element of costuming for kids, and you can see why with those looks that a relaxed dog will always give you when you can catch it on camera.

You can tell from the eyes that the dog doesn't care, and that's also part of the fun, as dogs like this have the appearance of being a straight man in a comedy duo.

Tweety Costume Designs and Ideas

Tweety isn't a complicated character to make, and with a little imagination and ingenuity, most people should be able to come up with a costume that creates a lot of enjoyment for those seeing it at the party.

This applies to pet or children costumes, as well as adults. The key is to imitate the big eyes, lashes, and little beak, and you'll have it all together as the little canary.

Of course for couples' costumes Tweety and Sylvester are ideal, as they will imitate real life in the tussles we will always have with those we are close to. That would be a fun way to express it.

So if you're looking for something cute and different, dressing up as Tweety on Halloween or another party event is one that will work well.

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