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Tractor Party Supplies and Ideas - Birthday Theme


Kids love tractors! And what's not to love?! A perfect party theme!

Tractor birthday party theme is perfect for all the boys and all girls. A fun theme with lots of supplies to chose from. Browse through my food ideas, activity ideas, decorations ideas and much more.

Either it is a birthday you are planning or just a random celebration tractor is a great theme, especially for young children as they are fascinated with them. It is a perfect outdoor party but you will also have a blast indoors.

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Tractor party supplies

The easiest way to go is to get the complete pack.

I just love the fact you can get pink Tractor party supplies for girls! They are adorable. As for boys I would go with a personalized one. Kids will love seeing their face on plates, napkins, decorations, favor boxes, invitations...

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Tractor Party Food Ideas

Cakes, cupcakes and more


For this theme party you can make a tractor shaped cake, either by using a tractor cake pan, cake topper or sculpting it yourself.

You can make a square cake and frost it with light brown colour to make it look like a field. Then you can try your luck with the fondant and sculpt a tractor. Alternatively you could make a 2D cake, where you just draw a tractor on it.

A cake that can fit well with tractor theme party is also the Barn Cake - you can see the easy tutorial on how to make it in the video bellow.

Photo Credit: Mike Hauser via Flickr CC

Sculpted Tractor Cake

Simple Tractor Cake with Cupcakes

Tractor Cake Pans and Cake Toppers

With these you will have a perfect tractor cake in no time.

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Barn Cake Tutorial

I love how simple it is to make this barn cake and it will look great at a tractor party.

Tractor Cupcake Ideas and Topers


These are miracle workers. They can make a difference. You can serve casual cupcakes with tractor toppers (edible or not).

You can also take them to another level and make a cupcake farm. Frost the cupcake with light brown and place them on the table in rows, one by one so that they will make an impression of the field. You can also decorate them with different crops (toppers), so it will look like a field.

Healthy Snacks

This is a perfect theme where you can serve veggies and fruits. Plan a few healthy party snacks for the kids.

Good ol' farm cooking

Foods that would match this theme perfectly are pie, chicken, corn and just about anything that is traditional.

Tractor party games and activities

Crop collection

If you by any chance have a toy tractor that kids can ride you can plan activities around it. You can play "crop collection". You can use real crops or print them on cardboard. You show the crops to children (can even educate them a bit) so they know which vegetables and fruits are in play. Each child gets one and does not show it to others, the remaining vegetables and fruits (they can be duplicates) are put in the trailer (if there is any). You pick one child to be the first driver, other children spread around. The little driver drives his or her tractor to one of the kids and asks to collect the crop. He can ask one question about the crop (yes or no question) and after that he or she must guess the crop. If the guess is correct then the crop is collected and the driver stays and goes on. If the guess is wrong, the driver changes place with that child.

Sack race

This popular activity will be perfect for a tractor themed party!

Photo Prop - A Tractor Booth!

An activity and a favour in one. You can take pictures of every guest at the party and at the end of the party (or after) gift them the picture.


Mommy-Bear on July 24, 2013:

I love the tractor cake. Thanks for the inspiration.

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