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Gifts & Top Toys for 3 Year Old Boys in 2014- Christmas, Birthdays and 3-4 Year Olds


What toys does a 3 year old want?

Wondering what are the toys a 3 year old boy wants? They aren't all that picky at this age but they do know what they don't like.

Your best bet is to get something fun and educational as we all want to see our kids grow up to be smart so the toys should be very engaging and help develop skills such as reading numbers and imagination (the last being a very important one) through play.

Hot new toy a 3 year old boy will love in 2014!

Have you seen Disney's animated movie Planes? It's great and boys sure do love it and that's one of the reasons why this toy is so popular.

But there's more as this isn't just your ordinary remote controlled plane toy. There are two controllers, one for each hand and the plane moves the way your kid moves - if he tills left so will the plane, if he tilts right so will the plane. How cool is that?

This is a great toy for boosting their imagination, it's perfect for cause and effect understanding and will do wonders for their coordination.

See the plane in action

A Playset for Pretend Play


Rescue City Center Playset

Every home needs a play set as they are great for pretend play. 3 year olds are getting the hang of pretend play and they are ready to share their toys with their friends (not all toys though).

Boys will love playing with their favourite real life heroes - firemen and policemen - as they save the city by catching thieves and other baddies and rescuing cat's from the trees and putting out fires.

I really like this playset as it has a lot to offer and it's really budget friendly. Imaginext also have a wide variety of toys and figurines that go with this set so there's lots of room for expansion.

Best Learning & Educational Toys for 3-4 Year Old Boys


Learning made easy with LeapFrog LeapPad2

Tablets have become a part of out life and kids see that too and want theirs too. My nephew always wanted to use my tablet and could do simple tasks on it before he turned 3 but as real ones are too fragile (and to expensive) a kid friendly alternative is in order.

There are more available on the market but personally I recommend LeapPad2 as it's very intuitive so kids do get a hang on it quickly, its super sturdy (it will survive falling on the floor), easy to hold in small hands and has a wide variety of learning games available (5 are already on the tablet, others you have to buy).

Games are designed to teach kids reading, counting and maths, listening comprehension, art, music, language and culture, science, geography and the list just goes on and on.

A pack full of educational games

This little pack holds a bunch of fun and educational activity games and it's perfect for travelling. It has alphabet puzzle which will help them with their abcs, lacing shapes to help them define their fine motor skills, shape puzzles and more...

My favourite from this set is the construction puzzle which will let their imagination and creativity run wild.

Teaching them about the value of money


Toy Cash Registry

Even if we don't want it to be, money is one of the most important things in our lives and it's important to know the value of it. The easiest way to teach kids the value of it and to make them understand it's role in the money is through play.

This cash registry won't just teach them about money, it will also help them out in mastering basic calculus all while they will be busy selling plastic food and other goods to their friends and family.

It's a toy most of us had and I think it's a toy that helped us all to get the grasp on money.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are still one of the best toys you can give to little boys (and girls). For the youngest of them the blocks are bigger so there's no worry anything would get eaten while they still offer the same building experience.

Kids love making music

Creating music is fun and guitar has always been one of the instruments kids like the most.

The LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar doesn't have strings, it has touch sensors and illustrated stings so it act's like a real guitar but you don't have to worry those little fingers would get hurt or cut on the wire.

This guitar is enough to make a one boy band as it also has drum sounds and vocals and when the little one needs some encouragement there's also the sound of the crowd cheering.

Elmo's here to give out some hugs


Their Favourite Sesame Street Character

Last but not least is something for their emotional development and stress free life. Plush toys are still popular with this age group and Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo is one of the most popular ones.

This toy is adorable as it hugs the kids on it's own. Whenever your little one will want a hug Elmo will give them one.

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