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Thomas Kinkade Blessings of Christmas


Family Friends, Forever Moments

Newly fallen snow.
Thoughts of family coming home.
The smell of homemade pies baking.
Crackling fire in the fireplace.
A Savior that was born. 

These are the  
Blessings of Christmas!

In Blessings of Christmas, Thomas Kinkade wanted to bring the warmth of the holiday and the blessings the family had received during that year, into a painting that would capture all his emotions. He depicts a house that is glowing in the midst of a cold wintery night, where you can picture a family tucked snuggly inside as they share their stories with one another.

The past few years have been challenging with the events that have taken place in the economy all over the world, but there is always something that we can give thanks for no matter how small it may be. Let this be a season where we reflect back over the year as we count the Blessings of Christmas that shed light for the new year to come.

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The Making of Blessings of Christmas

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Thomas Kinkade - Blessings of Christmas SN Canvas

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For this painting Kinkade took a former cottage he had painted (from the "Home is Where the Heart Is" series) and redesigned it for a Victorian style house and winter scene. He began to imagine what would be happening in the house at that time.Thoughts of a snowman, seasonal lights decorating a tall pine tree, garland wrapped around the lamp post and a festive holiday wreath remind us that Christmas is very near. A shoveled path and stairway draw you in. The snow covered roof top with the smoke coming out the chimney leads you to believe it is cozy and warm inside where loved ones are gathered. It's not just any house, but home.

Kinkade Glass Ornament Illuminated Christmas Wreath - by The Bradford Exchange

This is the first of its kind – the Kinkade Crystalline Christmas Wreath Centerpiece.  It features seven of the painter’s most beloved winter scenes on hand blown glass ornaments that are nestled throughout the wreath.  A beautiful satin blue ribbon with 16 LED lights adds a touch of warmth to this most desired Christmas collectible.

Glass ornaments include the Blessings of Christmas, Victorian Christmas, A Holiday Gathering, Home for the Holidays and more.

Kinkade Christmas Teacup Ornament Collection: Sweet Teas - Blessings of Christmas, Silent Night & The Night Before Christmas - Click on photo for details.

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Kinkade Blessings of Christmas Snowman Issue #17 - Click on snowman for details.

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Blessings of Christmas, Victorian Christmas, Stonehearth Hutch Kinkade postcards are included on this holiday special performance CD.

Some of your old favorites are on this classic Blessings of Christmas CD.  You’ll hear singing artists such as: Johhny Mathis, Charlie Rich, Mahalia Jackson, Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Patti Page, and Jim Nabors

"Blessings of Christmas" Wick 'N Tin - Cinnamon Scented Wax - Click on photo for details.

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Are you blessed?

Christmas Cottage & Village Wreath - Highly Collectible!

Glittering snow, winding gold-trim maroon ribbons and eight Victorian homes, cottages and churches are set around this beautifully lit Christmas wreath. If unavailable, please check back often for when it is in stock.

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Change Your Paintings & Wall Hangings

Seasonal Updates

One thing that I like to do is to change my pictures for the different seasons, and Thomas likes to do the same thing. It seems funny to see the house all fancy and dressed up for Christmas and have pictures of spring hanging next to the Christmas tree.

Blessings of Christmas 8 x 36 Wall Sign - Click on sign for details.

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Blessings to be thankful for. - We often overlook the most basic things and never see them as blessings.

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PLEASE LISTEN: My Chrismas Gift to You - The Blessing Song

May the Lord answer all your prayers

and be your strong tower in all your troubles.

May all your dreams, hopes and desires come through for you.

May God pour out showers of blessing on your family,

and may He bless all the work that you set your hands to.

God Bless You!

Merry Christmas my friend,


Blessings of the Season - Clcik on angel for details.

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Buy here on Amazon

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all the Blessings of Christmas!

Rock Artist on December 22, 2013:

Inspirational man and artist, love his work! Thank you for sharing this beautiful lens!

Dusty2 LM on December 14, 2013:

WoW! What a beautiful, warm and attractive lens favored1. I really love the format and, of course, I love Thomas Kinkade as well as his paintings and the rest of his items. I really do appreciate you sharing this warm and wonderful lens. Thank You! "Wishing you,and yours, a very Merry Christmas"! (I hope you were good and Santa will bring what you wished for this Xmas).

Takkhis on November 13, 2012:

Great lens!

Little Linda Pinda from Florida on July 04, 2012:

His artwork is so gorgeous. You are ambitious to change your art for the seasons. I owned a small art gallery and I didn't change art. That must have been so nice to look at the different seasons, especially Kinkade's art. Beautiful lens.

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