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The Easter Egg Hunt

Chocolate Easter eggs in a real bird's nest

Chocolate Easter eggs in a real bird's nest



Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Teens

It isn't always easy to think of Easter activities for kids, but the Easter egg hunt is a real winner. Every year at Les Trois Chenes, our B&B in South West France, I organize an Easter Egg Hunt for our children and for the children of guests and I like to try to make rhyming Easter egg hunt clues. The clues started very easy, when the children were young, but now our kids are growing up. At fifteen, you'd think Easter egg hunts would be below them - not a bit! They love them still.

So if you're going to have an Easter party make the hunt the highlight of the day. Give each child an Easter egg basket and send them off to find their eggs.

These are my rhyming clues for 2013 when the older kids were fourteen and fifteen - the younger one just tagged along, but you could always use two sets of clues for different age ranges.

My clues are specific to our house and garden. Some of them you can use yourself directly, but others you'll have to adapt. I'm afraid they are not great works of literature - I have to think of them pretty quickly, but they might give you some ideas and save you a bit of time.

Happy Easter and happy Easter egg hunting.


The Origin of Easter Egg Hunt

Where did egg hunting at Easter come from?

The origin of Easter egg hunts began in Germany and the surrounding countries in the 17th century with the Osterhase or Easter bunny. The Easter rabbit would, so the story goes, decorate eggs at Easter time and then hide them in the gardens.

In America the tradition was brought over from Germany to Pennsylvania in the eighteenth by Dutch immigrants - and people loved it. The Easter hunt was taken up all over the country. Easter baskets began to be used instead of the nest, chocolate eggs replaced the hard boiled eggs, and gifts, pennies and other little Easter goodies were added.

Can you spot the egg?

Age Range for these Easter Eggs Hunt Clues

Remember, these clues are for kids in their mid teens - they worked well for my fourteen to fifteen year olds - except the piano. None of the teens could even see the piano. They got the 'play' and 'black' clue and thought of computers, trampolines, phones, XBoxes ......

The Golden Easter Egg Hunt Prize - This bunny must be the perfect surprise!

Everyone knows that it's the Easter bunny who brings the Easter eggs! The rabbit has been associated with Easter since pagan times, when, along with the egg is was a fertility symbol.

I think it's nice for children to learn a bit about the meaning of Easter, but really, we all know it's the cute bunny they love and, even more, the delicious chocolate.

These Kids were Delighted with their Golden Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

This Is How Our Treasure Hunt Goes

This Is How The Game Will Go

It's always the same, you know

Firstly I go through the rules, and then I read out the little introduction and the first clue so they can find the first hiding place. I hide all the other clues in the hiding places, one clue leading to the next place. I also put a little egg in each hiding place. You could put their Easter cards in hiding places, and other little Easter gifts and presents.

The last hiding place has the grand prize, a cache of small eggs or one great big egg for each child.

As I have all my eggs in full view, it is really a good idea to have another adult with the clues AND hiding places so they can hide the egg as the kids look in other places. This year some of the kids spotted eggs before they read the clues.

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At the end all the eggs are shared equally amongst the children, so everyone is happy.

For more tips on exactly how to organise your Easter party click on the link below.

The Easter Eggs Hunt Rules

So kids don't wreck the Easter party I begin the hunt by reading out these 'golden rules':

"Laying Down The Golden Rule

Take your time and keep your cool

To stop the kids running all over the place, wrecking your Easter party, garden and messing up the house, lay down rules - for your sanity and their safety. These are my rules:

All the eggs are placed in full sight, no need to open up doors, draws or move anything. Don't use hands at all!

No eggs are in the flower beds. No eggs are outside the garden up the stairs, in the bedrooms or the kitchen."

We do 'hot and 'cold' if they can't work out the clues to stop them climbing about or destroying the house.

Spot the Easter egg!

Spot the Easter egg!

Rhyming Easter Egg Hunt Clues Are So Easy

(Who am I kidding? They make me quite queasy!)

The Easter Egg Hunt Introduction

Gather around and listen please,

The eggs will all be clear to see,

Don't poke in cupboards, or look in draws,

If you see an egg, you'll know it's yours.

Don't open doors or climb on flowers,

No need to search around for hours!

They're in our garden or our home,

No need to roam onto the road

Or in the fields to break this code.

You have to think about each clue,

And all good things will come to you.

PS - Can you spot the egg?

Printing and Hiding Easter Egg Hunt Clues

I create my Easter egg hunt clues on the computer and then print them out. I'll give you the clues with their hiding places - this is what I print out and keep myself so I remember where each hiding place is. You then make a second sheet without the hiding places.

Cut the kid's copy into individual clues - strips. Keep the first clue to read out and then hide all the other clues so that one clue leads to the next clue's hiding place.

You probably won't have a stable or rabbit hutches, but you can get the idea and maybe adapt it to suit your own flat, house and garden - or even the local park.

Rhyming Clues for Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Hey! Would you say this clue will shed some light?

    Go and look - I thought it might. In the hay in the woodshed

  2. Polly Flinders often goes,

    To toast her pretty little toes On the mantelpiece over the fireplace

  3. When is a door not a door?

    There are so many it's quite a bore! In a jar near a door

    PS The answer to the riddle "When is a door not a door?" When it's ajar.

  4. You might play with all your might,

    White as snow and black as night. On the Piano

  5. Sit up and shout, 'So Far So Good'

    I run and jump 'cos I'm no spud? On the sofa

  6. All those posh people can agree,

    You'll be barking up the wrong tree In the plum tree

  7. Looking for the Easter Rabbit?

    Put salt on tail, then go grab it! In the rabbit hutches

  8. Topsy turvy, back to front

    Alice would love this Easter egg hunt Near the mirror

  9. A bright red bush, but not red hot,

    Burning bush - easy to spot. In the red Camellia bush

  10. Your prize is nearly in the bag,

    Steady now, you mustn't lag

    Behind the others, you're so near,

    Go for gold and never fear,

    Add an S, I beg of you,

    The Easter egg is just in view

    If you are able to solve this clue

    Run along and find it - do! In the old stable

You Could Hide Their Easter Cards As Well

These are designs taken from around Les Trois Chenes

Easter Cards from Les Trois Chenes

Goslings, chicks and flowers and hens

Bags of Easter Egg Ideas - Little treats for little dears

I like to have one grand prize for each child, but it's fun if they get a little egg at each hiding place along with the next clue. At the end they pool all the eggs and share them equally - that way everyone is happy.

If you are competitive, you can always declare the child with the most eggs the winner, but personally I don't like this - especially if there are mixed ages.

Find an Easter Egg Basket - You'll need an Easter basket or similar container for the kids to collect their Easter eggs

It's a good idea, if you are giving them lots of little eggs and gifts to give them an Easter basket to collect them in. You can buy a pretty little Easter basket, or just give them a little bag, or container from food - just depends how much you want to spend. Once bought, though, you can use your baskets year after year for more Easter egg hunts, or you could use them for flower arrangements in the house. Have a look here for ideas for decorating your house with spring flowers.

Our Ancient Easter Basket at Les Trois Chenes - With lots of colourful little Easter eggs in it

Easter basket

Easter basket

When we bought our farmhouse in Limousin, France, the huge barns were filled with all sorts of curiosities, including a whole range of hand-made baskets. I use these baskets for gathering fruit and vegetables, keeping my art materials in and to display the magazines for our B&B.

Of course, when Easter comes around they make absolutely super, authentic-looking Easter baskets.

Do You Organise an Easter Egg Hunt? - Or do you give it a miss?



© 2013 Barbara Walton

Easter Egg On Your Face? - I'd love to hear from you

Anna from chichester on April 18, 2014:

Oh wow what a brilliant lens!! I love these ideas - especially the rhyming clues! The Easter baskets you featured here are gorgeous :) those are some very happy looking kids!

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on March 25, 2014:

I really do love a great Easter egg hunt! And, I love chocolate bunnies!

Brian Stephens from France on April 13, 2013:

We just had 3 families come to stay at our gite in France for Easter, the bonus is that we now keep finding little stashes of Easter eggs everywhere from their Easter egg hunt, especially the wood piles. I think the kids did OK but the truth is so did we, a little of a proprietor's bonus we think. And they are back in the UK now :-)

Rose Jones on April 03, 2013:

Easter is a wonderful holiday, with deep root in ancient beliefs. The Easter egg hunt is part of that. Pinned to my holidays board.

MBradley McCauley on April 03, 2013:

Great lens, very clever, nicely laid out, fun to read......good job. I give it an A plus plus

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