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The Best Animated Halloween Décor and Props

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Creepy Rising Animated Doll. Scroll Down for Description and Video

Creepy Rising Animated Doll. Scroll Down for Description and Video

Voice and Motion Activated Animated Halloween Decorations are The Best!

Add a touch of whimsy, humor or fright to your Halloween this year with one or more of these great Animated Halloween Figures. They move. They talk. They'll surprise (or shock) your guests or put one on your porch and watch the trick or treaters when their approach or chatter causes the figure to seemingly come to life.

Choose from cackling witches, grim reapers, ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, zombies and more - all voice or motion activated with sound, motion and/or special lighting, fog or other theatrical effects.

We've got one (not too scary but hopefully just scary enough) to hang on the porch of our old Victorian house this year. We hope it will contribute to a memorable Halloween for the neighborhood kids.

Caution: This Page is Not for the Squeamish


Creepy Cathy Animated Halloween Figure - Unbelievably Realistic Zombie Girl

Creepy Cathy
She pivots at the waist while moaning and screaming! CD sound is included. 4 feet tall.

Order Animated Creepy Cathy Now

See and Hear Creepy Cathy in Action

Scary Animatronic Halloween Props

For Indoor or Covered Outdoor Use. Details and Videos Below.

For Indoor or Covered Outdoor Use. Details and Videos Below.

Check Out The Videos & See Them in Action!

Left to Right:

The Swamp Hag features a rising action, yellow light-up eyes, eerie swamp noises and spooky phrases. She is 5 feet tall at full height.

Helga Toad Gutter with Tombstone is 26 inches high and motion activated. Her arm and mouth move and she spews wicked sayings that will send chills up your spine.

The Grotesque Lurching Zombie is motion activated and is sure to frighten unsuspecting visitors. At 72 inches tall, he is life-size but his sounds and movements are anything but life-like.

Creepy Rising Animated Doll rises to about 60 inches high as its voice changes from a child's to a dark, disturbing, deep, scary voice.

The Spell Speaking Witch stands 77 inches tall overall and is a favorite with the kids in our neighborhood. Not as frightening as the animated doll but just scary enough - especially after dark.

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Rocking Fungus Amongus

Frightfully Moldy Animated Corpse

Place this terrifying life-size character in any chair and he will rock back and forth ominously. This re-animated corpse has amazingly realistic head and hands that look as if he is growing fungus from his wounds. He is dressed in tattered clothes and plastic boots. He says three things that you can program a variety of ways. Easy to assemble with included metal frame.


Have You Purchased an Animated Halloween Prop?


Scaretaker Animatronic Halloween Prop

Two (Animated) Heads are Better than One

Imagine this frightining fellow greeting your guests or trick-or-treaters this Halloween!

This realistically hand-painted animatronics prop stands about 66 inches tall and is very creepy.

His jaw and the jaw on the skull he ghoulishly carries both move up and down while his body shakes and wobbles. His expression is eerie and the look in his glaring eyes will freeze the blood in your veins.

Order Your Scaretaker Animatronics Animated Figure Now

Matilda the Animated Witch

Standing 5 1/2 ft tall, Matilda's stooped frame is draped in a full-length tattered dress with a hooded shawl. While she pets her glowing red-eyed black cat, Mathilda's one good eye also glows red as she cackles malevolently. Plugs into any standard outlet to operate.

Matilda speaks three phrases (see below).


Be careful when choosing realistically frightening decorations and props for Halloween when there are children involved.

Younger children may not yet be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. They are impressionable and can be traumatized by being scared. Please choose wisely.

Detail of Evil Entity Animated Prop

Detail of Evil Entity Animated Prop

Animated Ghostly Evil Entity Soul-Catcher Halloween Haunted House Prop


The ULTIMATE Grim Reaper

Prepare to Meet Your Doom

This 7-foot-tall Reaper wears a black robe with red and gray fabric accents and a belt hung with 3 plastic bones. He is hand-painted and has red LED eyes.

The Ultimate Grim Reaper has two humungous creepy wings and a 54" long plastic scythe. Head turns from side to side. The sensor works by light, sound, or motion and activates the LED eyes, the morphing/color changing chest light, and the voice.

He will say one of three sayings with each activation of the sensor ("Ahh...I knew we would meet soon. Come, feel Death's cold embrace!"; "I have been waiting for you. Allow me to seal your doom! Ah-hahahahah!"; "You can run, but you, but you cannot hide. There is no escaping your death!"). Some assembly required.

Click Here to Purchase Now

Giggles the Evil Clown Rocking Prop - The Scariest Creepiest Clown Ever!


Giggles Latex Animated Prop

This bizarre little clown rocks back and forth as makes his evil laugh incessantly. Solid steel motor. Evil laugh CD included, you supply your own CD player. Operates on 110V outlet. (Rocking chair not included.)

Order Yours Now

Which Animated Props do You Like Best?


Animated Fogger Props

Have Their Own Page

Click the Above Link to Visit
Spooky Animated Foggers
and Fog Machines
for Fog Spewing
Creatures and Fog Supplies

More Great Halloween Costumes - and Decorations

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Created by Chazz with Hand image © Linda Bucklin

Created by Chazz with Hand image © Linda Bucklin

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lesliesinclair on October 31, 2012:

They are all out of this world, as far as I'm concerned. You lens gets the scary prize.

TapIn2U on October 01, 2012:

I love your stuffs! They are creepy. Sundae ;-)

Crystal Booth from Wellston, Ok on September 20, 2012:

Lots of scary Halloween fun! Thanks for sharing.

anonymous on September 19, 2012:

Very spooky décor, perfect for the Halloween.

mic604 on September 18, 2012:

Like the way the lens is put together...not much into decorating for Halloween, but love the holiday and time of year.

JoshK47 on September 07, 2012:

Animated décor is a great way to spook the trick or treaters - and there's nothing like making the kids work through their fear for candy... (is that cruel of me to say? Haha) Blessed by a SquidAngel!

AlleyCatLane on August 28, 2012:

Terrific lens. These creatures would scare the stew out of anyone who approaches. Blessed.

Chazz (author) from New York on August 26, 2012:

@Deadicated LM: Thanks, Deadicated. I did notsee Making Monsters but I'm off to google it now to see if I can check it out later today.

Deadicated LM on August 26, 2012:

Awesome Halloween Lens, did you happen to catch a show last year called "Making Monsters"; it was really cool, they show you how they make some of these animatronics.

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