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Thanksgiving Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Thanksgiving Wallpapers

In America, Thanksgiving is a celebration based upon a time when our forefathers faced difficult circumstances, where their very lives were at stake. Working together with Native Americans, they were able to make it through an extremely difficult winter, and so celebrated together a dinner of thanksgiving, which is the model for the present-day Thanksgiving Day celebration.

That has unsurprisingly provided a lot of subject matter for artists, including digital artists, who provide a number of Thanksgiving wallpapers and backgrounds to look at during the holiday season.

Some of the Thanksgiving digital art includes humorous looks at Thanksgiving scenes, including the Turkey trying to outsmart the one about to kill him for dinner, to cartoon characters eating the Thanksgiving meal together, in a way that wouldn't exactly inspire hope for family gatherings.

In this article we'll look mostly at attractive Thanksgiving wallpaper themes. They'll inspire with some mouthwatering table settings which will build up our own expectations as the day approaches to devour the meal and add a few pounds to our frames.

And what would Thanksgiving be without some photos of real turkeys ... turkeys that haven't sacrificed themselves for our consumption yet.

There's even a cornucopia wallpaper, and for fans of the Thanksgiving Parade, an image from the past that all will enjoy; especially for those that like to watch the annual parade.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Wallpaper

At first glance this doesn't appear to be a humorous or happy Thanksgiving wallpaper, but from the perspective of imagining a person walking up to grab this turkey in order to use him for the Thanksgiving meal, I think it's hilarious.

I mean by that the look on the face of the turkey. The greeting, presumably from the turkey is, "Happy Thanksgiving day." But then it's as if he realizes something like ... "wait a minute, where's the main course coming from."

That's the impression I get from looking at the way he's looking straight at us, and in that regard it's pretty funny. But even on it's own it's a nice image to get you in the Thanksgiving mood.

Turkey Wallpaper

Turkey Wallpaper

Turkey Wallpaper

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Thanksgiving Cornucopia Wallpaper

A cornucopia, as you can see in the image, is designed in the shape of a horn, with a specific connection to a goat's horn long ago. It's a symbol of abundance, which is why you see them filled with a variety of food when displayed.

There are some times, when filling it right before Thanksgiving dinner that the food in the horn can be real, but other times, when used primarily as a decorative piece, it is filled with artificial food items made for the purpose of eye candy.

Either way, they definitely get one ready and anxious to dig into the Thanksgiving meal shared with family and friends. The cornucopia asserts that it has been a good year and the meal is being eaten in Thankfulness because of that.

Cornucopia Wallpaper



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Fall Thanksgiving Turkey Wallpaper, Background

What really attracted my eye to this particular Thanksgiving wallpaper with a turkey theme, was the cool decision to use a fallen autumn leaf as a canvass for the rest of the image.

The golden brown, yellow hue of the leaf is vibrant, and the inclusion of the town and old-time way of baling hay was very cool looking.

Notice how the turkey is walking away from the town as if saying, "I've got to get out of here." Funny.

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I won't say what they are, but did you notice the type of plant in the left foreground with the prickly looking ends? Write in the comments if you recognize the particular plant that is.

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

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Wallpaper of Turkey from Thanksgiving Day Parade

Next we have an image that anyone in America would recognize if they ever have watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade - that of the giant turkey that has delighted people for so long that have seen it come down the street.

You can see why it's so compelling, with the wings fully spread out and the turkey nobly looking forward no matter what his fate.

And of course the Pilgrims sitting on the top near the stretched out wings are a nice added touch to the look of the float.

Thanksgiving Day Parade Background

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Wallpaper of Turkeys Walking in Woods During the Autumn Season

This scene of the three turkeys walking in the woods is a reminder of how recently I have been seeing wild turkeys near the home of a family member which is located next to a farm that always grows corn in its fields.

Corn attracts all sorts of critters, including these amazing birds.

Placing the birds in this gorgeous autumn environment with the leaves having partially fallen, while the rest still cling to the branches before they eventually meet their fate of falling to the cool autumn floor of the woods.

It's a beautiful scene; one which deserves a place on a computer or other screen to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Turkey Walking in Woods During Fall Season

Turkeys Walking in Woods

Turkeys Walking in Woods

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Thanksgiving Meal Wallpaper

To me the hardest wallpapers or background for a computer screen of any type is that of a Thanksgiving dinner, with a golden brown turkey stuffed with bread dressing and prepared to be feasted upon.

That of course creates some serious expectations issues, as the longer it is in front of your eyes, the more you want to have that platter of food ready to put on your plate and begin to eat it.

Also nice with this digital image is the crackling fire in the background to create the ultimate family and friendly atmosphere. Now this is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Turkey Platter

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving Wallpapers

Thanksgiving is sure a wonderful day in America, as most of us gather around the dining table with family and friends and celebrate the wonderful blessings bestowed upon us by God.

It's a time of appreciation, reflection, and celebration, as the generations gather together under one roof in companionship and hopefully, appreciation for one another.

Partaking of the table together confirms the connections of the past, present and future, and using these terrific Thanksgiving wallpapers of reminders and expectations of these wonderful moments are a great way to prepare for this day of feasting and spending time together as a family and with friends.

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