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Tea Party Ideas: Hosting the Perfect English Garden Tea Party

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Elegant tea parties don’t happen by accident, and I’ve got some great tea party ideas for you. Whether you’re planning an exquisite afternoon for the ladies or a dainty date with your daughter, these ideas are sure to please!

Tea parties are great for spending time with friends or birthday parties for girls!

Tea parties are great for spending time with friends or birthday parties for girls!


Sure, for some, this might be going overboard, but I wanted to provide you with all of the tea party ideas I could think of. I love the idea of sending invitations to such an elegant event. If you’re going to go through all of the trouble of planning something so special, why not add this formal touch?

You can get beautiful invitations on as well as many other websites for a relatively low price and it will add that much more to the whole experience.

Set the Stage

A fun addition is to include a tea bag with your invitation. The fragrance and mood will hit your future guest as soon as the envelope is opened.

You don’t have to wait for your guests to walk through the door before you can begin giving them the tea party experience of a lifetime!

Dress Code

An elegant affair demands elegant attire. Encourage your guests to wear their finest afternoon dresses, high heels, their classiest hats, gloves and bring a hand bag.

Get your hair done, your make up on and get ready to make the queen herself jealous that she didn’t receive an invitation! Shawls are also another fun, dainty addition to the tea party attire.


Of course, lace is a must. Lace doylies and lace tablecloths are a must. These are the staples of a truly world-class tea party. Additionally, you’ll want to adorn any tables in the area with seasonally appropriate flowers. Don’t worry about purchasing expensive flowers, carnations will do just fine as well.

Beautiful candles can help add to the mood you’re trying to create. It is also a good idea to purchase real linen napkins which is an inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury. Napkin rings can be purchased inexpensively at most craft and home décor stores.

Tea light candles can also be used as a nice accent. If you’re concerned about having an open flame, you can also purchase LED tea lights which are a lovely way to safely add a similar ambiance.

Table Settings

Obviously, you’ll need to arrange your table before the party begins. You should ensure that each setting has a desserts plate, a tea cup and saucer, silverware that is appropriate for the food being served an elegantly folded linen napkin with napkin ring and a teaspoon.

Additionally, the table should also have sugar cubes (or honey), lemon, cream and, of course, tea pots containing the tea varieties. On the table, you’ll also want some desserts as well as any other decorations such as flowers or candles.


Music is huge in setting the mood. I’d suggest leaning towards a piano suite like Clair de lune or something by Vivaldi such as the Four Seasons will add a familiar but elegant touch to the event.

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I use and highly suggest the music service. For $10 each month, you have access to nearly all music ever recorded. There are no commercials or anything of that sort. I’m not associated with Spotify in any way other than the fact that I use and love their music service. You’ll find ample amounts of classical music playlists which will be perfect for your delectable tea party.

Mmm, Macaroons!

Mmm, Macaroons!

Food & Drink

What party is complete without food? Your menu plays a major role in overall experience of your tea party. Here are some things to think about when planning your tea party menu.


Desserts are a delicious way to decorate your table as well. It’s amazing how pretty a tiered display of cupcakes, petit fours and other finger desserts can look. You can get tiered displays at many big box stores as well as the cake decorating areas of crafts stores like Michael’s and Joann’s Fabrics.

Other desserts to consider include:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Scones
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Pound cakes
  • Cream puffs
  • Tea tarts
  • Tea loaves
  • Tea biscuits
  • Jams & Butters
  • Puddings
  • Cookies
  • and tea cakes

While these desserts are classics, anything that looks scrumptious to you and your guests is perfect for your elegant tea party.

Tea Selection

Early Grey is a staple tea for tea parties, but feel free to include green teas and herbal teas to suit your guests’ tastes. Chamomile tea is another nice addition.

It is important to have a variety of teas so that you can suit guests who like either strong or lighter teas. Some guests might prefer iced tea over hot, so consider providing a sweet tea option as well.

Princess Tea Party Ideas

Bringing it All Together

Bringing all of these elements together will result in a memorable, elegant and delicious afternoon. I tried to highlight the most elegant parts of a tea party, but feel free to include and exclude whatever you feel.

Even though I have illustrated a tea party fit for a queen, that doesn’t mean your tea party must be as formal. Sometimes, there can be a fine line between formal and stuffy.

The most important part is that you enjoy the company and create treasured memories. I hope these tea party ideas have helped you. I wish you all the best.


Ilona from Ohio on January 14, 2014:

Really cute idea for a party- tried and true.

Mackenzie Sage Wright on January 07, 2014:

I love this. I love tea parties, I love the décor and all the little delicacies and socializing over a great cup of tea. I love to pick up nice trays, plates, cups, etc. from thrift shops. This is awesome, a lot of really beautiful ideas here. I love this hub, great job. And such beautiful images.

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