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Taz or Tasmanian Devil Costumes

Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian Devil, or Taz for short, is a creation of Robert McKimson on behalf of Warner Brothers for its Looney Tunes cartoon series.

Based upon the real tasmanian fevil animal, specifically in regard to its insatiable appetite and endless search for meat, the Tasmanian Devil cartoon figure had those characteristics built into his persona, which includes a very short temper, creating an easily identifiable element of his personality whenever he appears in a show, which he eventually, over a three-year period, ended with one of his own.

For fans of Taz it is hilarious to remember him and his one-track mind, and also his signature way of traveling - by means of a tornado-looking cloud, which is actually Taz swirling around at high speed.

When doing his whirling thing, Taz could also just about spin through anything, although sometimes he would use his out-sized teeth to take a chomp out of something in his way.

All of this makes a great idea for a Halloween or party costume, as his limited personality, but out-sized appetite, always makes for a fantastic look. And is even better when it includes some role-playing of the Taz, who has very limited speech, but talks in funny sentences.

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Taz Costume Designs

When it comes to a Tasmanian Devil costume, there is only one thing that is important, and that's the head of the Taz, especially the big, over-sized mouth and teeth of his.

So the best costumes include those characteristics, with the rest nowhere near as cool looking.

Of course with children they usually need to have an opening, so a costume with the head of the Taz on top of the child's head is the way that is overcome.

If it's a homemade costume, an opening can be make for smaller children in order to feel comfortable.

Taz in Halloween Pumpkin Costume

One of my favorite types of costumes is when you don one costume, and then within that costume, wear another. That's what we have here with this Taz costume.

I really like this Halloween theme for Taz, wearing the pumpkin somehow takes the edge off of this edgy character, giving all who see him a good laugh.

No matter what type of costume you may wear for a party, it's always interesting to think of wearing dual costumes like the one below, as you'll never have to be concerned about someone else showing up exactly like you.


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Taz Hood Costume

I've never been a big fan of adult costumes which have the face of the character on top of the head, although I think it may be made for those that area somewhat claustrophobic, and need an larger opening to feel comfortable in the costume. For children they work great though.

Now as for the costume next to Taz, it's hard to figure out what that is. But if it's supposed to be Jaws, it's sure to be the worst one ever seen in the world. Of course sometimes the worst a costume is, the better chance it will be a hit, because it's so bad people get a good laugh out of it.

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Taz Costumes Showcasing Head, Mouth and Teeth

Now these are the types of Tasmanian Devil costumes I like. They include the big head, mouth and teeth of Taz, and with the top one, retains the exact cartoon look of the character.

The bottom one has a similar look and feel, confirming, in my estimation, why a Taz costume must be made in this fashion for the most effective and awesome results.


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Great Taz Costume

Here we have a different take on a fantastic Taz costume, as the large head and teeth remain intact, but without the mouth being open.

The way the eyes are slightly narrowed remind us of the uncertainties surrounding Taz, even though he appears to be open in this costume, as evidenced by the open arms he has.

I think the costume has the hands built in that way, with the arms of the person remaining within the body of the costume.

Whichever it is, it's a great Taz costume that would be a terrific way to show up at a party.


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Taz Riding in Parade

The best thing about wearing a Taz costume is you may just get to ride in a car in a parade with fans showing adoration upon you. And maybe not. But it is fun to think about.


Taz Costumes

Tasmanian Devil costumes are all about the way his head and face look, and if you get that right, you'll have an awesome costume for whatever type of party you attend.

Taz remains one of the unique cartoon characters in history; both with his personality and his looks. That makes for great inspiration for those wanting to sport a unique look when mixing with other costumed friends and family.


Jesse Thunder on September 14, 2013:

Very angry. Not happy. Led to this page from Google expecting to buy a displayed adult Taz costume for Halloween and all I get is a bunch of words talking about Taz. :-(

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