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Last Minute Little Gifts

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Stocking Stuffers For Just About Everyone

You shopped 'til you dropped, and it seemed as if you must have covered every store and each item on the list. But, then, oops! There aren't enough of those neat little things to put in each stocking on Christmas Eve. Don't fret, here are some last minute items that will make the Christmas stocking something special.

The back-story

I loved rushing down the stairs early, oh so early, on Christmas morning to see what was in my Christmas stocking. It was hung on the fireplace mantle, and filled with all sorts of things that would keep me happy until the family gift opening time, scheduled for much later, after my parents awoke and we had attended Church. Much too long for excited children to wait. Candy and little gifts, gee-gaws and doo-dads, I loved the thrill of this early morning tradition.

My parents created the entire Santa-comes-to-visit scenario, with cookies and milk left in special dishware ( just for Santa!), after the mandatory visit to Santa and the letters, lists, and certain gifts that came from Santa Claus himself, left under the tree.

Well, I grew up and chose to not continue the mirage of a Santa Claus, but this tradition of little goodies was one I wanted my children to experience and enjoy. No stockings, but bowls, later Christmas mugs and goodie bags, filled with all the stocking stuffers and candy that made the morning of Christmas to be one of anticipation and delight. Oh, and always at least one perfect orange or Christmas clementine at each place on the dining room table. It was a perfect setup for my large family of ten children (think of how that fireplace would groan under such a number of filled stockings, let alone jostling for first dibs on getting to the contents).

To help you craft your own tradition of little gifts and special, this lens is lovingly offered...

Gift List for Geeky People

You're a Geek, aren't you?

Super cool things for geeky people on your gift list- little stuffers they will love.

Nerdy Gift Idea

  1. Electronics Cleaning Putty
  2. zip up ear buds
  3. 3 AC + 2 USB Wall Plate
  4. Amplifying Horn, Ihorn, for Iphones
  5. Phone cases that reference their interests- Pi, anyone? Or what's their game du jour? There is sure to be a phone case design that looks exactly like a game boy or a tape recorder, a calculator or says something witty.

For Kids, Great Stocking Ideas - Christmas stockings stuffed with goodies

Kids love stuff- they are easy to shop for... if you don't want to fight the crowds at the dollar stores...try ordering some of these choices.

Kids today are geeky, too... pretty much all of them! Yes, they need to be outside more, but try catering to the fact that they need to use flashdrive and love to have cute phone and computer accessaries. They will love some of these cute ideas!

Pook-a-Looz dolls

Try character or other cute flash drives. Those immediately caught my teen's eye as we walked through the store. Any kids with computre would enjoy receiving one of these.
Hello Kitty flashdrive is a fav for the girls.


Another type of flash drive, for guys.


For Girls Only

Girls like girly things, in pink, with glitter and they love dolls, especially fashion dolls and cute character dolls.

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For Any Kid

Card games, games for car travel, miniature games all spell fun and fit into the stocking.


Cute Pencils and Erasers

Japanese erasers for older kids and teens:

These come in all sorts of forms, characters, look-a-likes, food themes (sushi, anyone?). Small, inexpensive, and useful... look for them and use as stocking stuffers.

Do You Hang Stockings On Your Mantle? - When do you need little gift ideas to stuf the stockings?


It's the Little Things That Count

All those little necessities that we all use:

  • Chap stick
  • breath mints
  • hand size mirrors
  • coin purse
  • mini lip glosses
  • travel size hand cream
  • Travel size -anything
  • mini -size perfumes
  • sticky notes
  • small decorative boxes
  • pill boxes

Anything that is labeled" mini" or "travel-sized" or any type of office supply gadget is a candidate for a stocking stuffer. Many of these things are useful and practical, and seem more special when they are found in little sizes and filling up a Christmas stocking.

As much as we all love candy, there are times when it is too much of a good thing, and the holidays are usually overpacked with sweet goodies that aren't so good for us. That is why a little imagination and a few trips to the drugstore section can reap a treasure trove of little gifts that are so much better and can be used all through the rest of the year.

A word puzzle book! Think of the fun that brain teasers and word puzzles can provide, and there are books of all sorts and sizes available at stores and online.

...many of the little things we find at "dollar stores"

and of course yummy little candies and special treats:

- you have to get some candies and sweets!

Have you thought of scrapbooking accessories and supplies? These are ideal for anyone who loves to make keepsake memories or cards. Even if you don't scrapbook, there are lots of uses for stickers and all the inventive little "findings" that come with a trip to the Scrapbooking department.

I like to buy small size luxury gifts to mix in with traditional Christmas candy. This year a stop at Sephora revealed gorgeous stocking stuffer items including some 'Juicy Couture' perfume samples.

These are particularly juicy and delicious scents that any girl would love. The cosmetics counter contributes many small items to stuff the stockings for girls - teenage and up.

Examples of something I got for my "grown up kids" this year (teens are easiest to shop for in the stocking stuffer department!)

Who's Stuffing Those Stockings?

Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf

Frugal Tip

One thing I like to do is get a gift box of multiples or a sampler and break it up into individual stocking stuffers for more people.

Gift baskets are excellent candidates for this method of stocking stuffer buying.


Their Own Special Ornament

One that is "just mine" is a fun little gift

A small ornament that is theirs to keep through the years is a nice gift, even for children. My children's grandmother had given each child a ceramic ornament that was a cartoon-like cute character- the children grew very attached to "their own special" ornament. I think perhaps it made them feel more a part of the Christmas tradition of decorating.

Cool Stuff for Guys my husband

Grenade Screwdriver Set

At least one of my sons would LOVE an iPhone case that looks like a leather book...

The camera buffs (several on my Christmas list would really flip out over mugs!)

This comes under the "look alike" heading. Realistic photos printed on a personalized mug. This idea goes for many types of hobbies. Find out their favorite hobbies, if you don't already know, then find the lookalike items or the personalized gifts that will show them you know what they like.

Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks???

Star Wars Fans Are Out There

Not my husband, but we have plenty of Sushi lovers, and those who use chopsticks- and how cool are Samurai chopsticks?

Mini Flashlights - Toddlers love to play with them, too

And I use small flashlights all the time, to try to find things like the model number on my computer...

Were You Inspired? - Do you know what to buy for those sugar plum stockings?

Put in Your Two Cents

Cara on October 12, 2012:

Lovely lens. It wouldn't be Christmas without our Christmas stockings.

markettrol on December 10, 2011:

Very Nice Lens....some great ideas

Dragon 40 on December 10, 2011:

Nicely done. Merry Christmas from Vancouver Island! Blessed.

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