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Steampunk Costume Ideas

Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk has become a large sub-culture, and it has permeated fashion, film, tattoos and costumes for cosplay and Halloween.

In this article we'll look at a bunch of photos of those wearing Steampunk outfits to give you some ideas of what to buy or maybe make concerning a Steampunk costume for yourself or Halloween for cosplay..

Of course if you're really into the sub-culture, you can just go out like you always dress and no one will know the difference.

Steampunk fashion is built out from a Victorian influence because of its foundation of having to do with anything connected to gadgets or machines run by steam.

So for a Steampunk Halloween costume - whether bought or made - you will want to include Victorian clothing, and from there add the accessories and gadgets for a cool look.

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Victorian Costume Foundation

With this first Steampunk outfit, we see the fashion foundation of the Victorian look, but also the top hat and goggles, which are also a major part of the Steampunk culture. Assuming you have anything Victorian, it's simple to add the types of accessories as seen below to create a cool Halloween costume or outfit in its own right.

Steampunk Costume Ideas


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Steampunk Costume Ideas for Guys

Here's a look at a couple of different ideas for Steampunk Halloween costumes for guys. Vests always work, along with interesting period hats, and of course, gadgets and guns. All are part of the ensemble guys like to have with their Steampunk fashion.

Men in Steampunk Costumes


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Steampunk Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

For those couples looking for a Steampunk costume theme for Halloween, here's a great photo of a man and woman dressed in unique garb to generate some ideas. It's interesting to see such contrast, with the woman wearing more of a pixie-looking costume, and the man looking somewhat like a Samurai. Either way, it's definitely a fun theme to consider when looking for Halloween costume ideas.

Couple in Steampunk Costumes


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Female Steampunk Halloween Costume

This example of a woman dressed in Steampunk fashion is another nod to effective simplicity. I like the goggles on her head, as well as that big belt across her midriff. Those puffy sleeves and vest add a great touch as well. Not too difficult to put something similar together.

Cute Steampunk Costume for Women


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Steampunk Costume for Men

It's great to me to see these Victorian outfits with the additional gadgets. You have that nice vest and tie, but also loaded with all sorts of fun accessories and gadgets. No wonder Steampunk is so popular. Who wouldn't want to dress out in cool stuff like this.

Steampunk Costume with Top Hat


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Classy Steampunk Look

Below is a more classy Steampunk look. As you can see, it's the accessories that really define the Steampunk costume, and add those to an interesting outfit and you have a fantastic look for a Halloween costume. In this case draping lace over the shoulders, goggles and a poker define the Steampunk ensemble.

Also important here is the color of the dress itself and the lace, pointing to the Steampunk period piece.

Vintage Steampunk Look


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Steambunk Bandit Costume

I really like this Steampunk costume of what appears to be a female bandit. The little pocket watch as a gadget works nice, and of course the bullet holder looks terrific. Again, a few simple accessories with a period outfit creates an amazing costume.

Woman in Steampunk Bandit Costume


Steampunk Costumes

Looking over these photos of Steampunk outfits and costumes, you can see the importance of a few related accessories to creating a great Steampunk Halloween costume or outfit. Just get something that looks like it's from the Victorian era, add some goggles, top hat, gadgets and vests and corsets, and you have a great look.

There are of course an endless array of things you could use to generate an amazing Steampunk costume for Halloween. Hopefully those included here will get your creative juices flowing. I know they did mine.


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awesome costumes.

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