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Steampunk Costumes for Halloween and Cosplay

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Costume shown available below.

Costume shown available below.

Steampunk Costumes: Neo-Victorian meets technology with creative flair

Create a sensation this Halloween!

Steampunk is the hottest style for Halloween and Cosplay costumes this year. We've tracked down the best costumes and accessories for those looking to dress in this trendy and very romantic style.

Start with one of these steampunk costumes, add your choice of accessories to personalize your outfit, and have fun with it!


What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is the creative blending of the Victorian era and the Steam Age, often accurately described as Victorian meets Science Fiction.

Steampunk embodies a whimsical, inventive and adventurous spirit and is often set in an alternative universe, usually 19th century Britain or America’s “Wild West."

Influences include Jules Verne, Sherlock Holmes, Robert Fulton (the inventor of the steam engine), James T. West and Artemis Gordon (the latter two played by Robert Conrad & Ross Martin, respectively, in the late 1960s T.V. series “The Wild Wild West.”)

Steampunk is more than a fashion style (although that is a good place to start). It is also a lifestyle, a creative celebration of art and machinery with a pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail generally not seen since the early 1900s.

Deluxe Steampunk Aviator Costume Kit

Steampunk Makeup Tutorial

Victorian Steampunk Style Halloween Costumes - for men and women

Victorian Steampunk Adult Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Victorian Steampunk Adult Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Shown Above, Left to Right: Steampunk Gentleman Costume,Steampunk Vickie Costume for Women, Steampunk Jack Costume for Men, Steampunk Victorian Lady, and Steampunk Duster for Men.

Inspiration from the Steampunk Convention

Most Wanted: Steampunk Vampire Costumes

Victorian Steampunk Vampire Costumes

Victorian Steampunk Vampire Costumes

Shown above, Left to Right: Steampunk Theatrical Quality Vampire Costume, Womens Steampunk Victorian Vampire Costume, Steampunk Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume, and Steampunk Black Victorian Vampire Coat for Adults.

Costumes and Accessories from Halloween Costumes


Sexy, Seductive Steampunk Costumes

From left to right: Steampunk Victorian Vampiress, Sir Steampunk, Steampunk Lace Trimmed Black Skirt

Click to Learn More and Order Your Favorite

Personalize your costume with Steampunk Accessories

Auctions listed here are updated in real time, so bid or make an offer early while these items are still available at such great prices.

You'll find hats and goggles, one-of-a-kind hand-made creations and the ultimate in steampunk jewelry, gloves, boots, watches and more!

Explore and have fun!

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A Sampling of Steampunk Costume Accessories


And Wigs

Steampunk Wigs for Halloween or Cosplay Costumes

Steampunk Wigs for Halloween or Cosplay Costumes

Left to Right: Steampunk Burgundy Pigtail Wig, Steampunk Havoc Dreadlocks Wig, Steampunk Pigtails Blonde Wig, and Steampunk Female Auburn Wig. From $15.99.

The Steampunk Accessories and Wigs shown above (and more) are available at


Girls, Tweens Sassy Steampunk Costume

Steampunk Costume for Girls, Tweens - Promo Price $34.38

(Save 20% with Code D20)

Dress comes with Glovelettes, Hat With Scarf, and Gold Goggles. Boots not included. Sizes 10-14.


DIY Steampunk Video Guides

What do you think of Steampunk Style?

Steampunk Victorian Ghost Costumes


For information about the ghostly costumes shown above, please see our Halloween blog post "Halloween and Historic Houses."


Looking for More Sexy Costume Ideas?

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Unique combinations for all couples. From the traditional to the dramatic, tongue-in-cheek to down-right seriously sexy, we've got what you're looking for.

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Created by Chazz with Hand image © Linda Bucklin | Dreamstime

Created by Chazz with Hand image © Linda Bucklin | Dreamstime


Linda Hahn from California on October 31, 2013:

I love Steampunk - it grew on me.

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