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Best Squid Game Christmas Gift Ideas Guide

All I want for Christmas is Squid Game stuff!

All I want for Christmas is Squid Game stuff!

Squid Game Gifts! All I want for Christmas is my Squid Game stuff. My list is full of goodies from that South Korean dystopian Netflix Series about the games. The kids games, innocent and fun quickly turned into death marches. Yeah, I know, it was great and had a huge piece of the competitive TV viewing market hooked on it. I was one of them. Now the franchise has taken over the Halloween costume market and it is starting to work it's way into the Christmas gift market as well. Here's my list in case you were thinking of getting me something!

The Best Squid Game Gift Idea Is The Custom Picture & Video I Found On Etsy

The video actually has your Squid Game fans face acting out scenes from the series - it is GREAT!

The video actually has your Squid Game fans face acting out scenes from the series - it is GREAT!

The Squid Game Gift List

My list is in the order I found these items in - have fun.

  1. The Picture & Video Plaque
  2. The Red Light Green Light Alarm Clock
  3. Dalgona Candy Making Kit
  4. Triangle, Square, Circle Necklace & Jewelry
  5. Metal Wall Art With Invitation Symbols
  6. Coffee/Tea Mugs
  7. Squid Game Key Chains
  8. Squid Guard Stuffed Doll
  9. Christmas Ornament
  10. Squid Game Backpack
  11. Squid St Sign
  12. Christmas Door Mat Squid Game Style
  13. T-Shirts
  14. Sweatshirts/Sweatpants
  15. Personalized Picture Pillows

Number 11 The Door Mat

Etsy has this Squid Game Style Christmas Door Mat for the fans who want to be subtle.

Etsy has this Squid Game Style Christmas Door Mat for the fans who want to be subtle.

The Christmas Door Mat With Squid Game Symbols On It, Kind Of

Squid Game fans will recognize the shapes on this holiday door mat right away. People who aren't so familiar with the series will have no idea of the Squid Game Easter Eggs contained in your new mat. Easter Eggs are cloaked references, inside jokes, or clues hidden inside movies, TV shows, video games, and computer software.

“Easter egg.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 22 Oct. 2021. (: a hidden feature in a commercially released product (such as software or a DVD)

So in this door mat there are three shapes and they look like every day symbols we recognize as Christmas. But, we in the know, also recognize them as a circle, a triangle, and a square. The three shapes that let us know the ranks of the pink jumpsuit clad guards in the latest K horror film that's hit Netflix. (You know, SG)

Just knowing that not everyone will recognize the significance of the shapes on the door mat makes it an inside joke that will keep us fans laughing every time we think about it.

Number 8 The Christmas Ornament

Find Christmas ornaments for your Squid Game fan on Etsy!

Find Christmas ornaments for your Squid Game fan on Etsy!

Custom Made Christmas Ornaments Are Great

I really like to give personalized and custom Christmas ornaments, whether it's for a new baby, a new home, an inside joke, or a TV series. I've put a picture of Red Light, Green Light girl on this page but there are so many other scene pictures you can use. It's up to you and your imagination. I found this fun little ornament on Etsy, so if it's your fav just head over there and make your choices.

I went to Etsy and typed in Squid Game Ornaments and the first page had about 50 different choices on it. And there were about 10 or more pages I could have looked on. They included guard or character ornaments, Dalgona cookies and the four shapes they came in, the different shapes that we recognize from the game, and even the money ball. You will also see Christmas stockings, holiday cards, and holiday gift ideas there. Very fun stuff!

Searching Online Stores For These Squid Game Gift Ideas Is Hysterical!

I'm having so much fun just window shopping and making my Christmas list! The gift ideas just keep popping up one after the other, helping me discover new and exciting squid gift ideas for everyone on my list. I love add my favorite characters and movie memorabilia into my collection. These Squid Game collectibles and fan fare are going to make me rearrange my current display. I wonder how the Squids will get along with my Marvels?

My favorite is still the picture & video plaque, but that's me. That is joy of these gift ideas, everyone will choose something different as their favorite. And that is a good thing. We enjoy being unique and different, it's what makes us so interesting.

You can find this Squid Game Alarm Clock at Amazon or Ebay - I am sure lots of other suppliers have it too.

You can find this Squid Game Alarm Clock at Amazon or Ebay - I am sure lots of other suppliers have it too.

Do You Need A Wake Up Call Like They Did In Squid Game?

If you need to be woken up like the contestants did in Squid Game here is the alarm clock for you. Yes, it's the Red Light, Green Light Girl who managed to take out more than half the contestants in the first game. I believe when all the smoke cleared there were only 201 players left out of the original 456. That's a whopping 255 players who never got to cross the finish line. Talk about cut throat competition.

So back to the clock we did not realize we needed until now. The girl starts to sing us awake, then there is a strange noise, and then the gun comes out and we hear the bullet. Come on, what else screams "Good Morning" than that?

Let Red Light, Green Light Girl Sing You Awake In The Morning

Custom Made Personalized Squid Game Pillows - Red Light Green Light Or A Guard

Number 15 Personalized Picture Pillows Dressed In Squid Game Garb

Maybe you need a little stuffed courage and support when you watch those Squid Game reruns or Season 2? Well, here's the perfect merch for you. It's a pillow with your face, or a friends, on it dressed as contestant 001 or as the Red Light, Green Light Girl.

You can see how cute they are in the pictures up above and I found them on a site called where you can find an assortment of different characters to put your favorite face on.

Squid Game 3D T- Shirt With 12 Different Designs To Choose From

Number 13 On The List Is T-Shirts Number 14 Is Sweat Pants & Shirts

13 is usually considered unlucky, but I'd say that's not the case with these vibrant tops. The T-shirts are available from Zapsprints and there are six different designs to choose from. The colors are so bright and vivid, these shirts are great. I am going to have a real hard time choosing just one. Your favorite character is bound to be on one of them. The Red Light Green Light Doll is on one, the cash ball is on one, the Front Man is on one, the players and guards are on one, the Squid Game diagram with a body, a guard, and a present box coffin is on one, and there is one of an overhead shot of the players working on their Dalgona cookies.

You remember the Honeycomb game, it was game 2. The players had to carve a shape embedded in the Dalgona cookie out without breaking it. The designs were an umbrella, a star, a triangle, and a circle.

I lumped sweatshirts and sweatpants with the T-shirts just because it's all clothing. Some of the sweats look like the uniforms of the guards or the contestants, but some are very cool with symbols of the games or series on them. Some are more like a costume and others are everyday wearable outfits that look good.

Do You Know What Someone With No Money Has In Common With Someone With Too Much Money? Living Is No Fun For Them.

— Il-Nam

Squid Game Coffee Or Tea Mugs

Number 6 Squid Game Coffee Or Tea Mugs - A Great Gift Idea For The Holidays

Almost everyone I know drinks coffee or tea and that's what makes mugs such a great gift idea. These cups can be personalized and you can order them in different sizes, that's good because I like a larger mug for my coffee.

They are usually priced around a good point for the grab bag or Dirty Santa game too. It's an affordable gift that people like to get. I know because I get them and give them all the time. You can also get them almost anywhere. Check your favorite online shop or store for them. Or just search it in Google to find tons of suppliers for them.

Good Luck Finding The Best Squid Game Gifts For Everyone On Your List

That's all the pictures and ideas I have for now, but as they come to me I just might add more. The Squid Game gift ideas on this page that are pictured will give you plenty of insight on where to order the other items on my list. If you don't see the one you are looking for contact me via the comment box below or just type the name of the item in the Google or DuckDuckGo search box and I am sure you will come up with hundreds of sources.

I still love the first item on the list the best and that's definitely the first gift idea I am buying. The big surprise is that I am getting it for myself! I usually don't do that. I am all about finding the best presents for other people, but I just really like that one and I think it's very reasonably priced for something that I like so much.

Good luck with finding the best Squid Game gifts for the folks on your list and I hope you find something for yourself too!

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