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Spongebob Squarepants Costumes

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Spongebob Squarepants

Although Spongebob Squarepants is a sea sponge, most of us probably think of him more as a sponge you may find in the kitchen sink because of his obvious square shape, which identifies with his name.

In case you may not know, SpongeBob lived in a town under the sea by the name of Bikini Bottom. He lives in a two bedroom pineapple in the city with Gary; his pet that is also a snail.

With the goal of becoming the best fry cook under the ocean, SpongeBob is always trying too hard in life, which ultimately results in him, and those around him, getting into a lot of trouble.

But his positive personality and outlook on life finds him being easily forgiven, and in fact continue to attract positive energy all around him.

All this is to say Spongebob makes a great choice as a costume. Not only is he easy to make, because of his simple look and square attributes, but it's also a great way to spread some positive energy as well when attending Halloween or other costume parties.

Spongebob Costume Designs

For those wanting to remain true to the Spongebob look, designing an accurate Spongebob costume is pretty easy. The major differentiators between costumes is the specific facial expressions you want to have your Spongebob costume have, which those in this article are all smiling in the good natured way he usually does.

But if you want a surprised, worried or angry expression, that's just a matter of changing the look of the eyebrows and mouth.

The best thing to do is check out some pictures of Spongebob to see which one appeals to you the most.

One other major change is made, and that is whether or not to have your head free of the box, with the features of Spongebob's face located on the chest or stomach area, rather than your head.

This is usually due to those not comfortable with something covering their heads, which a number of children don't like, along with some adults.

To me this doesn't matter too much, as long as you get a cool look on Spongebob's face, which is what most people will focus on who look at the person in the costume.

Spongebob Costume Foundation

The foundation to a successful Spongebob costume is to first choose the right box. There are other ways of making a Spongebob costume, but the vast majority are based upon a rectangular shaped box as the starting point.

If you want to remain true to the way Spongebob looks, a box which goes down to about mid-thigh level is the best, although some can go down to the knee and lower and still look great.

Below the waist to the thighs is best because of the need to paint on Spongebob's clothes, which go to about that level in his image as a character.

In other words, it's more important not to have the box too high rather than too low. Too low will work, too high will look strange.

Get this right and the rest of the costume will fall nicely into place.

Spongebob Costume Clothes

Before we get into designing Spongebob's face, let's look at the easier aspect of putting together his clothes; as far as those that you wear, not those painted on the box.

Normally Spongebob wears tan or brown shorts, with a white tea shirt. But of those I've seen wearing a Spongebob costume, almost anything will work well, although a pair of yellow tights on the legs and something yellow on the arms with a white tee shirt over it would be the most compelling look.

Wearing brown shorts would be great, but if you're making the costume for Halloween time, in most parts of America it would probably be too cold for that, so a pair of yellow tights would help in that regard, and you could still wear the brown shorts then.

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Also fun in all of this is wearing a pair of tights with a costume made to look like Spongebob, which would generate a lot of hoots and laughs.

And as mentioned, a tee shirt would help to keep you warm while remaining true to the character's look, as would a yellow long-sleeve shirt of some sort, which would portray the yellow color of his arms.

Finally, Spongebob is always seen wearing black shoes with those protruding and rounded toes. So black shoes would work fine, and if you happen to have a larger pair, it could give the appearance of the over sized pair of shoes he seems to have on at all times.

That should take care of everything but what needs to be designed on the box.

Spongebob Costume Box Design

Before taking one step, be sure to decide on whether you're going to wear the entire box over your head, or if you're designing it for a child, over their head, because you'll have to cut a hole in the top of the box to fit a head through, whereas if the box will be worn over the head, that's a step that won't have to be taken.

Assuming you're buying a new box from the post office or a store, you will get it flat and broken down. So once you put it together, you may have to use adhesive or glue to hold the flap parts in place once the head area is cut out. That means something must be resting on the shoulders to hold the box in place. Some people will use something connected to the box and placed over the shoulders for that purpose, so the box doesn't fall down if it loosens up at the neck area. Felt is a good choice for this, making suspender-like strips to glue to the box and place over your shoulders.

The rest of the instructions for designing Spongebob won't matter in regard to where the head will be with the costume, as Spongebob's face and body will have to be done in the same way in the same place, either way.

There are some pictures to look at below to see the idea.

Concerning holes cut in the box, besides the head if you're going to go that route, you'll also have to cut arm holes for the arms. Some people have made dangling, fake arms, but I would think it would be uncomfortable for those having to hold their arms crunched together for any length of time.

And if it's for a child, you want to be able to have them be able to have arm movement so they can get their candy in the case of it being a Halloween costume.

For the legs, you can either cut off the box flaps, or keep it open and bind them together if you want the box length to be longer. Either way, there will be more than enough room for your legs to move.

Painting Spongebob Box

The next step, once the appropriate holes are made is to paint the box. Some people choose to color it, but paint is a much easier choice, and it looks good too.

First paint a primer over the box and let it dry, and then paint the box the yellow color so familiar to Spongebob. A light orange doesn't look bad either, and you can decide whether you would prefer that or not by looking at the Spongebob painted in that color below.

For those more ambitious, using acrylic paint after penciling in the features of Spongebob on the bare box is another option, although it would take longer because of the large amount of space needed to be covered in yellow.

Even so, there is still the details of the face, and the white shirt, tie, and brown pants that need to be painted over the yellow spray foundation with acrylic paints.

Another option is to use vinyl, or other craft items to shape the facial features and hot glue them onto the box. You'll also see examples of that technique below.

To create the look of a sponge as the pores on the cartoon Spongebob portray, you can paint them in or use other items to create the effect. Many people forego this step, as a Spongebob costume can look good without it.

Before taking any permanent steps, try on the costume with the penciled in areas to see if it's lined up as you want it to be.

Spongebob Photocopy Costume Secret

If you don't have a steady hand yet want a good looking Spongebob costume, here's a tip you can use with great results.

Take the desired look you want of spongebob, preferably from a coloring book, and then make a photocopy of the parts of his face. If it's a small box you're using for a child, you could to the entire face in one copy.

What you do after that is enlarge the picture to the size you want, and then place it in strong light. From there, copy the outline on the back with a charcoal pencil.

You can do this with each part of the face and then press the copy against the box where you want the particular feature to be, and press the outline on the box using a craft stick. From there just paint or color it in.

If the mouth is too big for this, just do a half at a time and join them together. Since the mouth is an easy shape, you may want to just pencil and paint that in freehand, but it's dependent on the person and their comfort level.

With Spongebob's eyes being circles within circles, if you have several circular objects of different sizes you can trace, that's another option to try.

The tie and shorts area should be very easy, as they're very basic lines that can be easily drawn. For the best you could use a rectangular shaped object to give the appearance of the belt loops.

Pencil and paint or color in the tie first so it's over the belt and pants. If you happen to forget, rather than start over, you can find some red felt or other material and cut them in the shape of the tie and hot glue them on. You may even want to try that for a different, 3-D look.

Spongebob Facial Design Fun

Now for those wanting a little more of a challenge, you can use perforated vinyl, or some other material, to create the facial features of Spongebob.

For example, you could take some art sponges and hot glue them on to look like his puffy cheeks. You could even cut them thinner and do the same for the sponge pores.

With the eyes you would have to paint or color in the inner parts for realism.

But maybe the most fun would be to get material like Styrofoam and shape it into a nose that you can paint yellow and then attach to the box. How fun is that? And it looks great. Below in the photos there is a photo of a Spongebob nose on the box that was designed exactly in that way.

Spongebob Costume Design Ideas

While its certain this Spongebob costume was commercially made, it was included in this costume gallery because of the interesting designs that can easily be duplicated in looks, using different materials.

For example, the darker orange pores used to create the sponge look would be easily to copy with a box or other material used in a Spongebob costume. That would also be true with the cheeks, eyes, teeth, belt, and other features that make up how Spongebob looks.

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Spongebob Costumes with Heads Showing

Here are a couple of examples of how a Spongebob costume would look with the head of the person wearing it showing.

As you can see, it's pretty easy to cut out a hole that allows the head to push through without it taking much away from the costume. With children it's always the cute factor anyway, and so in that regard, as long as it holds together and looks good, it'll work.

Both of these costumes have good facial features for Spongebob, and so look great.

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Spongebob and Sandy Cheeks Couples' Costumes

With Spongebob having so many friends, his character is great for couples or groups that may want to dress together in the overall theme.

In this case it's a couple dressing up as Sponge Bob and Sandy Cheeks. It's a cute set of costumes, which was also included to show the very different costume design of Spongebob.

This is a pullover type, having a very good looking Spongebob on the front of it. The advantage here would be more mobility and movement freedom, as well as nothing covering the face for those that don't like that experience.

You can also see that a costume like this would be very easy to put together, even for those that aren't that crafty.


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Orange Spongebob Costume

When first looking at this orange Spongebob costume it didn't go over well with me, but as I looked at it longer, it actually is pretty cool looking, and definitely differentiates from those that almost assuredly would come as a yellow Spongebob. In that sense, you would have very little fears of coming to a party with the same costume as someone else.

Another interesting aspect of this costume is the decision to have the hanging arms as part of the design. They almost give you the sense you're looking as a Spongebob football player, as the shoulders look very stout.

This may work okay because it appears to be a costume that is not over the head of the person, but rather a flat piece attached to the front. In that case the hanging arms would make sense, as you wouldn't have to keep your arms crunched as you would have to if the costume was one made from a box, where your arms would have to remain inside with little ability to move them.

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Awesome Homemande Spongebob Costume

This is by far my favorite Spongebob costume of those featured here. It is a little more detailed, as you can see, with the box sprayed yellowish green for a foundation; but additional objects placed on it to create the terrific look of the sea sponge.

Looking nice is the way the yellow was placed over the box color, which creates the pores effect of an actual sponge. The little dots inside the openings finish off a very quality look.

While the facial features are well done, it's the cheeks and nose that literally and figuratively stand out to me, and they really help to complete a great Spongebob costume.

These are made out of foam and hot glued onto the box to hold in place. It's neat how it adds that extra dimension to the face of Spongebob.

Spongebob Costume Designs

It's always amazing to me how creative people can be when making their own costumes, especially when it's a character such as Spongebob, who has such a distinctive look that it's hard to differentiate; but these homemade costumes (those that are homemade) really accomplish that, and would attract a lot of attention, generating smiles from all those that encounter the optimistic sea sponge.

And that's the extra beauty of this costume idea. If you have a personality that can replicate that of Spongebob, and you get together a few of the lines he says in his shows, it's an added bonus to this compelling cartoon character, one you can use to create a lot of fun and laughter for everyone.

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