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International Silly Walk Day

Minister of Silly Walks Approved Message:

Each January 7th is the official International Silly Walk Day.

It is a time to honor our most prestigious silly walkers and consider all that the Ministry of Silly Walks has done to make our countries great, even in the face of lackluster funding and a consistent disregard for the value of silly walking.

Silly walking is a proud tradition and important to our daily life, so strap on your silly walking shoes and help us celebrate this important occasion by silly walking your way around town, work, and even home.

The Ministry of Silly Walks - A Monty Python Sketch

The Monty Python sketch "The Ministry of Silly Walks" is the inspiration for this important holiday. It's low-key humor is very funny and makes me laugh every time.

Monty Python Episodes - Including The Ministry of Silly Walks & the Spanish Inquisition

Silly Walking in Front of Big Ben

Celebrating Silly Walk Day

Celebrating Silly Walk Day

Celebrating the International Day of Silly Walks

Check out these videos featuring people celebrating International Silly Walk Day and get ideas for your celebration.

Outside the Ministry of Silly Walks in Athens

Officially Silly Walking

Officially Silly Walking

Large Flashmob does Silly Walks

Official Ministry of Silly Walks Clothing

Show your Silly Walking pride by wearing some Ministry gear.

Wear the Official MSW Shirt

You know the steps, now wear the shirt.

Wear the official Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks t-shirt that features the official walk.

Wear it on International Silly Walk Day or any day you want to show your Monty Python pride.

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Wear the Mighty Walk Shirt

Show your pride in the Ministry of Silly Walks and your adoration of the most famous walker in the ministry with this t-shirt that features John Cleese in his walking persona.

He does the Mighty Walk and looks absolutely fabulous doing so. He is John Cleese.

Derby Hat

The derby or bowler hat, should be of felt in a dark color, preferably black and of good quality.

It should fit snuggly, but not too snuggly in case you want to scrunch it down tightly in a fit of despair.

Vest and Tie

Vest and tie should be worn to present the proper appearance.

The vest should be black or another somber color since the Ministry of Silly Walks is very serious business. No pink sequins, and I'm talking to you.

The tie should be tied, no matter how badly your day at the ministry is going and no matter how many silly walks you've done that day. Ties should be solid colors only, no penguin or fish ties allowed, and only in colors of black, gray, navy, burgundy, or chartreuse. Wait, not chartreuse. Did I say chartreuse? I meant caramel. Don't wear a chartreuse tie. Please don't.


Your suit should be of sufficient quality as to look presentable while representing the ministry, but should only be single-breasted.

Double-breasted suits are completely inappropriate. Who do you think are? The prince?!

Sock Garters

Sock garters are a highly recommended accessory.

Silly walking can cause socks to shift out of place, and heaven-forbids, even bag!

While wearing socks around one's ankles might be fashionable in some circles, we at the Ministry have higher standards.

Umbrella or Cane

Your umbrella or cane should be of sufficient quality to fit your needs.

Silly walking must be done in all sorts of weather, we have no choice when making our rounds, so your brolly should be ready to keep you dry.

The best silly walkers know how handy a support can be when doing Level 4 and higher Silly Walks, and a sturdy brolly or cane is an important asset to the astute walker.


Top-agents must carry reams of documentation for their silly walk antics. Remember, every step must be documented.

Your briefcase is an important part of your ministry uniform. It should be black or brown and a proper accessory to your uniform.

Top Hat

You are not completely limited in haberdashery with your Ministry uniform. An approved alternative to the derby hat is the top hat.

Though not every agent can carry off this more old-fashioned look, for the well-dressed Ministry agent a top hat can be quite a trend setting look.


In inclement weather a cape can be a valuable asset.

Even in the coldest London fog you can silly walk to your heart's content with a nice warm cape.

Since International Silly Walk Day is in January, it's a good idea to have uniform pieces that look good and keep you warm.

It can even be a stunning accessory when you toss it back and high step out.

A Cloche Hat

A pretty hat will keep you looking lovely and keep your hair out of your face while silly walking.

Whether you call it a bell, bucket, or cloche hat, even in the drizzling London fog your hair will be pretty and cute.

Knee-High Boots

Don't forget your silly walking boots. These boots were made for walking...silly walking that is.

A good pair of walking boots, preferably knee-high ones make each step you take look sensational. So wear a pair of fabulous boots so when you waggle a foot each silly step looks great.

Proper boots are important as well since the best silly walks can be dangerous to attempt without good soles and sturdy footwear.

A Carpet Bag

And don't forget your bag.

A good agent of the Ministry of Silly Walks must document countless silly walks and silly walk activities, day-in-and-day-out, so a good bag to carry your documentation and paperwork is important.

You are a government official, so make sure the bag is appropriate and black.

Ministry of Silly Walks Official Walk

Ministry of Sily Walks

Ministry of Sily Walks

Ministry of Silly Walks Official Walk


Throw shoulders back, stick chest out. Lift right knee until at waist height (experienced walkers should go as high as possible), then set right foot on ground. Lift left leg straight in front of you as high as possible, then set it on the ground. Drag right foot forward half a step. Partially crouch and take several steps, then lift leg far out in front of you and set it down again. Crouch walk again and so on.

Higher level Ministry of Silly Walks employees should occasionally add in their own silly walk style by suddenly taking a step backwards or stepping behind the other leg.

Picture from JF Sebastian

A Very Silly Walk

A Very Silly Walk

A Very Silly Walk

Do the Duck Walk

Do the Duck Walk


Invented by Chuck Berry, the duck walk mimics that Ministry of Silly Walk mascot, the duck. It involves crouching just a little and taking many tiny steps while bobbing your head and it works quite well with music. Check it out here.

Knee to Head Silly Walk


To do the Knee to Head, lift your left knee to waist level while simultaneously lowering your head so that they nearly touch. Be cautious as first-level silly walkers may bump their heads on their knees! Lower left knee while raising head, then raise right knee and lower your head again. Continue in the same pattern.

The Lounge Silly Walk


Place right hand behind right ear with palm facing forward. Skitter several steps to the right. Lower right hand. Place left hand behind left ear with palm facing forward, then skitter several steps to the left. Continue in this fashion.

The Tittle-Tattle


Take tiny tiny steps, skittering from side to side as you walk. Avoid straight-forward motion as much as possible.

Prancing Dancer


Take two small steps with your right leg, then two small steps with your left leg, then two small steps with your right, and so on. Arms should be held with elbows down near the waist, and hands cocked like a puppy dog begging.

Partial Paralysis


Choose a side or limb and walk as though it is paralyzed. Can be very similar to The Zombie Stalk.

Various Styles of Walks

Are you Silly Walking?

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Poster

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