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Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Supplies & Theme Ideas

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Plan a Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Theme

Yee-haaaa! Hold onto your horses – the latest craze that kids are going mad for is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

The TV show, which airs on Disney Junior, features the eponymous Sheriff Callie, a Calico cat that wants to make her small town the friendliest in the west. With her pals Deputy Peck (a woodpecker) and Toby (a cactus), Callie fights crime, solves problems and helps the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners (yes, that’s the real name of the town) to get along with one another.

With heart-warming, educational morals for children to learn in every episode, a plethora of song-and-dance numbers to get involved in, and some memorable Wild West-style characters, it’s little wonder kids are working themselves into a tizzy over this show! Here’s how you can throw your little ones a Sheriff Callie’s Wild West party that they’ll never forget!

Read on to find Sheriff Callie invitations, western decorations to create a fitting scene for your Sheriff Callie's wild west birthday party theme, fun party favor ideas, birthday cake decorating ideas and much more.

Printable Sheriff Callie Invitations

Printable Sheriff Callie Invitations

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

The first step in throwing your Wild West-themed party is to prepare the invitations. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of ideas and downloadable resources online to help you stick with the theme and create a stack of adorable invitations! Here are some of the best ideas:

  • Rosette invitations – a good cowboy or cowgirl is never without a loyal steed, and their beloved horse is likely to be covered in winning rosettes. Why not make your invitations in the shape of prize-winning rosettes? That way the recipients will want to hold onto them long after the party has ended.
  • Printable resources – if you’ve not really got the time to create your own invitations, you can print off these free Sheriff Callie’s Wild West party invitations and simply fill in the details!
Inflatable Cactus plant prop

Inflatable Cactus plant prop

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Callie, the star of the show, wears a pink cowboy hat in each episode, so that gives you a simple color palette to start you off. Obviously, if your child has another favorite (like Toby, who’s green, or Deputy Peck, who’s red) you can personalize the color scheme to ensure your child’s favorite character takes center stage.

The doorway is the first thing your guests will see – so why not make a pair of fake saloon doors out of cardboard and attach them to your doorway? Guests can push through the swinging doors as they enter, and it’ll feel like they’re walking into a traditional Wild West trading post.

Hay bales are great for creating a Wild West theme – you should be able to pick them up cheaply from a local farm, or alternatively you can hire them from an event planner or party company. These will give your guests a comfortable place to sit, and will also go a long way in making your home or party venue feel like a real western town!

Banners and bunting are also a great way to emphasize the theme. Cute Sheriff Callie’s Wild West banners are available from Etsy and can be pinned up on the wall as added decoration. Bandana-style decorations are ideal for a cowgirl theme too, bandana bunting would be a fun addition to decorations. If you’re stuck for a tablecloth, you could also use layers of real bandanas to protect your surfaces from spillages.

Free Sheriff Callie coloring pages can be printed off, colored in and hung around the room as posters. Your little one can color in Sheriff Callie, Toby and Peck and see her artwork featured on the walls on her big day.

In each episode of the show the name of the episode is shown on a wooden sign and in the wild west that was how they found their way around. We could easily incorporate this into our Sheriff Callie birthday decorations by having a wooden sign (cardboard sign) that reads something like “Welcome to Katy’s birthday” or even “Welcome to Nice and Friendly Corners”. It really doesn’t have to be tidy so just scribble the words on with a marker making sure the letters are in caps.

Sheriff Callie Party Table

Sheriff Callie Party Table

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Printables

Printables are a great way to add themed décor to your party especially since official party pieces for this theme are not available yet. This checkered blue and pink cowgirl style Sheriff Callie birthday party printables pack has plenty of lovely pieces you can use for your little cowgirls party. The pack includes templates to make a birthday banner, cupcake toppers, favor toppers, gift tags, place holders, labels for bottles, candy wrappers and more.

As seen in the pic above utilised these printables to put together a lovely Sheriff Callie table setup. They also feature plenty of ideas for cowgirl foods that can be served at the party.

Pink Cowgirl Birthday Supplies

Pink Cowgirl Birthday Supplies

Pink Cowgirl Birthday Supplies

Pink Cowgirl Party decorations would match perfectly with this theme. Sheriff Callie is always wearing her pink hat, pink boots and her pink bandana. As seen in the pic above a pink tablecover would set the tone for some other beautiful party table décor. I just love how everything matches from the birthday bunting to the balloon bouquets and streamers in the background.

Cowboy hat cake with bandana base

Cowboy hat cake with bandana base

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Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Cake Decorations and Ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to dreaming up your Sheriff Callie’s Wild West birthday cake! You could go for a cake with Callie herself on it, you could create star-shaped Sheriff’s badge cake, or you could create a stylish tiered cake crowned with a cowboy hat like this magnificent creation.

Creating shaped cakes is pretty tough, so you might feel the need to enlist the help of a professional baker or cake decorator in order to get your Callie cake looking fantastic. If you’re feeling confident and planning to make the cake yourself, the internet has a multitude of fantastic cowgirl cake ideas for you to draw inspiration from!

Cupcakes are also a great idea for those who might struggle to make a full cake – and if you choose to make cupcakes, you don’t have to worry about cutting precise slices because they’re all the same size! A batch of iced cupcakes with a Sheriff’s star on the top would be the fantastic accompaniment to any buffet of party food.

Alternatively, there are Custom Sheriff Callie cupcake toppers available for order from the Giovi Party Decor etsy store. Each cupcake topper features a character and has a colorful border. Frost the cupcakes with matching colors and then stick these in. The cupcakes and toppers will be matching and you can add sprinkles for extra effect.

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Sheriff Callie's Wild West birthday party food ideas: Fruit milkshake

Sheriff Callie's Wild West birthday party food ideas: Fruit milkshake

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Food Ideas

No party would be complete without a full buffet for guests to devour – here are our top Sheriff Callie’s Wild West party food ideas:

  • Rice cakes, or cereal cakes covered in white chocolate make fantastic ‘hay bales’ that kids will love to snack on in between party games – plus they’re simple to make!
  • Grab some chocolate-covered Pringles, some Rolo sweets and red candy laces. Using the Pringle as a base, add the Rolo to the top and tie a candy lace round the Rolo to recreate a chocolatey cowboy hat.
  • For food that’s a little more substantial, try some corn on the cob and hamburger sliders. These will prevent kids from filling up on sugar, and will fit perfectly within the Wild West theme.
  • Turn a cowboy hat upside-down and use it as a bowl for popcorn or other types of candy.
  • This great cowboy boot cookie tutorial gives you another type of food to add to your buffet table. You could even refrain from frosting the cookies and create a little activity workstation for your guests to help!
  • Call your drinks station the ‘Watering Hole’, and give each drink a cowboy-related name. Kids will love sipping on ‘Cactus Cola’, ‘Sheriff Squash’ and ‘Prairie Punch’.
  • Ella Cowbelle owns the local saloon and serves the tastiest milk shakes in town. Make a few healthy fruit shakes to have them them drink. Check out Sallys baking addiction's easy recipe for making strawberry milkshakes all the kids will love.

How to Make a Hobby Horse

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Nobody wants to send their guests home from a birthday party empty-handed – but finding great Sheriff Callie’s Wild West party favors is tricky.

For something really simple and fast, you could buy a selection of rosettes online and hand them out to departing guests – they’ll feel like winners as they head home! You could also use leftover rice cake ‘hay bales’ as favors, to give kids something to snack on during the journey home. Here are a few ideas:

DIY Horse stick favors

Make your own Horse stick party favors so that all the children have their own Sparkie to ride around and take home. Expert Village's Caron's video tutorial showing you all the steps to make your own hobby horse is awesome and even though it involves time it truly would be a standout favor for guests to take home.

DIY Sheriff Badges

Make sheriff badges by using this Sheriff Badge template to draw and cut cardboard badges and gold colored card. From then it's just a case of sticking the gold card onto the cardboard. You can add names to each badge by writing them on with a Sharpie or marker pen. (gold foil paper would work well for covering the cardboard too)

Cowgirl themed cookies

A batch of Sheriff Callie themed cookies would be a good tasty treat for your guests. There are lots of western themed cookie cutters in stores so you could use a guitar, cowboy boots, star shaped or horse shaped cookie cutters to make cookies no cowboy/girl can resist.

Printable Wild West pack

This printable Wild West activity pack is fun as well as being educational, with dozens of pages for kids to work through – just make sure you have enough printer paper and ink before you choose this option for your favors! Alternatively, you could print out one of the packs and hand out a few pages to each guest, with some colored pencils or crayons.

Sheriff Callie coloring pages

Sheriff Callie coloring pages

Sheriff Callie Birthday Party Game Ideas

When it comes to thinking of activities and games for a Sheriff Callie’s Wild West birthday party, the only limit is your imagination! You can have hours of fun dreaming up fun ways to entertain your guests – here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

  • Pin The Tail On The Donkey – what cowboy-themed party would be complete without this party classic? Kids are blindfolded and must pin a fake tail in the right position on a wall-mounted donkey pictures. The kid that gets theirs the closest to the location of the real tail wins!
  • Candy Apple Bobbing – bobbing for apples is great fun, and if you can get hold of an authentic-looking barrel, it will fit perfectly with the existing decorations!
  • Cactus-Making – set up a craft station where kids can make their very own cactus to take home with them! Here's where you can find the tutorial and templates to do this.
  • ‘Wanted’ Photo Booth – create a ‘Wanted’ poster template like this one and set up a photo booth with some fun props (and adult supervision!). Kids will have plenty of fun posing for hilarious pictures, and you can even print the pictures and use them as ‘thank you’ cards when the party is over.
  • Lasso Tossing – create a lasso out of some old rope, and lay out a series of cones or other items that players must lasso. If you don’t have any old rope, or have safety concerns about using rope with kids around, an old hula-hoop works just as well for this party game!
  • Gold Rush – crumple up some foil into small balls that look like rocks of gold or silver, then hide them in a ballpit, a sandpit or a small paddling pool. Give kids thirty seconds to collect as many as they can in this mining-themed game!
  • *Horse shoe throwing game - In one of the episodes the town have a horse shoe throwing competition and it turns out that Peck is really good at it and boy does he know it a little too well. So it would be a very fitting game to play at the party. You can set up outdoors but if that's not possible, there are plastic horse shoe games which will allow you to play indoors. To avoid breaking anything use your hallway for this game.
  • *Sheriff Callie coloring pages - slow things down a little by having the kids color in the characters from the show... All that's needed is some crayons and printed coloring pages.
cowgirl outfit

cowgirl outfit

Sheriff Callie Costume and Outfit Ideas

Kids love to dress up and so a great way to make them feel extra special is to have them wear an outfit for the occasion. For this theme It could be as simple as a pink cowgirl hat and pink boots like Sheriff Callie or they could go all out and wear a full scale cowgirl costume.

Personalized birthday shirts are also a great way to make the day special for your little one. The t-shirts feature lovely designs with a birthday message and your child's name on them. You'll find plenty of sellers to do this on Etsy and ebay. Tutus and custom outfits are always cute and are also available from there too.

For more ideas for Sheriff Callie costumes and outfits check out our page featuring a collection of the best cowgirl costumes suitable for Sheriff Callie fans.

So there we have it – all the tips, links and inspiration you could possibly need to host a fun and entertaining Sheriff Callie’s Wild West birthday party! Kids will love the great theme and are sure to have a fantastic time. Got any more ideas that you think we could use? Let us know in the comments!

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