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Shabby Chic Christmas


Decorate Shabby Chic Style for Christmas!

Go vintage, antique and distressed this Christmas by decorating Shabby Chic Christmas Style!

The shabby chic look is a beautiful theme for Christmas, especially if you love vintage holiday décor.

Find everything you need to know about creating a Shabby Chic Christmas right here on this page, from shabby chic Christmas decorating tips to where to find shabby chic Christmas ornaments, trees, wreaths, baubles and more, as well as how to make your own!

Create a fairytale in your home this Christmas and go Shabby Chic!

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About Shabby Chic Style

Handmade Christmas Wreath

Handmade Christmas Wreath

Shabby Chic is an interior design style where the furnishings and décor used give the impression of being worn and aged. Items are selected for their age and signs of wear, or new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique.

Furniture and décor described as genuine shabby chic are often painted and repainted over the years, with layers showing through where they have worn. Faux painting techniques are used to distress modern items to give them the appearance of shabby chic.

Shabby chic textiles tend to be pretty and often floral, favouring cotton and linen (particularly old French linens). Anything bleached or faded works well and tea staining is often used to make newer fabrics look old.

The shabby chic palette is mainly white and cream, accented with pale pastels such as pink, lavender, green and blue.

Vintage and antique furniture are right at home in a shabby chic room, either with their original aged paint or repainted pastel or white before being distressed.

Shabby chic is soft and feminine, and accessorized with such décor as candles, vintage pillows, old linens, vintage chandeliers, floral designs (particularly roses) and Victorian-style items. Sometimes also called cottage style, this design should be inviting, relaxing and comfortable.

This makes it perfect for the holiday season, creating a homely, fairytale look that invites people in. You can warm it up for the Christmas spirit by focusing on the pinks and greens of your palette, and go for striking materials such as crisp cotton and damask fabric.

Christmas done in a shabby chic style brings warmth and a sweet holiday charm to the season.

The wonderful thing about shabby chic is it can be done on any budget and can be as hands on as you want it to be - you can buy a lot of vintage items, or you can pick up old and worn bargains and do them up shabby-style, or even make your own distressed handmade items.

Use white and cream as your starting point (a white tree will look fabulous) and add in pastel colours - pink and green will be particularly festive, but you can also use lavenders and other shabby colours to decorate - baubles, for example.

You can also incorporate festive red in small ways, such as little handmade gingham hearts.

Accessorise with linens, candles, handmade wreaths, shabby signs and more - read on to find out how to tackle each aspect of shabby chic Christmas décor!

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Shabby Chic Christmas Showcase

This video invites you into one festive home, which has some beautiful design themes you can utilize for your own shabby chic Christmas.

For a truly shabby chic Christmas tree, opt for a white artificial tree decorated with pink and green as the main colour scheme. A white tree can look truly stunning with an array of tasteful vintage ornaments and trimmed with vintage pink ribbons, garlands and bows.

You could also try a white tree tinted with a hint of pink, or go the whole hog and have a pink tree!

Alternatively, if you really love your green pine, either real or artificial, then go shabby chic with your décor and lay on lots of vintage - Victorian arrangements look particularly stunning on a green tree.

Shabby Chic Christmas Trees - Shabby Chic Where to Buy

Find a stunning array on eBay, including bottle brush trees similar to the ones above.

If you love to collect new Christmas ornaments each year you may well have amassed a collection that now contains quite a lot of "vintage" arrangements already. And if you love vintage, then you will adore decorating your shabby chic tree!

Decorate with:

* Glass tree ornaments - think delicate drops and pretty baubles

* Vintage ornaments, baubles, and even tiny toys

* Victorian ornaments and accessories - they don't necessarily have to be festive, either; ornate Victorian silver keys or little cameos look stunning dangling from the branches, as do vintage boots, handbags and hats

* Use white lights on a green tree, or pink lights on a white tree

* Instead of tinsel or beads, opt for pearls, and vintage ribbons in lace, silk or velvet

* Look out for vintage Santa ornaments and figures to hang

* Top the tree with a vintage angel or Christmas fairy - you can also decorate with little angels and fairies too.

There are some beautiful old ones to be found if you hunt around, which are quite exquisite. Look on eBay or rummage around your local garage sale, car boot sale or craft fair

* Alternatively, top the tree with a rustic star made from twigs or woven willow, or find a wide, luxurious ribbon and tie a big bow on the top to bring lots of festive cheer

* Make a tree skirt out of floral, pastel fabric

Buy Shabby Chic Christmas Ornaments

For shabby chic Christmas ornaments, think glass drops and arrangements, pink and green baubles, distressed wooden ornaments, hand embroidered material hearts and stars, pretty baubles trimmed with ribbons and little shabby angels or fairies. Find lots of choice right here on eBay.

Victorian Shabby Chic Christmas Décor

Victorian cameos, jewels, boots, bags, keys, images and other ephemera all make wonderful ornaments for your shabby chic tree. Here are some examples:

Shabby Chic Christmas - Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage ornaments make great shabby chic décor - obviously, look for items that are in reasonable condition, but don't worry if they are a little worn or distressed - that's the whole point, and it gives them history and character!

Gisela Graham Gingham Hearts

Gisela Graham Gingham Hearts

Gisela Graham Gingham Hearts

Shabby Chic Christmas Angels

Vintage angels are some of the very best angels in my opinion - their little old-fashioned cherub faces and the attention to detail in their dresses or wings, or the simplicity of an old paper doll - you can't beat it!

Are you a Shabby Chic Fan?

Shout out here if you love shabby chic!

Would you Like a Shabby Chic Christmas?

If you do like shabby chic, would you pick it as a festive theme?

The Christmas mantle - bedecked in festive cheer, and full of hope for Santa's visit with a stocking or two hanging by the fire!

Now picture this scene, shabby chic style! The shabby chic stockings available are just the most darling I have ever seen, and that is just the start.

* Decorate the mantle with a floral runner or pastel swag. Spray pine cones silver or white rather than the traditional gold to complement your whites and pinks

* Light up the mantle with white fairy lights

* Display holly, poinsettias and ivy in antique-looking vases, teapots, jugs and pitchers

* Decorate with a mismatch of candles - think big storm lantern types, chunky pillars, and elegant tall white or cream candles standing in distressed holders. Place them on the mantle and around the fireplace

* Hang elegant handmade pastel or sweet country-style stockings

How to Make Shabby Chic Christmas Décor - Homemade Shabby Chic Christmas Tutorials

A selection of step by step video tutorials on how to make stunning shabby chic Christmas décor, shadow boxes, tree ornaments, gift boxes, wreaths and more.

Gisela Graham Christmas Mantle Runner on Amazon

Gisela Graham Christmas Mantle Runner on Amazon

Gisela Graham Christmas Mantle Runner on Amazon

Shabby Chic Christmas Stockings

From ornate, pixie-style stockings in pink and silver, to rustic handmade stockings, and from beautiful felt country styles to vintage Victorian designs, which stocking will you be hanging up for Santa this year? Find your favourite right here on eBay.

The shabby chic Christmas table looks vintage and understated, festive and magical! Create a wonderful icy winter table with white linens, elegant candles, and mix and match china.

* For a stunning table centerpiece, put flowers in a distressed pitcher or antique vase, or place candles on a candle tray like this one.

* Look for vintage plates and tableware with Christmas accents

* Floral Christmas cushions or pillows look lovely on chairs and make the setting extra cosy

* Use shabby chic adornments as place settings

* Decorate a silver tinted wreath with faded pink ribbon, distressed bells and silver pine cones

* Hang shabby wooden signs and garlands

* String white fairy lights around doorways and in various areas of the home

* If you have a glass chandelier in your shabby décor, a Christmas-themed table would look fabulous underneath it!

Shabby Chic Christmas Tableware

Keep an eye out for vintage plates, shabby chic centerpieces or adornments and distressed pitchers.

* Place pitchers of festive greenery around the home - such as poinsettias, ivy and holly. Make up displays with white and pastel flowers, and add silvery snowflake sticks and other shimmery Christmas décor

* Display a vintage nativity or collect a set made up of old figures and make a stable out of an old distressed wooden box or similar

* Vintage trinket boxes and other treasures make lovely seasonal décor so add these to your festive display too

* Hang strings of vintage pearls or glass beads

* Scatter Christmas-themed floral print cushions on furniture

* Feature candles in all shapes and sizes around the home. Put them in distressed holders, on trays or saucers, or in vintage containers

* Put out your shabby Christmas ornaments, displaying everything from vintage Santas to Victorian children on your shelves, windowsills, mantlepiece and so on

Shabby Chic Christmas Signs

From traditional sentiments and family heart-warmers to signs asking Santa to stop here, find the perfect signs for your festive décor in distressed shabby chic style:

* Drape rich materials over furniture and tables to reflect the warmth of the Christmas season. Find vintage quilts, throws, embroidered tablecloths or cushions and other similar textiles

Shabby Chic Lace Heart Christmas Decoration on Amazon

Shabby Chic Lace Heart Christmas Decoration on Amazon

Shabby Chic Lace Heart Christmas Decoration on Amazon

Shabby Chic Christmas Wreaths

White, pink and everything in between! Browse beautiful shabby chic wreaths below.

Shabby Chic Love Heart Wreath on Amazon

Shabby Chic Love Heart Wreath on Amazon

Shabby Chic Love Heart Wreath on Amazon

Shabby Chic Christmas Garlands

Find a selection of vintage and handmade shabby chic garlands on eBay or be inspired to create your own!

Shabby Chic Wood & Gingham Christmas Garland Decoration on Amazon

Shabby Chic Wood & Gingham Christmas Garland Decoration on Amazon

Shabby Chic Wood & Gingham Christmas Garland Decoration on Amazon

Make Your Own Shabby Chic Christmas Décor - Tutorials and How-To's

Here are some great tutorials on how to make beautiful handmade shabby chic decorations for Christmas.

Floral Shabby Chic Christmas Sign - A 'must have' for Christmas

Shabby chic pink roses add enchanting appeal to this charming Christmas plaque by Fairy Freckles Studios!

There's nothing like making your own Christmas decorations, and creating shabby chic adornments is so much fun! Here are a few super-easy suggestions:

* Get the kids involved! Make paper chains in pastel colours and help them to make paper angels, vintage paper ornaments and more

* Using scrap pieces of distressed or vintage materials and ribbons, cut into strips and make into loops, before fixing them all together with a sparkly vintage brooch to create your own decorative shabby chic flower corsages

* Use everything from sweets to little scraps of vintage bits and bobs you have lying around to make up ornaments. If you can find some clear glass baubles then fill them with bits of vintage ribbon, sparkle and vintage imagery

* Turn scrap pieces of wood into shabby signs by painting them, stenciling on your text, stamping an image and then distressing the paint with sandpaper

Quick, Decorate for a Shabby Chic Christmas!

More lovely shabby chic décor to inspire you...

Shabby Chic Christmas Cross Stitch

Cross stitch your very own beautiful Christmas cushion covers with cross stitch pattern kit.

I hope you enjoyed this festive Shabby Chic lens.

Please leave your comments and feedback here!

Shabby Chic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Enjoy this feast for the shabby chic senses, and get in the Christmas decorating spirit!

Shabby Chic Christmas VS Traditional Christmas

Would you like to have a go at shabby chic for Christmas, or do you already? Or will nothing sway you from decorating in your usual traditional style, whatever that may be?

Which would you rather have?

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Anthony Godinho from Ontario, Canada on January 06, 2013:

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Looks like some fun Shabby Chic decorations. I like the homemade look.

LOLteez on December 31, 2010:

I love shabby chic - these gingham heart ornaments and wreath especially!

LOLteez on December 31, 2010:

I love shabby chic - these gingham heart ornaments and wreath especially!

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I am having a Christmas Link Party on my blog and I have added a link for this post.

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kohuether lm on December 18, 2010:

Shabby Chic can be quite fun! I once wound sparkly yarn around beer bottle caps - those were our ornaments for the tree that year!

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anonymous on December 14, 2010:

I think it was all very lovely. I like things that look like they have seen some life (nice way of saying vintage or antique... just like me.)

Ann Hinds from So Cal on December 14, 2010:

This is great. Sometimes I think that we are shabby chic because we just don't have the money for nicer more traditional or contemporary things and then I realize that what we have makes me happy. Shabby chic and proud of it. I want everything on this lens. Blessing this lens!

Senora M on December 14, 2010:

Cute lens. I probably don't do much shabby-chic stuff around here, but it's still cute!

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on December 14, 2010:

Truly a lovely look and you've showcased it very well. I think of shabby chic as starting with good pieces that may have been passed down through generations. You've found some great Christmas decorations that have that look.

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Not too shabby! Lol. cool lens!

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