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Sexy Maleficent Costume for Women

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Tawnya is absolutely obsessed with Halloween. Everyone flocks to her for costume ideas for kids, adults, and even dogs.


Maleficent Costumes for Women

Maleficent has been a Disney villain for decades, but most people didn't even know her name or the fact that she was actually a fairy before Angelina Jolie graced the big screen with her evilness in this spring's release of Maleficent. With Halloween just around the corner, woman, and I'm sure some men too, are going to be searching for sexy Maleficent costumes. I am considering being Maleficent for Halloween, but only if I can convince my daughter to be Aurora, and I don't want to wear a frumpy Halloween costume. In fact, I have my heart set on this sexy Maleficent costume for women.

Sexy Maleficent Costume Comes with Everything You Need for the Perfect Look

This Halloween costume features the traditional color of Maleficent's gown from the original Sleeping Beauty book, and sexes it up a bit. The only thing I don't like about this outfit is the horns, I love the color and the dress itself, but I want bigger horns. Luckily, since Maleficent is so popular this year, there are a ton of Maleficent horns to choose from. I'm also going to recreate Angelina Jolie's make-up from the movie using a YouTube tutorial and wear black fishnet stockings too. I am considering wearing combat boots, but might go with black slip-on shoes instead - it depends on how much I plan to be on my feet.

Considering a Maleficent Costume for Halloween, Cosplay, or Convention Wear

If you are considering a Maleficent costume for Halloween, cosplay, or convention wear, it's important to remember that there are dozens of Maleficent costumes for women and little girls on the market. Although many of the costumes look similar, you can use your imagination to create the not-so-sexy or sexy Halloween costume that will allow you to stand out in a room full of Disney villains.

Finish the Look with a Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial

Do you want to re-create Maleficent's make-up for your Halloween costume? If so, check out these Maleficent make-up tutorials in the YouTube videos below.

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