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Online Santa Printables and Coloring Pages

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Christmas Printable Coloring Pages

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Santa Printables

Other than the baby Jesus and His birth, there is no other person related to the Christmas that is as popular as Santa Claus is, and that translates into some very cool and interesting printables or coloring pages to download for children to enjoy coloring and/or interacting with.

As with all online printables, Santa coloring pages come in a wide variety of options, with the choice of which ones to download based upon the age and skill level of the person you're fetching them for.

So you can extract some that include only a Santa face, hat and beard, to more complex Santa designs of him guiding his reindeer on his annual Christmas Eve run to deliver presents.

Artists also like to have a little fun with Santa, and will have some funny images of him in a variety of circumstances, with the most popular and humorous being when he gets stuck in a chimney on the way down. That's always good for a laugh, and children will be quick to ask about what's going on and the possible consequence of poor Santa's dilemma.

In this article we'll look at several Santa printables that almost every child will enjoy coloring in.

Printable Santa

To start off with we'll at about as simple and easy to color Santa printable or coloring page you can get, with just the big beard, face and white of the hat the places that need to be filled in.

Children will of course get creative, and who know whether or not they'll color in the beard and hat white, or choose another color they prefer.

This would be the Santa design to have those children under your care do when first starting out or just getting a little bit of the hang of drawing close to or within the lines.

Santa Coloring Page

More Christmas Printable Coloring Pages

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Santa Printable of Him Reading List

This is an image probably all of us have had at one time or another in our lives, when we picture or imagine Santa going over the list we sent him to deliver to us on Christmas day.

I think this is a great Santa printable for those children who are a level up in skill from the first Santa coloring page above.

It has enough detail to challenge a little one not wanting something too quick and easy to do, and could also be used for a child transitioning from the level of the first Santa coloring page.

Seeing Santa reading the list with a big bag of toys over his shoulder would be an awesome image to look at for any child getting excited about that special day.

Santa Carrying Bag

Night Before Christmas Coloring Book

Christmas Printable of Santa Getting Stuck in Chimney

Here's another image that reminds of a thought that probably was provoked sometime in our childhood, that of Santa possibly getting stuck in the chimney on his way down. I think as children it worried us because we thought deep down that if it happened Santa wouldn't be able to finish his rounds and we would be left without presents.

Showing a child this and explaining that Santa knows how to get out of these types of situations because of his centuries of experience should help them feel better as they color in the humorous image, capped off by that funny face, generating a look of surprise and maybe a little frustration.

It's funny seeing the moon in the background giving a chuckle over Santa's predicament.

Funny Santa Coloring Page

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Christmas Printable Coloring Pages

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Delightful Santa Riding Snowmobile Printable

This is one of my favorite Santa printables, with him obviously having a lot of fun taking a fast ride on this snowmobile. Who knows. Maybe he's trying out some new transportation for Christmas Eve travel. His joyous face speaks to how much he's enjoying the experience.

Children would love seeing and coloring in this fun scene. They could use different colors if they wanted to portray the snowmobile as a sleek, fast machine. Silver comes to mind, and it is a secondary Christmas color, which would complement the red suit Santa is wearing if the child decides to use that color. You never know what a child will do, so unless they're being prompted or guided, we can only guess as to the final results.

My question is this: Is Santa taking this joy ride before or after his December 24 delivery day?

Santa Riding Snowmobile

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Printable of Santa Waving from Sleigh and Reindeer

For those wanting a more overall experience of Santa, having him riding in his sleigh being pulled by the eight reindeer is a wonderful image to place before children.

This one of him giving a hearty wave and apparent goodbye as he takes off into the night at the presumable end of his hard Christmas Eve work, looks fantastic.

Children a little more advanced in coloring skills will love to color in this terrific image, with the option of adding some cool colors to the sleigh while making the reindeer look majestic by coloring them in with a solid brown color of some hue.

Those younger children probably wouldn't mind working on this Santa coloring page either, as the picture of Santa riding off into the night being pulled by the reindeer will possibly overcome any frustration they may have when attempting to fill in the detailed parts of the reindeer and sleigh.

Santa Coloring Page of Him Waving

Printables and Coloring Pages Featuring Santa

Santa is one of the more recognizable characters in the world, and has been for a long time. That fact and the reasons behind that make him one of the more desirable people to color by children.

The number of online printable pages for Santa are high, and the variety of designs makes for terrific options to choose from, dependent upon the skill level and age of the child or children you're working with.

As you can see from those Santa printables included in this article, they can range from a simple head to a very detailed sleigh and reindeer. They can also be very funny, as some of these coloring pages show.

No matter what the style or Santa theme you're looking for, there will be some that meet the needs and requirements of children under your care.


nakaiya kuskie on December 17, 2012:

i love the great big coloring sheets other places i went to had small ones

Heaven L Burkes from The Invincible Heart of Neverland on November 29, 2012:

Awesome! Thank you for finding these! I remember having these types of coloring pages placed on my desk in elementary school! I always thought they were so cute, but my religious upbringing forbade the celebration of Christmas. I never got to color Santa. So I think I will do it now! LOL REally cute!!!!

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on November 28, 2012:

I have seen these and they are great. Even tempting for adults (whose to know?). This could buy Mama hours of peace over the holiday with all the off days.

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