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Santa Sample Letters

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Overcome Writer's Block With These Santa Sample Letters

Are you struggling to write a letter from Santa Claus? Sometimes the simplest things seem the hardest to write. So if you're having trouble with a Christmas letter from Santa, here are some Santa sample letters to help you get past your writer's block. You can use these examples to create your own magical kids Santa letters from Old St. Nick. Kids will love receiving their personalized letters from the jolly old elf himself!

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Writing a Christmas letter from Santa Claus shouldn't be a chore. Just try to think back on those magical days when you believed in him and imagine the things you wanted to hear. For instance, children love praise. Be sure to let them know that Santa knows about any accomplishments during the year, such as learning to read, remembering to make their bed, being nice to their siblings, or anything else that they've done really well. Then you can include some details about their age, hometown or other information that lets them know Santa is watching, and throw in a little magic about life up at the North Pole for good measure. That's all there is to it! Here's a Santa letter example to get you started.

Dear {NAME},

I look forward to Christmas all year long because I love visiting little children all over the world and bringing them gifts. And I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon in {HOMETOWN}.

I'm so proud of you for {CHILD ACCOMPLISHMENT} this year. That's great!

We've all been very busy here at the North Pole. Some elves have been tuning up my sleigh so it's ready to fly on Christmas Eve, while others have been putting the finishing touches on all the toys in the toy workshop. The elves know you really want a {TOY ON WISHLIST}. I'm sure they'll do their best to build that or something else you'll really love.

Well, I have to go check on the reindeer and see if they're getting in shape for the big night. Rudolph said to tell you hello. He's been working out with all the other reindeer, and he's very excited we'll be visiting you in {HOMETOWN}. Don't forget leave out some food for the reindeer. They work up a huge appetite flying all around the world.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


A Second Example

Here's another example of text you could use to create printable Santa letters at home.

Dear {NAME},

I can't believe another year has flown by so fast and it's almost Christmas again. And I can't believe you turned {AGE} this year! You're growing up so fast.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you in {HOMETOWN} again. Rudolph is also anxious to visit again. {HOMETOWN} is one of his favorite places because there are so many nice children there and they leave him and the other reindeer lots of carrots and reindeer food.

I know you've {CHILD'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS} this year. That's great! I'm really proud of you. I'm going to have to bring you something very special this year. The elves have been hard at work making toys, and I'm sure they're creating something you'll like. I know you want {TOYS} for Christmas, so I'll be sure to let them know.

Well, I need to go check on the elves now. They're tuning up my sleigh for the big night, and I want to be sure everything's just right.

Be sure to go to bed early on Christmas Eve because we'll be visiting {HOMETOWN} early, and my magic only works when all the little children are asleep.

Merry Christmas!


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