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Red Christmas Lights

The Look of Red Christmas Lights

Red Christmas lights are a terrific way to decorate the inside or outside of your house, and they give off a much different look than other solid-colored Christmas light decorations and themes, like you see below in the photos.

Another way to use red Christmas lights is putting them up on individual trees or objects outside or inside, which when standing alone, usually look much better than multi-colored Christmas lights when used together; at least as far as my tastes go. And when you see how they look yourself, I think you'll agree.

I think because of our past use of colored lights, we tend not to think of using strings of one color like red Christmas lights to string up. That results in us losing some fascinating ways of designing and presenting Christmas decorations.

Anyway, below are a number of red Christmas lights used on individual objects or strung up alone without other colored Christmas lights to give you an idea of whether or not it's something different you would like to try.

Red Berry Christmas Lights

These red berry Christmas lights are a lot of fun and really look nice on this Christmas tree. When you look at them you do have to somewhat ignore that white glare in the middle of the light as it makes it look completely different than the round lights they are.

Red Christmas Lights on Tree

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Great Hanging Red Lights

These red lights really shine in that particular scene, and gives some great ideas you could do in your yard when placing them in strategic locations.

It also is a good example of what they would look like if you placed them on your ceiling for a unique look and effect.

Hanging Red Christmas Lights

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Closeup of Red Christmas Lights

This closeup shot of these red Christmas lights really stick out, don't they? It shows how that great red color can reflect off of whatever surrounds them to give off this great look. To me they look even better farther away.

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Red Christmas Lights Closeup

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Red Bow Christmas Lights

This is a great look at how you can use red Christmas lights to create interesting light sculptures like these red bows found in Singapore.

They're stunning and beautiful, and not something that couldn't be done fairly easy in our own yards. It's a matter of getting the material to shape the design and then wrapping the lights around, or attach them to the material.

Red Christmas Lights in Shape of Bow

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Red Christmas Lights on Home

This is my absolute favorite photo of yard and house Christmas decorations using red lights. Whoever put this up really knew what they were doing, especially with the red shines across the house with the white lights complementing and intercepting it. Fantastic!

It also helps that the house itself had a white exterior to offer a great canvass for the lights to be showcased against.

Red Christmas Lights on White House

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Great Red Christmas Light Photos

Now you know why red Christmas lights by themselves or blended with other lights can be an effective and strong Christmas decorating strategy.

I've always found that in some part of the house or yard it can be a very effective strategy to use a single-colored set of lights to use on a bush, tree, or part of the exterior of the house to create a visually appealing set of decorations.

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